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14-day Free Trial with Free Credits to Blast SMS Messages.

Bulk SMS

Your most effective marketing messages solution

Create Personalized Messages

Send SMS messages with personalized customer name, company name or other information you have for your contacts. Make your customers feel they are important to you.


Create Personalized Messages

  • Personalize your messages with customers’ names to show that they’re your priority.

Spread the Word on your Promotions & Offers

Promote time-sensitive and special events by sending bulk SMS marketing campaigns to a contact list from your database. Simply write your message, choose a list, and schedule it to be sent when you want!


Spread the Word on your Promotions & Offers

  • Write your messages Easily create your messages to inform your customers.
  • Manage Address Book Easy to set up and manage your contact list.
  • Schedule SMS Campaigns Schedule messages to auto send daily, weekly, or monthly. Sit back and relax.

Fast Delivery with 2G Network

Send up to 3000 messages per minute (50 messages in each second) to your audience without having to worry if their mobile devices have an internet connection.


Fast Delivery with 2G Network

  • Deliver 50 messages in as fast as 1 second.
  • No worries if your customers’ mobile device has an internet connected or not.
  • Customers will receive your messages even if they’re in rural areas / suburbs.

Stay Connected with your Customers

Stay connected with your clients & business partners, send them birthday greetings, promotions and offers that add value to them.


Stay Connected with your Customers

  • Connect with your customers and inform them of your promotions and best offers!

Bulk SMS Marketing Campaigns Ideas

Stay connected with your clients & business partners effectively with Exabytes Bulk SMS.Send them Now!

Why Exabytes Bulk SMS?

Schedule Campaigns

No time to send out your Bulk SMS? Send your messages from your PC anytime anywhere. Schedule your SMS campaigns and send them at your preferred time.

  • Schedule messages to auto send daily, weekly, or monthly.
  • Set reminders for your customers’ important dates (Birthday reminders)


English, Malay, Chinese, Japanese. Send your messages in different languages to all your customers.

  • Normal (English & Malay)
    Write your messages in 153 ASCII characters.
  • Unicode (Chinese, Japanese, etc)
    Write your messages in 63 Unicode characters.

Stay on Top of your Marketing Performance

Monitor the performance of SMS marketing campaigns with key engagement metrics to know which SMS campaign works and what you can improve.

  • SMS History
    Track and monitor your SMS campaign reports daily, weekly & monthly.
    Track your recipients one by one to ensure they have received your messages.

Contact Management

Easily manage all contact lists and never miss out on your audience’s birthday with Birthday Reminder!

  • Address Book
    Add your new contact details in Address Book.
  • Manage Groups
    Manage your contact in groups for better customer segmentation.
  • Import Contacts
    Prepare your customer list in CSV Files and start to import contacts.

Personalized SMS

Talk like a human in your SMS Marketing campaigns. Get personal and start addressing your customers by their name!

Personalize your messages with customers’ names to show that they’re your priority.

Global Coverage

Our Bulk SMS marketing solutions cover international SMS to more than 100 countries. Send Them!

Reach your customers whenever and wherever they are.
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BULK SMS Top Up Plans

The more you reload, the more credits you can get 1 SMS = 1.5 Credit (Singapore Rate)

  • Top Up Packages
  • S$50
  • S$96
  • S$138
  • S$220 S$205 S$15 OFF
  • S$420
  • S$820
  • S$1,170
  • Price Per SMS (SGD)
  • 0.05
  • 0.048
  • 0.046
  • 0.044
  • 0.042
  • 0.041
  • 0.039
  • Total Credits
  • 1,000 + FREE 50 SMS Credits
  • 2,000 + FREE 50 SMS Credits
  • 3,000 + FREE 50 SMS Credits
  • 5,000 + FREE 50 SMS Credits
  • 10,000 + FREE 50 SMS Credits
  • 20,000 + FREE 50 SMS Credits
  • 30,000 + FREE 50 SMS Credits

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Frequently Asked Questions

A free account is reserved for companies that are still active, registered with SSM and have a website. We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to decide if applicants are qualified for a free trial account or not.

153 ASCII characters (English & Malay) or 44 Unicode characters (Eg.Chinese, Japanese, etc).

Once payment is made, your Bulk SMS account will be setup within the next 24 hours.

SMS credits are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. However, users may still top up their account and use the credits within the next 90 days. Once the 90-day period lapses, all credits will be forfeited.

In a case where a spam complaint is received, your Bulk SMS account will be suspended immediately. All credits in your account will be forfeited. Please read the terms and conditions for the Spam Control Act 2007.

No. Our Bulk SMS only supports text messages written in ASCII characters (English & Malay) or 44 Unicode characters.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Prices are subject to changes.
  2. By purchasing our Bulk SMS service, you are required to comply with all your obligations under required law including (but not limited to) Personal Data Protection Act 2012,Personal Data Protection (Do Not Call Registry) Regulations 2013, other applicable data protection regulations and orders, and Spam Control Act (Chapter 311A) at your own cost. Exabytes will assist the regulatory authority on investigation regarding the official complaint lodged against your use of this service, including (but not limited to) providing your details (for example, name and email address).
  3. You are allowed to change your brand name. Changing your brand name for the first time is free of charge. For subsequent requests, 50 SGD (before taxes) is chargeable for each request regardless if the request is successful or not.
  4. SMS credits are strictly not refundable and not transferable.
  5. Kindly email us at sales@exabytes.sg for further enquiries.
  6. By subscribing to our service, you agree to comply with our terms of service available here, guidelines and all conditions promulgated by mobile/ network operators, local regulators, and our service providers.
  7. Exabytes reserves the right to amend the Terms & Conditions without any prior notice.

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They provide a series guideline for me (beginner) to start my online marketing. Customer support also very responsive. Great Services.

– Amy Chong

Great! Finally, I found the most lowest cost and effective marketing tools to blast out my offer to all the customers.

– Kent Tan

After I try the free trial, I decide to top up 1000 SMS Credits with only RM95. I only used up 500 Credits but already increase 10% of Sales. Great Tools!

– Lau Min Cheng

Great SMS Marketing Tools. Provide the cheapest rate in the Town. I reload two times and get Extra 100 SMS Credits. It is really a low-cost marketing tools for SME.

– Alan Loo

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