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What is SmarterMail?

An email has become an integral part of business, professional and personal communication.

In addition to adapting to company email etiquettes, and choosing the right kind of email hosting solutions, business email from the reputed email service providers offering uninterrupted service is paramount for ensuring a successful outcome.

Globally there are many digital solutions service providers like Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and similar offering on-premises email server solutions, and messaging platforms for businesses.

For SMBs, the challenges are many in terms of managing the technological resources and budget provisioning for the upscale email hosting services.

Essentially, every business has an opportunity, and all set of service offerings has a potential market.

Having a custom email, company email, business email with a reliable email hosting solution boosts a business’ efforts to reach its audience.

SmarterMail is an alternate mail server platform offering a seamless quality of service offerings, and more specifically suitable to SMBs in their email hosting requirements for business email

Cloud-based services offer better outcomes in terms of affordability and features, but as a competitive alternative to Microsoft 365 or other digital and email service providers, SmarterMail has scores of features, capability models inherent, and assuring quality services in email hosting. 

SmarterMail has two distinct subscription models for customer engagement. “professional” and “enterprise” are the two email hosting options offered for a business email with SmarterMail.

In the SmarterMail enterprise version, the brand offers SMBs a free-to-use version for usage up to 10 users per domain.

The paid version of the enterprise version has the packages offering unlimited mailbox for business email and is economical in comparison to full-stack service providers of email hosting

It is evident from the pricing comparison with other reputed email hosting service providers, how economical and pocket-friendly is SmarterMail enterprise version for the SMBS is. 

Pricing is one of the factors influencing the decisions, and there are scores of other factors that influence the decisions in choosing the right kind of email hosting solutions which are resourceful and profound for business email hosting

What is SmarterMail? All About Enterprise Business Email Server

Smartermail Email

SmarterMail email hosting as a service offers multiple features detailed as below.


SmarterMail offers a standard mail server feature having the scope of using IMAP and POP for accessing email, mailing lists, and business email access.

Thus, the users of a business email have the liberty for selecting the email settings. 

Depending on the preferences, users can configure access to the business email as POP or IMAP.

Though IMAP is an advocated option for flexibility, POP solutions can be highly resourceful for businesses having confidential data management over the business email

Another set of resourceful features integral to the service offerings from SmarterMail is the scope of using aliases for business email, team collaboration features like calendars, scheduling components, contact details management, and sharing of information within a group. 

The other key advantage of the model is the Webmail interface available with email hosting for business email or personal.

The Scope of Webmail interface is easier for integration and collaboration features among the domain group members, sharing the contact lists, files, or attachments.

Also, the SmarterMail supports synchronizing features into the smartphone mail applications, SyncML, and CardDAV. 

Spam Filtering

Among the other critical feature offered in SmarterMail is the spam filtering tools and services integral to the email hosting service available.

Also, a premium add-on, a more advanced spam filter solution as an extended solution is available in the SmarterMail email hosting service helps in truncating any spam reaching the in-box and it is one of the important features recommended to clients opting for email hosting.

The other key value-added benefit of the email hosting from SmarterMail is the usage of the third-party platforms integral to the system as the Barracud Spam Firewall, catering to more advanced monitoring and controls over privacy factors of business email in the SmarterMail email hosting. 

Additional Features 

Some of the significant factors integral to managing email hosting over the SmarterMail hosting services are greylisting, DomainKeys /DKIM, reverse DNS lookup, SMTP blocking, SPF, and managing custom headers in the business email configuration.

The installation process with the user-guidance material available for both new installation and upgrading the existing version is commendable and user-friendly.

In setting up the basic mail server, the default configurations in the installation are good for execution and using the server’s static IP address in the admin interface, the set-up is much easier for the SmarterMail email hosting.

Another key aspect of choosing the SmarterMail is the benefit of the Web Server and using the pointers to the local host, and with little configuration changes, the access to the business email over the SmarterMail is easier and phenomenal.

The installation guide has adequate information for setting up SmarterMail business email on Amazon EC2 too as a virtual appliance.

Ease of Administration 

The domain workspace constitutes the requisite settings related to the domain in the email hosting.

Thus, mapping the users in the email hosting domain network is much easier and saves considerable time in the configuration process.

Creating aliases and other default setting configurations for the users in the email hosting is much easier with the domain workspace console of SmarterMail.

Certain sections of the console and the process flow need to be dynamic and more user-friendly.

However, in comparison to the other email service providers, the service offerings from SmarterMail as an email hosting solution is phenomenal and competitive.

Alongside the scores of positives and merits of SmarterMail email hosting, some of the areas wherein user experience challenges prevail are in data migration scope, and configuration settings explored without a guide or manual.

SmarterMail is certainly an agile server software, and has ease of use.

SmarterMail email hosting interface can help the systems be more powerful and resourceful for SMBs as sound email service provider.

Compared to the other email service providers, the email hosting solutions offered by SmarterMail can be easier, effective, user-friendly, and economic for managing business email.

Reach out to Exabytes to know more about SmarterMail email hosting solutions, and their effectiveness for the clients considering business email solutions for their business solutions.

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