Why UX & SEO make the perfect pair - Exabytes Design Club (EDC) Singapore

We’re Coming to Singapore!

Exabytes Designer Club gathering entitled WHY UX & SEO MAKE PERFECT PAIR will be held in Singapore on April 15, 2016.

This time around, we are pleased to have invited two very amazing speaker to be with us in this gathering. We have Carlo Victoriano, the creative lead of Carbon Interactive, a creative and digital agency which does a spectacular job in marketing and advertising.

The award-winning Creative Director who has proven records of generating the best ideas will be sharing his creative thoughts and the impact of UX/UX design in web design.

Carlo is very enthusiastic to share with us all about his ideas on design communications, modular design, micro-interactions, etc that are highly relevant and relatable to the Singapore web design market. 

Also, we are delighted to have Calvin Seng, Founder of Calvin Seng Design to be with us for this coming EDC gathering in Singapore as well.

He is an expert in search engine optimization (SEO) with records of getting his website onto Page 1 on SERP in 24 weeks with +700% traffic increase and +900% in rankings.

Calvin will be sharing with us how to generate a high ROI website according to the marketing needs. He will help us to focus on “How to Get Listed and Ranked Well in Google!”

Let’s find out how these two speaker harmonizing the most two important elements: UX and SEO in web design. You would not want to miss such an opportunity to expand your insights and stretch your knowledge in this field!

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