This article concludes Series 1 of eCommerceFest 2021: eCommerce Trends, Strategies, and Growth. This series has taken you through the present state of eCommerce as well as the strategies that can aid in the growth of your eCommerce business.

Importance of Digitalisation

Experts in the industry have been invited to this eCommerceFest to share their knowledge about eCommerce in Singapore. The speakers, who are all experienced and skilled, taught the audience a lot.

It was also amazing to see how enthusiastic everyone was about engaging with the panellists.

Importance of Digitalisation
The speaker (Danish Tan) and the emcee (Laureen Quah) of the event.

Now, let’s look at the most important lessons from the first topic, “The Importance of Digitalization.” 

1. What is Cyber Youth Singapore (CYS)

CYS is a grassroots youth movement dedicated to bringing together young people interested in technology to safeguard Singapore’s digital future.

The company is entirely operated by young people who are passionate about supporting other Singaporean techies through programs and events.

2. Importance of Digitalisation

Engaging customers and greater outreach 

Nowadays, everyone has a device that they use to browse the internet, especially on social media applications. Businesses are advised to establish a strong digital presence nowadays to effectively connect with customers.

Businesses that have a digital presence will have a wider reach since they will be exposed to a broader audience. 

Besides, digitizing your business allows you to collect data about your customers. Collecting and analyzing customer data is critical because it helps businesses to design the most effective strategies to target customers and maximize the return on their outreach efforts.

Optimising Processes

Many digital solutions are emerging and available to assist online businesses in controlling and optimizing their workflow as a result of fast digital development.

It enables organizations to quickly access data from databases or gain access to an application that can boost their productivity.

Transforming products and services

You can collect data and feedback from customers when you go digital with your business. This will enable you to create products and services that are better aligned with and suited for the demands of your customers.  

Empowering employees

Not only can digitalisation improve your products and services, but it can also empower your staff by providing them with digital training. Instead of performing repetitive manual processes, employees will be able to advance their careers and grow their businesses. 

3. What is Digitalise Singapore?

Digitalise Singapore is a joint programme offered by Cyber Youth Singapore, through the Research & Innovation Corps and Exabytes Singapore.

This program aims to support youths in launching and executing their technological ideas by providing funding for projects involving Digital Solutions and Services.

Exabytes Singapore is pleased to fund initiatives under Digitalise Singapore 

We are pleased to fund initiatives under Digitalise Singapore that help in the personal development of the youths, contribute to Singapore’s digital progress, and enhance the study of a specific field of technology.

Residents of Singapore who are between the ages of 13 and 35 are eligible to apply. You can still apply if you are not within the age range — provided that your team has at least one eligible candidate. 

The rate of digitalisation throughout the world is increasing rapidly, and youths are the future of the digital age!

In this session, the speaker, Danish Tan, Project Manager, Research and Innovation Corps, discussed the importance of digitalisation while also providing support to youths through Digitalise Singapore, an initiative that aims to nurture, support, and develop youth entrepreneurship.

Watch the full video of this session to know more about the importance of digitalisation and Digitalise Singapore! 

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