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Digital transformation – the phrase sounds challenging and very expensive even to begin with.

Almost everyone is seen talking about digital transformation, very few seem to be truly practicing it or implementing it.

What is digital transformation?

Simply put, the process of implementing technological tools to uplift a process or create a new process that increases customer service, encourages innovation, and enhances efficiency is digital transformation.

Digital Transformation 2022

Why 52% of SMEs in Singapore are having trouble on digital transformation due to high cost?

A recent study by the Singapore Business Federation reveals that 52% businesses have a perception that business transformation through digital modernization is very expensive.

The study also suggests 30% SMEs are staying away from digital transformation because they believe staff upskilling would be a costly affair.

Around 27% enterprises feel they do not have tech management experience to power their digital transformation.

Though digital transformation Singapore is a buzzword, a Salesforce report indicates 30% SMEs think digitalization increases the risk of cyber-attacks and security risks.

While these concerns were expressed, the surveys also had some very encouraging stats hinting that SMEs also understand the benefits of business transformation.

Out of those surveyed, 46% said digital transformation reduced their operations costs, 59% see an increase in productivity and 48% see an optimization in their operations.

Why the digital transformation cost is so high?

Business transformation does come at a cost.

This is simply because adoption of a digital first mindset which leads to operational transformations, business transformations and enhanced productivity does not happen with one single service or app or module.

A business transformation journey starts with small incremental improvements with a few apps being used.

It increases exponentially after significant investments in acquiring the digital services and technologies a business needs.

These investments could be in the form of mergers, re-engineering processes, strategic partnerships and training costs. All of these together help in digital transformation of a business.

Among the costs incurred in the digital transformation journey, the biggest chunk goes towards license fees or subscriptions to be paid for software, services and apps.

Although business transformation does bring in savings like reduced operation costs and enhanced productivity, in the long term, these costs can pile up and offset the savings brought in with digital transformation.

In some extreme cases, SMEs have reported that digital transformation efforts became super expensive because of failed implementations, an ineffective strategy and lack of tech expertise.

How can businesses reduce the cost of Digital Transformation?

Any business transformation achieved through technological solutions is cost efficient, yet highly effective in nature.

Digital Transformation reforms the three fundamental functions of any SME business i.e., Operations, Strategy and Administration.

SMEs who adopt an all-in-one solution can very easily control costs and achieve scale at the same time.

Offerings like Google Workspace (GWS), the Google Suite of products which offer multiple apps and services as a single product suite help businesses rationalize costs.

How can a business achieve Digital Transformation without having to pay a high cost for it?

Any business transformation journey has to focus on three critical but important processes. These are:

1.Easy access to shared data with access control

2.Operations management aids

3.Seamless connectivity within employees

Google Workspace (GWS) delivers all the three very effectively.

The rich Google Workspace feature list is one of their main benefits.

The cost-efficient Google Suite pricing makes the G suite products very attractive for enterprises looking to adopt business transformation, digital transformation and reap the benefits of Google Workspace.

7 Benefits of Google Workspace as a Digital Transformation Tool

Google Workspace Benefits

1. Cost reduction – operations and capital expense

The Google Suite is a Software as a Service (SaaS) which allows for very easy adoption of Google Workspace apps.

A business which adopts G suite products only ever has to pay for the number of users who actually consume the app.

This dramatically reduces the cos of business transformation.

A business can increase or decrease the number of users working with the app at any point in their digital transformation journey depending on their need – one of the best Google Workspace feature.

The G suite pricing is nominal in nature, customers do not have to invest in expensive hardware to upgrade or downgrade services, neither do they have to host it in their premise.

Google Workspace makes digital transformation affordable for most businesses.

2. On Demand Upgrade and Downgrade – Digital Transformation at the speed of thought

Google Workspace (GWS) and its G suite products can be upgraded to several multiples of users whenever required.

Google Suite also allows for a downgrade / upgrade  in number of users as and when required.

To give more insight – thousands of new users join the Google Workspace community and start using its apps.

However, this never impacts customers who are already consuming G suite products.

3. Easy to Manage – A fundamental business transformation necessity

A Google Suite administrator has one of the easiest technology administration task lists in the world.

With G suite products being hosted on the cloud, all it takes to launch Google Suite products is a bunch of APIs and some clicks on the administration console.

4. The Google Workspace Mobility

Google Workspace Mobility

Everyone wants to be mobile in the modern world.

Businesses aiming to capitalize on buzz words and sentiments like digital transformation Singapore, what is Google Workspace, Google Workspace feature etc. have to equip their employees with a set of apps available on the web and mobile.

This helps the service personnel look after the customers and provide the best possible service to them.

5. Enhanced Collaboration – A business transformation using Google Suite

One of the many benefits of google workspace is the way it enables teams, colleagues and departments to share their data anytime, anywhere – a nonnegotiable requirement for enterprises focused on enhancing internal collaboration to better serve their customers.

Sharing and caring becomes an instant reality with G suite products.

6. A highly available business transformation solution

A service level agreement of 99.9% makes Google Workspace and G suite products one of the most reliable business transformation tools in the digital transformation process.

Among the Google Workspace feature list is absence of service degrades or outages and scheduled maintenance windows to perform regular support work.

Customers are always assured of continuous service availability – one of the core benefits of Google Workspace.

7. Security of Google Apps – An Aid to Digital Transformation

While Google Workspace is a SaaS based offering, the Google Suite is one of the most safe, secure and trusted applications across the world.

Be it compliance and adherence to govt regulations and norms, protection from malware and hackers – the G Suite products have remained safe and secure at all times.

This lets business focus on customer service and innovation which leads to better sales and revenue.

Exabytes Singapore offers Google Workspace (GWS) along with the full stack of Google Suite products at S$7.12/user/month.

This includes a free domain name and local support along with the plans.  The three different plans on offer suits everyone from a solopreneur to a medium sized team and large businesses.

Talk to an Exabytes Singapore representative today. Get started on your company’s Digital Transformation journey with Google Workspace and Exabytes 24x7x365 tech support.

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