Spreading love to Care Corner Singapore's Carevolution, #ExabytesWeCare

Amidst our busy daily lives, many a time we do not realise or are not aware of what’s going on beyond us, beyond our daily living. Exabytes took a pause, and put a special thought to Care Corner Singapore.

Lending a hand

Exabytes, seen as a big corporate company that is focusing on growth and helping businesses go online, is not an organisation that is entirely about business growth.

We are one who is always on the lookout to lend a hand to those in need, and we are always open to assist and support one another when needed.

Donation Amount To-Date

SGD 1,533

still counting……

Care Corner Singapore

Through our research and approach to providing corporate social responsibility, Exabytes came across Care Corner Singapore, a non-governmental organisation in Singapore with a vision to give care to every corner in Singapore.

Care Corner Singapore Ltd was founded in 1981, in a climate of changes in the early 1980s, as economic competition in the region intensified and the rift between the wealthy and the lower-income in particular the Chinese blue-collar workers widened.

Rev Tan Tien Ser and a group of passionate individuals believed that these marginalised people with lower income and little opportunities for a formal education could be helped to realise their potential and become more competent and fulfilled individuals.

Through a series of early outreach initiatives, Care Corner has evolved into an organisation offering a wide range of programmes and services delivered through various social service centres located island-wide in Singapore.

In a bid to stay relevant to the needs of the community, Care Corner has continuously strived to offer new and innovative programmes to support those in need and the less privileged.

Under the care of Care Corner Singapore are those who need help in the categories of children, youths, families, seniors and mental health. In addition, Care Corner Singapore also provides counselling for those in need. 

Care for the Community

Looking deeper into the care and services provided by Care Corner Singapore, educational therapy services and student care centres are available under their care for children.

To further nurture and develop youths, adolescent development in education and engaging adolescent on the fringes are some of the initiatives.

One that is encouraging is their exercise to transform young offenders under its care for youth. Care Corner Singapore’s support for families includes a service centre, violence protection, marriage, divorce and parenting support.

And for the seniors, community health and social care are covered. 

Exabytes X Carevolution

It is through these that we, at Exabytes admire Care Corner Singapore’s strength, initiative and actions in providing support and assistance to those in need.

To lend a hand and support Care Corner Singapore in their activities, Exabytes has registered ourselves to be a part of their Carevolution initiative.

Carevolution is a new initiative by Care Corner Singapore to revolutionise the way they provide for the needy in the community. We face the daily pressure of the high cost of living in Singapore.

Some of us are fortunate to provide enough or more than enough for our families, but there are people amongst us struggling to meet their daily needs.

By donating to Carevolution, we join the Carevolution initiative to impact the community in meaningful ways.

As such, Exabytes has committed to donating SGD 1 towards Carevolution for each product and service sold on www.exabytes.sg.

To carry on with our support for Care Corner Singapore, Exabytes also sponsored our digital services on top of a budget to Care Corner Singapore to enhance awareness of their campaign through paid advertisements.

We sincerely hope that this small gesture of ours can come as help in one way or another towards Care Corner Singapore where they can continue with the great efforts to help the community, as well as for the donation to help alleviate the burdens carried on the families and individuals in need.

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