A Day to Celebrate: 20 Years of Live, Work and Play

Time flies when you are having fun! And what makes things better is when you have fun together!

In a blink of an eye, 20 years have passed and at Exabytes, every moment and achievement is worth celebrating. Many things have happened over the 20 years and that includes the most recent hit of the pandemic.

Can you believe that that was 2 years ago? When everyone was in panic and everything seemed so bleak. But now, we have shouldered on and welcome the new year with new hopes and dreams! 

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When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade

Safety measures may have loosened but there are still restrictions. Though we may not be able to gather together physically, we can do so virtually! Virtual meetups may have just become the new normal at this point.

Just like how we can enjoy and have fun offline, we can do so online too! 

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Would You Fancy A Meal Together? 

Tying back to our roots and highlighting the importance of gratitude with the theme: 20 Years Ago – Be thankful for the years that have passed, be thankful for the coming years.

The theme of the annual lunch has dug into the past and hooked up some memories as we enjoyed our meal and have fun together. 

When we say together, we mean Exabees together as a whole Exabytes! We, Exabess have gathered from across three countries namely Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia to come out to play and celebrate this milestone. 

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Many exciting activities were lined up to keep us laughing and the attractive prizes kept us at the tip of our toes to snag one or even some home! 

To start the lunch with a bang, Mr Sunny, Director of Exabytes; Mr Chan Kee Siak, Founder and CEO of Exabytes; and Coach Radin, Exabytes’ Entrepreneur, Independent Business Coach and Honorary Lecturer gave a speech respectively.

Mr Chan even made a short video with many memories he has shared with Exabees throughout these 20 years.

This was followed up by the video contest where teams were all geared up with their cameras to get the best shot and went against each other for the grand prize.

Exabytes 20 Years of Live, Work and Play

A sneak peek of the video entries was shared on our stories. So don’t forget to follow us for more insights, updates and attractive offerings! 

Just like how Exabees are grateful for the opportunities, growth and many more Exabytes has provided, Exabytes is grateful and proud of Exabees too!

Service awards were awarded to Exabees who have been with Exabytes for 5, 10, 15 and even 20 years. Nothing would have been possible without our dearest Exabees!

Can we all agree that nothing gets us more reeled up than lucky draws? Who can say no to a new iPhone, Dyson hairdryer and even more prizes?

Sadly, lady luck did not grace me, the author. But she went knocking on the doors of fellow Exabees like KY who won herself a Mi 360 Home Security Camera 2K Pro, Wei Ku who snagged himself an iPhone 13, Raevon who walked away with a Khind Air Fryer and many more!

A Day to Celebrate: 20 Years of Live, Work and Play-6 A Day to Celebrate: 20 Years of Live, Work and Play-8A Day to Celebrate: 20 Years of Live, Work and Play-7A Day to Celebrate: 20 Years of Live, Work and Play-9

Let us congratulate the lucky Exabees once again for snagging the prizes home! 

Work & Play From Home

Though a little down that lady luck did not come knocking on my door, our fellow Exabees who took charge of the annual did not forget us.

With the Grab vouchers, we were all able to end the lunch on a good note with satisfied tummies! There is nothing we love more than mouthwatering food. 

That being said, most of us, Exabees are still working from home. Which means that we still do not have lunch buddies.

The annual lunch has brought us the closest possible experience to enjoying lunch again with our colleagues. No sad and lonely lunch takeaways on that day!

A Day to Celebrate: 20 Years of Live, Work and Play-9

Just as the proverb goes, all good things must come to an end. The annual lunch had come to an end as well. In this new year, we will all continue to work hard and play hard.

Dreams may be hard but they are not impossible. Dreams do not work unless you do!

Let us all gear up, discover more digital possibilities and continue to succeed together!

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