Zoho vs. Freshworks CRM

What are Zoho & Freshworks CRM

Technology has become an integral part of all aspects and functions in society. Sales CRM software is an essential system for effective functioning in every business.

There are various CRM software available for customers, with Freshworks and Zoho being two of the most popular.

Each software’s varying features must be analyzed to choose the apt one for further use.

Basically, Freshworks is an all-in-one CRM that can be used and customized by anyone. An apt CRM software has to be used based on the requirements, as features vary from one software to another.

Freshworks CRM is used by companies across the globe for tracking their interactions with customers to provide adequate services. It offers a platform for the marketing and sales team to interact with customers and prospects.

In essence, Zoho as a cloud software suite and SaaS apps brings many positive features to their customers, such as enhanced data privacy, improved communication, informational organization and so on.

Zoho has a lot of integrations and extensions to keep up with various business needs. There are also some specific features like Zoho Mail that help people communicate better.

The pricing plans provided by Freshworks and Zoho CRM are effectual as it helps to choose the right plan according to your needs and reduces unnecessary expenses.

In the case of supported languages, Zoho has a more significant number of languages when compared to Freshworks software.

What is Freshworks CRM

Freshworks | Modern and Easy Customer and Employee Experience Software

Freshworks is one of the Sales CRM software preferred by people across the globe for different purposes.

Freshworks has a collection of products focused on all kinds of businesses, including small and medium ones, at reasonable prices.

The multiple features present in Freshworks help in the better functioning of the companies according to their needs and requirements.

The improved administrative processes and customer retention through CRM software attract customers to develop their businesses.

More often than not, sales and customer service team would require the need to have automated software included in their everyday work. This would typically involve having the best support, sales, and marketing teams.

Freshworks vs Zoho

Freshworks has automated workflow features available in all the plans provided to customers. Whereas Zoho mail has this, limited to the professional plan which is availed by few customers only.

The integration of Zoho with different independent software has over 400+ integrations and extensions. The extensions and integrations in Freshworks are limited, but it integrates with some popular business applications like Xero, Freshdesk, and so on.

Quick Summary

  1. In Freshworks vs. Zoho comparison, it can be seen that customers prefer Freshworks mainly because of its easy usage and outstanding results through the use of high-performance tools.
  2. Zoho mail is a compelling feature provided to the customers for personal and normal business email usage, which users use for sending emails.
  3. Freshworks provides features like website integration, mobile apps, data security, and so on, apart from the main features made available to users.

Is Freshworks CRM the Best Choice?

Most users incline towards Freshworks while choosing the CRM software due to its features, including workflow automation, and AI Assistant, among others.

Even though Zoho CRM is an effective software with various integrations and features along with the services provided through Zoho mail, the services provided through Freshworks override Zoho.

Let’s understand the CRM software’s features in detail to enable us to decide on the apt one.

Freshworks CRM Features

  • Freshworks focuses on customer management through effective data sorting and management of leads.
  • AI Assistant present in Freshworks is one of the distinguishing features which helps in practical analysis and control of historical data for improvement of different processes.
  • Availability of plenty of communication options like email templates and call recording helps enhance communication, which is required for customer management.
  • Workflow automation abilities provided in Freshworks attract users for enhanced business growth.

Freshworks CRM acts as the best platform that helps your sales team close deals faster and captures the consumers’ attention. 

Zoho products user

Zoho Features

  • Zoho has a simple design that helps in enhanced productivity and interactions with customers in an effective manner.
  • Zoho CRM focuses on customer management through enhanced customization where the interest of customers is prioritized.
  • The conversion capabilities of Zoho CRM help in boosting sales through campaign management, prospecting tools, lead capture, and so on.
  • Zoho has excellent email marketing tools like Zoho mail, one of the best business email services for communication purposes.

The extensive features in Freshworks and Zoho CRM make it challenging to choose the right CRM software for effective functioning.

While comparing Freshworks vs. Zoho, it can be seen that the most used and preferred CRM option is Freshworks due to the workflow automation capability.

It gives a high advantage over Zoho and Zoho mail features, enabling effective functioning and enhancing the business.

Using a Freshworks CRM promises a simplified CRM process with impressive features available to the customers in different pricing plans.

How Much Does a Freshworks CRM Cost?

Freshworks’ cost is reasonable and affordable compared to other software as it provides features with supreme quality making it worth the price.

The pricing plans made available in Freshworks are apt for users with any preferences.

The main aim of Freshworks is to help the sales and marketing teams with their day-to-day processes at reasonable prices without compromising the quality of services.

The price of the services becomes less of a factor when performance and reliability are prioritized, as done in Freshworks.

The team at Exabytes offers exclusive packages and customized offerings to businesses to ensure that their unique requirements are fulfilled adequately.

At Exabytes, customer interest takes precedence; hence, each offering is curated in a way that exhibits connectivity with the consumer mindset.

The expert team at Exabytes will help you evaluate your business requirements and decide on the apt Sales CRM software to enhance the business. 

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