Why do you need a custom email address

Digital transformation of business is gaining importance, and businesses across Singapore, and other global locations are working to align with the emerging global business transformation developments

While the major brands and organizations have distinct levels of digital transformation vision, SMBs face the dilemma about the extent of digital transformation

One critical dimension of digital enablement for an SMB is the custom email solution.

To date, many small and medium businesses use the personal email-id of the business owners, or a common email address generated in a personal capacity. 

Businesses need to focus on the need for custom email address for improving their business prospects.

When businesses are registering a domain name for their business and using the same email hosting domain to create employee email address, scores of benefits adherents the usage of custom email addresses with email domains

Why A Business Needs a Custom Email Address

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1. Professional Email Address 

The key advantage of using a custom email address with a company email domain is the outlook of a professional email address.

Unlike using a personal email address, when businesses use a professional email address with a domain extension of the company, it sends a positive impression to the clientele and vendor network.

As a part of digital image management for a business, communication within the internal and external network of the business using a professional email address is paramount and is well appreciated.

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2. Productivity Enhancement

Using the personal email address for the company email communications can lead to clutter both on the professional and personal front.

Using the personal email address across the work and personal front can lead to too many emails in the inbox.

In some instances, the users might miss some important messages as too many emails might be flowing into their inbox.

Also, for the resources that prefer work-life balance, and a regulated schedule to respond to inquiries, and client emails, choosing a professional email address can be highly resourceful.

As professional email address features can be more effectively used, certain solutions auto-reply, scheduled-reply, and filtering incoming emails into different labels is feasible.

Such features will help in managing time effectively and working productively.

3. Internal Communication Systems 

Many of the reputed service providers managing email hosting solutions offer a bunch of integrated services with professional email address hosting.

Some of the key and valuable features for businesses are sharing the calendars among professional email members within a domain.

Using the internal chat system for correspondence among the people within a company email group is the other major benefit.

Additional service offerings like using effective video conferencing solutions, and real-time sharing of workspace data among the internal user groups are some of the value-added offerings in the company email hosting.

4. Standardizing and creating unique email addresses

Using the common email servers for creating emails for business teams has many hindrances.

The chances of getting the preferred email address for the staff are challenging.

Also, any standardization planned for company email address for staff is technically a low probable chance in the common email servers.

Additionally, when a company email hosting plans are chosen, and the email is created over an exclusive email domain, the scope for flexibility and standardization of the email formats and themes is almost guaranteed.

5. Branding Management 

Communication from the company email and professional email address is known to have better attention and read rate from the target markets.

Globally, it is a common practice for businesses to send newsletters or products or services related to communication to the target markets using company email.

When businesses are managing such communication over professional email address. it can help the business gain more traction.

6. Controls on the Email Systems 

When employees are provided with a company email created under the email domain for the business, it helps in better control and organization.

For instance, the team admin can regulate how and where the company email can be accessed, and control privacy and data security settings.

Also, if the passwords need reset in the company email, the custom email control panel solutions offer such feasibility.

In advanced email hosting solutions, admin teams have access to tools including email filters, monitoring the email communications for any security breach.

Such an activity helps businesses in controlling any classified or confidential business email communication being compromised with third parties over the custom email or company email.

7. Third-party Applications Access 

Worldwide, many business applications offer extended limited services for SMBs, and one of the criteria to qualify for such services is a custom email, a company email, which is only possible with email hosting or business email solutions.

For instance, some companies offer students having registered email IDs from a university domain, a free subscription to the services.

Similarly, some of the business applications encourage the users to use only the custom email for accessing the services.

Having an appropriate custom email from a professional email address domain and creating a unique email address can be highly resourceful.

8. Reliability and Management of Multiple Channels

Most email hosting servers are filtering out hundreds of spam emails from hitting company email inbox every day, and there are many which go unnoticed by the users, despite them being genuine sources.

One of the primary reasons for such scenarios is the lack of professional email address and untrusted email domain.

It is paramount that email hosting for businesses must happen from trusted sources, and that an appropriate custom email address is chosen for offering the service or product-related communication.

The other key aspect is about classifying the custom email address from the email domain for business-specific activities.

For instance, having customersupport@, sales@, and name@ can be a more organized approach for managing communication with the internal and external groups.

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