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Private Cloud Solution

No resource sharing. Fully yours in a single-tenant environment with your own security rules.

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VMware Cloud

Enterprise VMware Cloud Server has the scale, performance, and security to meet all of your organisation’s needs.

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Server Backup


Cloud Backup

Cloud backup for your virtual machine and physical servers. Safe and secured.

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Disaster Recovery

Veeam disaster recovery as a service. Minimising downtime by recovering from outage or disaster with a few clicks.

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Cost Effective

Reduce capital outlay for infrastructure investments and leverage on the benefits of our economies of scale, best practices, and automation.

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Private clouds are cloud computing environments that are exclusively dedicated to the requirements and goals of a single-tenant, organization or entity.

The private cloud solutions offer several cloud computing benefits, such as increased agility, cloud automation, customization capability, and cloud governance, but with better security and cost-effectiveness.

Exabytes Enterprise Private Cloud provides you with security, control, and performance – all vital aspects to consider in the ever-competitive market. Find out more about private cloud server here.

Disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) is a disaster recovery hosted by third-party cloud computing provider. SaaS solution such as Veeam also provides DR orchestration in case of a crisis, which ensures business continuity and keeps downtime to an absolute minimum.

Disaster recovery will mirror your workloads, with block-level replication for faster recovery. With disaster recovery, you create a backup of your entire computing environment—data, systems, networks, and applications. This data backup will come in handy when unplanned incidents happen.

Exabytes with Veeam can provide off-premises data backup and disaster recovery in one solution, one plan.

Cloud backup combines the latest advancements in disk-based backup with secure, integrated cloud technologies. It gives businesses a fast, sure way to recover their most important business data while cutting costs and freeing up IT staff to work on more mission-critical projects.

Cloud backup also makes tape management and backup operations easier because the data is automatically stored offsite in a safe place for disaster recovery. And that’s the reason why you need data backup for your cloud storage.

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Example #1:

If your existing hosting with your current provider will expire in another 6-month time, we will extend your next renewal date of Exabytes hosting plan for 6 months free!

Your new hosting period with Exabytes: 12 months (new yearly hosting plan) + 6 months (free extension)

** We will extend your hosting for up to maximum of 12 months based on the balance of your remaining months with your existing provider.

Example #2:

If your existing hosting with other vendors will only expire in another 15 months time, we will extend your next renewal date of Exabytes hosting plan for another 12 months only as the maximum period we can extend is 12 months.

Your new hosting period with Exabytes: 12 months (new yearly hosting plan) + 12 months (free extension)