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Opening your own startup business may seem intimidating at first, but if you have the necessary resources and tools like Google Workspace at your disposal, it can be a rewarding task.

Every day, hundreds of small startup business are founded, and the keys to long-term success are finding dedicated personnel and getting the proper equipment for the job.

Every new startup business seeks success by minimizing initial expenses while also making sure the operation is focused and effective.

While certain expenditures cannot be avoided, there are several tools for startup businesses today to assist them in lowering operating costs.

Startup businesses can benefit from grants, subsidies, and online collaboration tools like Google Workspace tools that can help them save money, organize themselves, and save costs.

Google Workspace plans could start as low as S$7.12/user/month.

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5 Essential Google Workspace Tools that Every New Business Owner Needs

Google Workspace productive tools to work anytime and anywhere

1# Google Calendar

Google Calendar is perfect for scheduling important startup business meetings, tasks, and many coordinating calendars in your small startup business.

You may integrate it on your website and have clients contact you remotely using video connections.

Google Workspace – Google Calendar is a time management application that helps you to arrange your daily chores, create urgent appointments, and be reminded of important events.

It’s a wonderful Google Workspace tool for startup business who have a lot to do every day and need to break it down into manageable chunks with reminders.

With the stroke of a mouse, you may plan remote calls to connect with clients, colleagues, business prospects, or vendors.

You may also use GWS Google Calendar to arrange non-work-related but equally essential activities for yourself.

2# Gmail


Exchanging emails is a vital aspect of almost any business’s marketing and communications strategy, but working with email properly is especially important for small startup businesses.

You are doing yourself a favour by using Gmail to accomplish your startup business marketing and communications objectives.

Every bit of your budget is important for small startup business.

There’s no reason to spend a small fortune on pricey email systems or software since Google Workspace tools, which include lots of professional email features for Gmail, are available at a fraction of the cost.

3# Google Drive

Google Drive is a collaborative tool within Google Workspace that assists enterprises with cloud-based team collaboration.

Google Drive is free with your Gmail account; however, a paid version with greater storage options, such as Google Workspace Business and Enterprise, is available.

Google Drive is a fantastic online collaboration tool for startup business.

Google Workspace includes Google Drive for storing information in documents, sheets, presentations, forms, and basic graphics.

Google Drive supports collaborative folder functionality via GWS, allowing you to work on many projects at the same time as your startup business grows.

One of the primary advantages of utilizing Google Drive with Google Workspace is faster creation and access to content.

Things you can do on Google drive:

  • Free cloud storage of 15GB.
  • Send big files through email (up to 10GB).
  • Offline editing of documents and spreadsheets
  • Recognition of optical characters. – With a single click, you can extract text from any PDF (and even several photographs and images) and paste it into a text document.
  • Hundreds of professional templates are available.
  • Configurable sharing options.
  • Control file access and more.

4# Google Meet

Google Meet Tool

Google Meet is a highly important tool in Google Workspace apps, it is an easy-to-use tool for new startup business and, like other GWS apps, it is free with limited usage; if you want to utilise advanced features, you may have to purchase a premium version of it.

Things you can do with Google Meet:

  • Host group brainstorming sessions with the new Google Meet integration for digital whiteboarding.
  • A call can last indefinitely (up to 24 hours).
  • Using polls, you can quickly sense the pulse of your participants.
  • Video quality has been improved in low-light situations.
  • Colourful and artistic backgrounds for video calling.
  • Tiled layout view – In Google Meet’s auto and tiled layout choices, you can now see up to 49 people at the same time.
  • Only present what you desire – Select whether to display your full screen, a single window, or a Chrome tab. When you share a Chrome tab, you automatically share the audio associated with that tab.

5# GWS Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

The online collaboration tools provided by Google Workspace, including as Google Sheets, Google Presentations, and Google Docs, may be used in combination to create you startup business slides, spreadsheets, and documents.

Using Google Workspace productivity tools makes it easier to share corporate resources, revise documents, and create presentations in order to achieve your startup business goal.

Google’s focus on simplicity is seen in the applications Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

This free Google Workspace tool combines all of the power and features that most users will ever require into simple web and mobile experiences.

The GWS applications also provide industry-leading collaboration and revision-tracking capabilities.

Unlike competing suites, Google Workspace does not provide traditional desktop versions, and you cannot use them without an online connection.

If you’re ready to accept these constraints, Google’s GWS toolkit might be all you ever need for your startup business.

  • Google Docs may help you collaborate with your coworkers by allowing you to discuss with them or create a to-do list together to gain better feedback.
  • Google Sheets is a productivity tool that can be shared and used simultaneously by several users.
  • Google Slides is one of the greatest collaboration tools for creating a group presentation; this facilitator enables real-time modification by any authorized participant.


Google Workspace toos are free, effective, accessible from any browser or mobile device, and refreshingly simple to use for personal use.

For a startup business that relies on collaboration and teamwork, obtaining a business and enterprise version of Google Workspace from a cloud based service provider such as Exabytes, which offers 24×7 support to your startup business.

Contact Exabytes Singapore today for a wide range of Google Workspace business plans.

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