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Email and the digital address identity for the users have become a norm. Thousands of users have multiple email addresses catering to specific requirements. 

One of the most prevalent phenomena is the usage of business email. Among the fundamental checklist of business start-up or scale-up is the selection of appropriate domain names and active email hosting.

A seamless range of productivity and collaborative tools are integral to the digital front of a business, but still, the company email stands a rudimentary expectation from the stakeholders.

Right from the employees to the vendors and clients, communication between stakeholders in the business environment is preferred over a company email address.

With such priority and emphasis on the company email, the need for the selection of a more appropriate range of email servers for the email hosting is imminent.

Unlike the past, wherein the options for email servers are limited, today there is a seamless range of solutions available.

On the other hand, right from price optimization to service and feature optimization there are scores of comparisons possible in the service offerings from email servers.

Email hosting

Mail servers in parlance are a mailman system, wherein every email sent passes through a series of mail servers to be delivered to the recipient address.

Despite that the messages between email ids are shared within a few seconds, the complex processes integral to the processing take place.

Smooth exchanges of email server communication do not stand chance without the email servers across the domains.

Only the emails shared within the same domain can be technically possible without the email servers.

Email servers are classified into two main categories as outgoing mail servers and incoming mail servers.

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is the outgoing mail servers, and the incoming mail servers are of two kinds POP3, version 3 servers popular for their capability of storing the received and sent messages over the local hard drives of computers.

Like POP3, the other email server IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) holds a copy of the messages on the email servers.

A contemporary range of POP3 servers can handle message storage on servers too with ease.

Web-Based Email 

Email hosting

Profoundly used in personal and company email, this is a very familiar email server. Many of the free email hosting solutions offered are relatively web-based email solutions.

Such email hosting solutions offer users the scope to log into email servers using internet browsers, for sending and receiving emails.

Such solutions are pragmatic for the users to access the email accounts from any source wherein the internet is available.

POP3 Email Servers

Post Office Protocol 3 (POP3) the other common type of email server is generally used by ISPs for providing users with email accounts alongside the internet service.

In the POP3 servers, incoming messages from email accounts will be stored in a remote server until a user opens the email client software to check the respective email account.

Upon access of the accounts, email messages are retrieved from the email server and transferred to the user’s computer and delete the copy from the server to continue space for more incoming messages.

IMAP Email Servers

In IMAP email servers, the systems are like the POP3 email server and are popular among the company email solutions used for email hosting.

In addition to retrieving an email from the company email to the local storage of computers, the IMAP servers have the option of leaving the copies of email over the servers until the users decide to delete them.

SMTP Email Servers

SMTP email servers (Simple Mail Transfer Protocols) are servers that work in parallel with other email servers like POP3 or IMAP. The server handles the emails from the users being sent out to the email clients.

In a comparison of POP3 vs IMAP, the benefits of IMAP are resourceful for company email hosting solutions.

If the email server clients are not accessible, POP3-based email access can be challenging. Whereas for email hosting, when IMAP services are adapted, it can help in addressing any remote access requirements in email hosting solutions.

With the emerging developments, the other comprehensive solution that emerged in the market is SmarterMail.

Smartermail Email

SmarterMail is an email hosting solution by Microsoft Exchange, wherein it offers services of IMAP, without any additional plug-ins or additional email clients required for the process.

In a comparison of the distinct set of solutions offered for email hosting using a different kinds of email servers, the scope and selection of the servers are profoundly based on the service requirements, security, and usage conditions of the company email account.

For new-age businesses aspiring for an effective and faster communication, choosing the email hosting solutions pragmatic for ease of use and security is paramount.

With the new-age solutions like cloud computing and access to email solutions preferred from multiple devices, push mail solutions to play a vital role.

Hence, the scope in terms of using web-mail applications for email hosting can be a flexible and feasible option for businesses.

Emerging demand for email hosting and an increasing number of email hosting service providers has led to more service offerings at discounted prices for customers.

However, some of the common aspects to be accounted for in email hosting service provider selection are the data privacy and security practices, the email server clients used, data migration in case of shifting the email hosting from one email server to the other, and the cost for managing the company email accounts.

Emphasis should be more on reliability in services from the service provider offering the email hosting.

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