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Is Email Marketing Tools Still Powerful Enough to Grow Your Business?

Marketing plays a vital role for businesses in reaching out to their audience. While the fundamental of marketing remains important, the scope and medium of marketing are evolving.

Some marketing solutions or mediums could lose momentum over time, while some other kinds of digital marketing operations strategy deliver phenomenal results consistently.

Email marketing has evolved as a potential solution for the effective marketing of products and services to customers.

Despite many other new-age marketing solutions emerging, still, email marketing is seen as a profound option for economic and impactful marketing.

In 2023, email marketing is still known for its effectiveness for both B2B email marketing and B2C kind of email marketing.

It can help in amplifying the other medium of marketing efforts pursued by the businesses.

One of the key challenges in email marketing is about improving the hit rate wherein the emails are being sent to the right target groups, and the call-for-action is getting high.

In the new-age options for email marketing, good service providers are offering email automation options as free services too.

If such email marketing tools are signed-up and used effectively, they can help in accomplishing the email marketing objectives of the business.

Selection of the right kind of email automation can help in saving costs and improve the effectiveness of email marketing. Following is some of the good options available as free email marketing tools.

1. HubSpot

Hubspot free email marketing tools

HubSpot is among the popular marketing automation platform offering the benefits of free email marketing tools to support the transactional email requirements of small businesses.

The free email automation features in HubSpot support businesses in managing promotional campaign emails, thank you note emails, newsletter options, or lead offer campaigns effectively.

A simple user interface for SMBs to use the free email automation makes HubSpot a popular option among businesses to choose email marketing tools.

Also, the combination features of HubSpot CRM and tracking email performance can be a highly resourceful combination for email marketing.

2. Sender 

Sender free email marketing tool

The other popular email marketing tool available in the domain is Sender, which is known as a highly resourceful tool for managing email automation.

The key feature of Sender is its scope of newsletter templates, using a simple selection of templates and customization as required.

Also, the scope of customizing the newsletter to each recipient in the system is a great feature that can contribute to a better outcome.

Sender’s robust analytics features are the other value-added benefit in the list and choosing this email automation solution can do scores of benefits to SMBs in managing their email marketing.

3. Sendinblue 

Sendinblue email marketing

Sendinblue email automation solution has the options of email marketing, CRM solutions, and handling the call-for-action page creations.

More than 70 templates are available for the users to define their email design functions, which can help in managing the marketing and email campaign more effectively.

Additionally, some of the comprehensive features like the A/B testing, and segmented recipient list grouping features available as part of this email automation tool help in the better optimization process of campaigns and are resourceful for the small-scale businesses in dealing with their email marketing tools requirements.

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4. Omnisend

Omnisend is another good email automation solution specifically designed for handling all the communication platform requirements in one place.

While the subscription model provides access to all the communication solutions, the free plans in this email automation tool offer email marketing as a free option.

Email automation in terms of handling the email delivery basis the behavioral triggers, and handling the communications based on the user convenience options.

Also, the reports on performance analysis in email marketing campaigns can help businesses with informed decisions on the effectiveness of email marketing prospects.

5. SendPulse 

Sendpulse free email template

This multi-channel marketing platform is more popular for its effective email marketing tools.

The professionally designed email templates can be used for customizing email campaigns using a simple drag-and-drop editor.

It can be used for setting up customized emails for automated delivery of the email’s basis the pre-scheduled timing for email marketing.

SendPulse’s rating from its current user base is phenomenal and can be useful for SMBs in managing their personalized email marketing campaigns using the various filter options.

6. Benchmark Email

Among the frontrunners in the email marketing options, the Benchmark Email is another comprehensive solution resourceful for managing the design of responsive emails, wherein it looks significantly impactful for email marketing.

The features supporting image additions to the email, and email editors supporting additional effects can help businesses manage creative email marketing campaigns well.

The user-friendly email creation customization process available in this email marketing tool is a free-to-use option and can be useful for the effective implementation of email automation.

7. Mailchimp

Mailchimp free email plan

Known as one of the early entrants and popular in terms of subscriber base, Mailchimp offers free plans wherein the basic email marketing tool is available for email creation and scheduling.

The smart recommendations feature available in this email marketing tool is resourceful for businesses considering the optimization of their marketing efforts.

8. MailerLite

The other significant solution available as an email automation solution is MailerLite, wherein the landing page builder and pop-up customizer are a sound value addition.

This drag-and-drop email builder can support businesses with the usage of a simple and user-friendly solution for handling email marketing campaigns with stunning email options.

The responsive landing pages designed for tagging call-for-action in this email automation system help in better handling of the lead conversion process.

In addition to the above set of free email marketing tools which are quite popular, there are many other email automation solutions available in the public domain.

For businesses starting with limited budgets to spend on email automation options, relying on free email marketing tools can help in optimizing the costs while handling email marketing effectively.

However, for a successful outcome in email marketing, one must choose the right kind of service provider, and make use of good features like landing pages, customizable templates, etc. for good design email marketing.

To know more about email automation, reach out to the Exabytes Singapore team for assistance.

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