email automation workflows in email marketing campaignsEmail marketing is one of the critical success factors for managing the digital presence in business, and managing effective communication with customers.

However, with the increasing trends of email marketing, there are developments like email automation available for businesses. 

Choosing a proper kind of auto email software solutions can help businesses manage email marketing more effectively.

In this article, the emphasis is on understanding the scope of email automation, and how the email automation workflows in the campaigns can improve operational efficiency.

Email automation workflows are automated emails used for managing email marketing to customers. They play a vital role in handling the inbound methodology.

Some of the key benefits in the case of email automation are:


1. It’s Automatic and doesn’t require intervention 

The core importance of email automation using the proper auto email software is how the magic works in email automation.

Once the email automation is set-up, up define the criteria settings, email marketing can take place with very little kind of user intervention.

The new age auto email software solutions can manage email marketing to work 24/7.

2. Nurturing the leads

The initial leads in the sales funnel more often need a lead nurturing process before the final aspect of the customer executives attending to the customers.

Email marketing with proper content to engage customers is seen as a potential solution for handling the business requirements of lead management.

Once the email templates are set and time scheduling is configured in the auto email software, it helps in the improved process of lead management in the software.

3. Benefiting the marketing process flow 

The email workflows are designed to nurture potential customers, by communicating to the customers, the appropriate kind of sales information, following the emails in terms of understanding how many of the prospective customers responded to the emails or read the emails, create reports on the prospects. 

Some of the auto email software solutions such as Mailchimp have advanced configurations like the email workflow tools working wherein it sends an email to the sales teams when the email recipients make a specific action.

Call-to-action pages wherein the responses from the users can improve the sales opportunity can be well managed in the email marketing solutions.

4. Email marketing relevant to theemail recipient

In the email marketing process, using email automation can support sending the right kind of email marketing campaign communication to respective customer segments.

For instance, there could be some customer-level classification happening in the form of demographics, geolocations, customer profiling basis the profession, or other aspects.

The relevance aspect of email marketing is two-dimensional. One in the form of customer profiling filtering, and the second in the process of using email marketing basis the interests of the customers.

In many instances, when customers receive unintended or irrelevant email communications, email marketing would not lead to desired results.

Teams need to focus on targeting the accurate kind of email recipients in email marketing. Email automation using proper auto email software can generate good results.

5. Regular email communication helping brand awareness

One of the most challenging aspects for customer management in business is to be in brand recognition in the minds of existing and prospective customers. 

Certain good practices like newsletters, emails carrying new product information, developments related to their profession, lifestyle, etc. can help businesses have better engagement with the customers’ network.

In the process of email marketing, irrespective of the large-scale customer base, the process of handling such regular communication about the brands becomes much easier.

A proper schedule of the email campaigns can help in leading the process more effectively, and improve the process of email automation when the advanced features integral to the auto email software are used effectively.

6. Scope of customization 

In bulk email marketing models, the scope for marketing is good to dispatch emails to hundreds of clients in one instance. But the scope of customization in the communication is very limited.

There is a need for businesses to focus on improved customization in communication.

Imagine an email campaign wherein you receive the communication as “dear customer” or “dear <your Name>”. Which one feels more personalized communication in the email?

Unlike conventional email solutions, auto email software-based email marketing can make use of such custom solutions.

Dispatching customized communication over email marketing can lead to an improved hit rate from email marketing campaigns.

7. Email strategy execution 

Strategic communication planning from businesses can lead to improved process outcomes.

The email strategy execution in the form of having a process-centric email communication, or the product-line mapping to the customers, geolocation-based discount offers communication as part of the email marketing, and other such dynamics can be superiorly managed in the auto email software for email automation.

In an illustrative scenario, for a global brand to wish its customers a happy new year one hour before the new year, the email campaign must be scheduled to different time zones for reaching the inbox of customers.

Also, if such email constitutes the discounts or rewards applicable differently for each region, the scope of customization is necessary.

Adopting the auto email software can help businesses in gaining insights into the email automation features and implement the necessary strategy execution.

8. Reduce scope of errors 

Human intervention in email marketing has a scope of errors, and it could lead to disruption in the email marketing flow.

The errors could be any in the form of missing some email addresses, sending the wrong email templates, or completely missing the scheduled email plans.

In the auto email software, once the template is chosen and the frequency of email marketing is set for each campaign, the process is simpler.

Without the need for human intervention, and hardly any scope for errors, email marketing can take place with ease.

Some of the other benefits of using the auto email software solution for email marketing are

  • It saves time for the teams
  • Reduces the cost of email marketing operations
  • Better customer engagement
  • Data analytics for decision making

To know more about the other benefits of email marketing using the auto email software and deploying email automation, reach out to the Exabytes Singapore team.

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