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Why Use Email Marketing?


Cost Effective and Inexpensive

Email marketing is one of the lowest cost channels if compare with other digital marketing channels. The cost of engagement with client was around RM0.002 per month, which is far more lower than other marketing channels.


Effective and Highly convert

Email marketing lets you engage with your clients in a much efficient way especially during this modern era, where everyone has a mobile phone on hand to check email frequently. People will have higher intention to open your email compared to an Advertisement


Easily manage and start with

Email is easier to manage than the very complicated ad campaigns such as Facebook and Google Ad. We are more familiar with how email operates and therefore, it is easier for us to kickstart with email marketing

Benefits of Exabytes Email Marketing?

Easy Drag and Drop Builder

Creating a beautiful email has never been so easy. Choose to start with a template email template library, or build a new design from scratch! Add the blocks and style that you want using the intuitive drag & drop builder to perfectly match your brand and wow your audience.

Email Marketing Dragdrop
Email Marketing Unlimited Subscriber

Large Subscriber Capacity

We understand growing is your business’s top priority, so does growing your email list. With EBuzzzz email marketing tool, you can grow your subscriber list without hassle because EBuzzzz allow you to send your email to a large number of subscriber list at a reasonable cost!

Send in bulk, but Personalized

You can now be more authentic with your email content. All messages that you sent either by bulk or by drip, can be tailored to each of your email contacts. Send emails that your contacts will want to read and engage with using dynamic content that speaks personally to them.

Email Marketing Personalized
Email Marketing Automate

Save Time with Email Marketing Automation

You no longer have to send your emails manually. Thanks to our email automation features, now you can define workflow, preset a series of scheduled emails and have them send out automatically according to the preset time or condition.

EBuzzzz Email Marketing

Grow your business and build engagement with beautifully designed emails


As low as

50,000 Subscribers
100,000 emails/mo
Drag and Drop Builder
Email Automation
Transactional Email
Dedicated IP

EBuzzzz Standard

As low as

20,000 Subscribers
40,000 emails/mo
Drag and Drop Builder
Email Automation
Shared IP


As low as

10,000 Subscribers
20,000 emails/mo
Drag and Drop Builder
Shared IP


As low as

1,000 Subscribers
1,000 emails/mo
Drag and Drop Builder
Shared IP

Get the Support You Need


Data Privacy and Security

Forget about the headache of implementing GDPR. Our email marketing software is GDPR compliant. All sensitive data are well protected. No more worries, now you and your audience are well protected.


Reporting and Analytic

A complete reporting tool to report your marketing campaign’s performance so that you can make improvements. It reports open rate, click rate and even who blacklisted you.

phone support

The Support You Need

Our world-class support team supports you 24×7 non-stop, including holidays! Available via email, chat, and phone support*, you can rest easy knowing that we’ve got your back!


Terms and Conditions

  1. No refund will be provided for cancellation of the EBuzzzz Email Marketing services.
  2. Number of emails allowed for sending per month will be reset at the beginning of each month.
  3. When you upgrade your plan, you will receive a refund of the period you haven’t used of the current cycle on the existing plan. The system will charge you for the remainder of the cycle at the new plan’s price. The next due date doesn’t change.
  4. For enquiries, please contact us.
  5. You do agree to our terms of service available here.

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