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Professional email is a fundamental tool to have in the world of business and corporate communication. It is a basic necessity of most online business ventures, small or large.

This also includes the traditional brick-and-mortar setups as business email is necessary for instant communication.

While a lot of web hosting providers do offer cheap private email hosting, it may come with unpleasant scenarios of email unavailability or system reliability.

A free email hosting service is often low on safety, total security, data backups and overall business reliability.

Email service providers such as Exabytes Singapore offers specially curated plans focused on professional email address and allow you to have dedicated business email accounts/addresses using your own business domain name.

This can make email look professional making it particularly beneficial for businesses who primarily rely on email as their mode of communication. 

How to Create a Custom Domain Email?

Before creating an email address with a custom domain name, it’s important to understand what an email domain is.

A pre-requisite for any business email service is to have a custom domain name to use as a business name.

When it is used for business email, its also called an Email domain.  It is that part of an email address which comes after @ symbol and represents the website it’s associated with. 

Exabytes Singapore offers domain name registration service where customers can choose from a wide choice of premium domain names, business domains.

We also help you think of domain names by using our domain name generator.

Get a Custom Domain Step-by-Step

Now, to get a desired custom domain, one needs to follow the below steps:

  1. Search for your desired domain in a domain search tool.
  2. Often a chosen name can be taken by other players. Look for suitable alternatives if the desired name is chosen. Try alternative names, variations and domain extensions.
  3. Add domain privacy and protection to your cart.
  4. Select the term of registration.
  5. Buy an email domain and other add-ons

Most hosting platforms provide email hosting as a standard offering. However, one must bear in mind that a standard email and professional business email are two different services altogether.

How to Set Up Email Account with Your Domain Name

Questions like how to create an email account come into mind immediately.

A business email service comes with a control panel which allows you to create custom email address as required.

Thoughts like how to create your company email or how to make email address with custom domain is easily answered with the hosting control panel. 

Here is a snapshot of how it may look.

Create email account in cPanel

All one has to do is click on the create button and then type in the email address of choice and its all done!

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5 Features to Look for in Business Email Hosting Plan

The ability to sync emails across multiple devices (hand phone, tablet, and laptop), shared contacts and calendars, shared work space and audio visual chats are the most critical needs of a professional business email hosting service as compared to a typical shared hosting service.

1. Anywhere Email Access 

Business emails are critical and need to be accessed from anywhere at any given time, be it at office or home, or when travelling for work.

These professional emails must be available from anywhere across platforms i.e. a web browser or an email app across all devices.

2. More Space and Regular Backups

Business email requires adequate space to accommodate large exchange of emails between customers and the online business.

Often heavy attachments can be part of the emails. Exabytes email hosting comes with 25GB storage space per business email user.

3. Security Requirements

For businesses dependent on email communications, security and protection of their messages is a high priority.

Business email hosting always comes with a list of security features including SSL certificates, email spam filtering and instant back-ups.

4. More Uptime and Dedicated Email Service

Hosting servers that run emails as a service on them have lesser load and stress because of which they perform better.

To give an example – Exabytes host 40 or lesser domains on a server. This automatically ensures optimal or high level output, greater speeds and uptime.

5. Improved Brand Image

Sending out emails from same professional email address enables one to appear professional and maintain a brand consistency and be recognized.  If they are unable to connect with you, then you may lose out on certain leads.

Signing up for a business email hosting service is one part of the solution to have a stable and instant online communication.

Things To Be Aware Of When Using Business Email Account

email domain

  1. Make sure to sign-up for a paid, reliable business email hosting services to make it more formal, and have minimal chances of technical issues.
  2. Set a formal, proper name to the email accounts that you create in the business email id. To stay professional and improve the brand identity and brand recognition.
  3. Avoid skipping aliases and relying on staff email addresses only. It’s at times good to create specific function based email ids like creating a sales@ alias for your website-driven enquiries instead of posting the sales manager’s name. This allows for work to be picked up instantly by anyone who is online than wait for the specific person.
  4. It is a good idea to avoid relying on the ISP’s email solution like [email protected] or [email protected].
  5. Avoid changing email domain too often as the business contacts are maintained and retained for long. If you keep changing the email domain and not update all the contacts, you may perhaps lose some possible prospects and conversations.
  6. Do not forget to specify sender names and profile pictures.  Most of the desktop email clients and webmail interfaces display the sender’s name in the inbox. It is important to display your business and brand name to the recipient.
  7. Keep your email domain and names short so most people can remember the business email address.
  8. Try keeping the domain in sync with what you do so it is easy to recall. Be considerate to your correspondents and avoid typos by choosing a short domain and email ids for your business email. Make sure to keep the email domain same as the business domain.

Here’s Why Professional Email Address is Essential for Your Business

  1. Business email accounts are easy to remember.
  2. It helps build trust, credibility, brand affinity as the visitors visit and recall the website name. This helps the business in attaining legitimacy with a professional business email address.
  3. A business email address gives a professional image.
  4. Brand recall and brand promotion is easier with professional email addresses as you send emails with the same domain name as the business. 

Why Exabytes Email Hosting?

Exabytes email hosting is a cost-effective plan to get cheap custom email. It works perfectly across all devices and allows for maximum flexibility and enables easy creation of business emails for startups.

Experience our email hosting service that comes with features of easy access from anywhere, calendars, tasks, contacts, total security and Anti-Spam.

Get a professional email address with custom domain from Exabytes today. If you have any further inquiries, please feel free to let us know or click the button below to learn more.

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