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SEO Tool by marketgoo

The Easiest SEO Tool for Websites

Step by step SEO tool for your website

Your website SEO report at a glance

Instant overview of your SEO performance and issues stopping your site from appearing in search results. Covering on-page analysis, keyword rankings, backlinks, speed and mobile checks and more

Suggested SEO plan to improve your website

Step by step instructions for each task in your SEO Plan. The tasks you needs to complete in order to improve traffic and visibility in search engines.

Discreetly monitor your competitors

See how your SEO efforts stack up to your main competitors’ metrics

Optimise your pages for search engine

The keyword tool allows you to research keywords, match them to a page on your site, and guides you through complete optimization of that page

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SEO Report
Step by Step SEO plan
Optimisation Tool
Keyword Tracking & Optimising
Competitor Monitoring
Report Exporting
Report Exporting
Daily Updated Tracking
Monthly Progress Report

All the features you need for boosting your website traffic

Website Analysis

Present a SEO report by running comprehensive website analysis. Such as website size, speed and technical errors

Optimise for Search

marketgoo submits your website to major search engines (Google, Yahoo!, and Bing), and continuously checks to see where you rank in search results

Mobile Check

Checks how well your website functions on smartphones and tablets, then provides advice to ensure your website is speedy and easy to use

Content Check

Runs check at the types of content on your website plus the frequency with which you make updates, and offers recommendations that will make your site more interesting

Popularity Check

Gives you steps to climb higher in search rankings, such as how to boost the number of inbound links you have from other websites or backlinks

SEO Monitoring

Get real time data from your Dashboard and weekly and monthly progress reports.

Why SEO matters?

of Google users click on their result
within 9 seconds of searching
40 %
of websites have issues significantly
affecting their ranking performance
72 %
of all website traffic comes from
organic search
49 %

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    marketgoo is a Do-it-Yourself tool, so while it help you with analyzing your site and giving recommendations, tasks and instructions for you to optimise your site, but it don’t make these changes for you.

    marketgoo is suitable for online shops, bloggers, corporate sites or even a local business website. marketgoo can help to get more traffic through SEO.

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