It has been more than one month since the Singapore government implemented the Circuit Breaker. Many companies are slowly migrating their business online. Digital marketing plays an important role in strategising the marketing plan to achieve business goals. 

This cannot be done in a short time period. 

At the upcoming MarketingFest, we will gather experts from different industries to provide a special insight into the latest trend of marketing and offer highly practical tips for marketers to leverage their marketing strategy. 

The exciting topics are:

  1. What’s Next for Influencer Marketing? 
  2. Freshmarketer – Intelligent Marketing Automation for Fast-paced Teams
  3. How to Marry SEO and Content Marketing
  4. Boost Sales with Email Marketing 
  5. Running Rapid Experimentations in Marketing 
  6. Sales and Storytelling 
  7. AI-Driven Google and Facebook Advertising
  8. Converting Leads to Sales Through Inbound Call Funnels 

This Full Day LIVE webinar will bring together thought leaders and industry practitioners to discuss and exchange experiences, learn the latest global digital trends and network.

Moreover, it covers the most important and relevant business topics of our time, giving you access to cutting-edge skills, tools and techniques that will drive your personal success!

Event Information:

Join this momentous event to learn everything about Marketing!

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