Exabytes Affiliate Program

Exabytes Affiliate Program

Refer Your Friends & Earn Commission

  • Bring us traffic, and we seal the deal
  • Get paid up to S$100 per sign-up when you refer your friends
  • Be the Top Affiliate of the Month and earn extra rewards

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4 Easy Steps To Earn Extra Income

Here is how you can earn extra income through Exabytes Affiliates Program


1. Free Registration

Register your account and be part of us.


2. Unique Affiliate Link

Share your link and Track your progress.


3. Ready-made banners

Place anywhere on your site.


4. Get Rewarded

Receive commission upon each successful sign-up.

Exabytes Affiliate Program Commission Plan

Exabytes Affiliate Program offers an attractive commission plan allowing you to earn additional income each month! All you need is to promote and refer potential clients to Exabytes, and we will handle the rest. Besides, it is totally free to be our affiliate!

Let’s assume that the client you refer registered a one-year hosting package. Here’s what you’ll earn.

  • Fixed Commission
  • S$100/ qualified sign-up
  • S$50/ qualified sign-up
  • Product
  • VPS & Server Solutions
    VPS Hosting, Server Colocation, Dedicated Server

    Managed Digital Marketing Solutions
    SEO Services, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Managed Webinar
  • Shared Hosting Solutions
    Web Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Email Hosting

    Web Design Services
    Business Website Design, Ecommerce Design

* License fee excluded.

Why Exabytes Affiliate Is One Of The Best Affiliate Programs?


High Payout Ratio

Enjoy up to 100%* commission payout by referring clients to Exabytes. The payout threshold is S$150.


Unlimited Referral Payout

Uncap earnings — earn as much as you can, the sky is your limit!


Quick Payout Time

Monthly payout — Receive your accumulated commissions at the start of the month.


Strong Branding

With over 20 years of experience and strong presence in the industry gives you confidence to represent us.


Accurate Details & Tracking

Optimize and track online earnings and payout. Cookies are used for tracking and has a 60-day expiry duration.


Dedicated Support Team

Contact our support team for any enquiries and/ or support.

Exabytes Has Helped Over 140,000 Businesses

“ Never had any issues with them. Haven’t experienced any downtime or service issues. Their customer support is excellent and responsive. Their manuals are easy to understand, and they provide a variety of tools to manage your domain and email accounts. They regularly run promotions and are very customer-centric.

Joseph Kalaivanar


“ Prior to Exabytes, I was with a few other web hosting companies. I had poor experiences and decided to give Exabytes a try shortly after she started offering dedicated server services in Singapore. While there is room for improvement, Exabytes is significantly better than the others I tried.

Goh Eck Hong


“ Been using Exabytes since few years back, and the experience have been very positive. Support was fast in case there is any enquiry, and the package I gotten are good value for money.

Lim Boon Khai


Knowledge Is Power


Latest Promotion

Take advantage of these promotion to boost up your affiliate sale conversion.

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Ready Sales Copywriting

New to affiliate marketing? Have no idea how to promote Exabytes products? Feel free to use these sales copywriting templates to wake your inspiration.


Knowledge Base

Find complete and thorough tips, strategies and step by step guide on affiliate marketing for self-improvement and making extra income.

Your questions, our answers

Exabytes Affiliate Program is a type of referral program. The advertiser is paid a certain amount of commission as a return for a valid referral sign-up. For ease of tracking and referring, a unique link will be generated for use for friends and new potential clients.

If you are new to Exabytes, click here to register for an account. Login to your client area if you are our existing client. Proceed to the “Affiliate” tab, activate it, and you will receive your unique URL.

You will receive the commission payout once you have accumulated S$150. Additionally, the most recent client referred to us must be active for at least 1 month. We will process your payout via PayPal.

Your commission will be reflected in your account 30 days after the payment of product/ service is received by Exabytes.

You can obtain your unique banner, link, text from your affiliate account. You can place them anywhere visible on your website, social media platforms, and even emails.

We do not allow self-referral, and it will be eliminated once investigated.

No, you will not get the commission. Your client must use your affiliate link for his/her order in order for our system to track your commission.

You can retrieve the information from your affiliate log-in.

No, you are not able to do so. If you register as an affiliate under exabytes.com, all sales and commissions will only be for US orders.

You can do as many as you want! We do not limit the number of products our affiliates want to promote.

You are not able to do so. Nonetheless, we will update the banners accordingly for new and upcoming promotions.

You can retrieve your password via the Affiliate login page. Click on the ‘Forget Password,’ fill in the mandatory information, and you will receive an email notification for your password.

You may email us at [email protected], and we will terminate your account.

If your commission has not reached the minimum payout, it will be forfeited.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Self referrals are not allowed. Affiliates who share the same personal/company details, including but not limited to, last name, email address, IP address, website details, or commission payment details, as their referred customer will be deemed to have made a “Self-Referral.” All self referral commissions will be eliminated.
  2. Commission will only payout every 30 days.
  3. If the referral request on refund between 30 days, the commission for that referral will also being removed.
  4. Exabytes reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of this offer without any prior notice.
  5. Exabytes affiliates are not allowed to promote the Exabytes brand through any ways or websites that are prohibited by any applicable law such as illegal, deceptive, misleading and fraudulent websites, betting, sexually explicit, gambling or any websites that are designed to obtain money under false pretenses. Commissions generated from these websites or via the aforementioned methods will be forfeited.
  6. Minimum commission payout is S$150.
  7. For enquiries, please contact us.

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