Business email hosting vs free email services

In today’s world of internet and electronic communications, an email account is a necessity. It is difficult to survive without an email address to communicate.

With the world moving towards e-commerce, online stores, product websites etc. emails as a mode of communication for business has taken up a lot of importance over the past few decades.

Any business – be it the regular brick and mortar or 100% online business – business email hosting services with a professional email address are critical.

Free Email Services vs Business Email Hosting

Free email services is very tempting for sure, but the number of severe limitations and the lack of professional tech support makes it very unreliable.

Therefore, a cheap business email hosting service is better than the best free email services at any time.

Such services also do not allow for any branding and marketing as you would not have a company email ID.

A free mail account is married to the email server of the provider, it does not allow the ability to use an email domain of our choice.

Free Email Services Disadvantages

  • No ownership of the email address in use. The user cannot claim any legal ownership of an email account with a free mail service provider.
  • The available email storage space is very limited. It cannot be increased as per business needs.
  • There is a restriction on the size of emails that can be sent and received.
  • There are severe limits to number of attachments that can be sent There is also a hard limit on the size of the attachments that could be sent and received.
  • There is a high chance of personal data being compromised or shared with third parties.
  • Security and safety of free email services is questionable as they do not use SSL and other security features like business email hosting.
  • Tech support with professional email address will not be available with free email services.
  • If a free email service is used as company email, there is a possibility of professional email communication being lost owing to data loss. Free email does not guarantee email backup.
  • Free email service providers spam an email account with free advertisement. It is difficult to use it as business email or a professional email address.

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Why Having a Business Email?

Let us look at some of the current statistics around email communication.

  • In the year 2020, 300 billion emails were sent and received as an official medium of business communication. This figure is expected to go above 360 billion by 2024.
  • 81% of all emails are read and opened on a handheld device.
  • The average growth in business email communication is between 3% to 5% year on year from 2017

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5 Benefits of Business Email Services

  • Personalised business domain and email address
  • Professional Email Service with Guaranteed Uptime
  • Enhanced Storage Space
  • Security and Anti-Spam Features
  • Email as a Service – Anytime, Anywhere

Personalised business domain and email address

An email account with a personalized professional email address always leaves a very smart and lasting impression.

A company email which has the company’s name and its own domain name is the best way to communicate with the outside world.

It helps build a professional and reliable image for the business.

Professional Email Service with Guaranteed Uptime

Business email services are offered only by the best web hosting providers who offer dedicated email hosting plans keeping in mind business email requirements.

Any such service would offer a guaranteed minimum uptime of the email server.

Most professional email services offer a wide range of features and enhancements which cannot be enjoyed with free mail service providers.

Enhanced Storage Space

A company email or professional email address is used for several important communications to be exchanged with customers, partners, vendors, colleagues, management and other parties.

Be it business emails for startups or corporate communications for large enterprises, an email account used as business email needs enormous mail storage space.

This is to ensure emails are not lost or archived leading to unpleasant situations.

Most business email hosting plans offer large mailboxes to enable trouble free email communications.

Security and Anti-Spam Features

Cyber security, especially for business communications is critical to ensure business continuity.

A professional business email service comes with multiple security features which protects and safeguards company email and other data shared over emails.

Features like secure webmail with encryption via SSL are only available with business email hosting.

Encryption makes it nearly impossible for scamsters to exploit and misuse email communications.

A SSL certificate on the email server and the email client ensures there is a secure link via which the mail is transmitted to the intended recipient.

Be it a cheap email hosting provider or a premium business email service, anti-spam filters, malware detection and other such security features are all part of the email service package.

This protects your inbox in several ways including filtering out of junk mail, shielding the recipient of emails from possible malware and virus attacks, and keeping the company email clean and safe.

Email as a Service – Anytime, Anywhere

A business email hosting service provides one of the best email service features i.e. browser-based email account access anytime, anywhere, 24×7!

Browser based email access makes it easy to read and / or write emails as may be the need. One does not have to wait to be in front of a computer.

Emails can be accessed over a laptop, a desktop and mobile or handheld devices.

On Demand email services also comes with a feature called Active Sync which ensures emails are in full sync across all the devices on which they are configured and used. There is no difference in the experience of the users.

Anywhere email also supports multiple protocols like IMAP, POP3 and XMPP – all this only means the most convenient and hassle-free experience.

Whenever there is a question “how to create your company email” comes up, the simple answer is sign up for cheap email hosting with the best web hosting service provider.

At Exabytes – we help enterprises get a business email address with their own domain.

Our business email services are hosted on servers dedicated as an email server with not more than 40 domains hosted on each server.

With us, cheap private email hosting, 24×7 tech support, email hosting plans with high security features are all a guarantee.

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