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When someone has a question in mind – how to create a website, the answer for it is web hosting services. If what is web hosting the next question in mind, we explain it all to you here.

Website hosting is a service that helps you publish a website on the internet. Do you need hosting for your website?

Yes, all websites need hosting platforms to be seen on the internet as a website name.

If you go to a search engine and look for web hosting services – you will see a big list of results for free website hosting, best web hosting, cheap domain and hosting, cheap web hosting, etc.

Web hosting providers offer different services. These include shared hosting, managed hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated servers. One of the most popular providers include Exabytes Network.

Exabytes has been in the business of providing web hosting services for twenty years and has helped thousands of entities get the best web hosting plan including domain and hosting services.

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What Is Hosting vs. Domain vs. Server?

Be it free website hosting or a cloud hosting provider – web hosting services would have three components to it, namely server space, memory and bandwidth.

Hosting Domain Hosting Server Hosting
Refers to the space, memory, and bandwidth allocated to host a website Manages your website’s domain name, email accounts, and customer support Renting a server and installing the operating system and software required on it
Required for a website to be accessible on the internet Important for website branding and user accessibility Used to provide various services to users
Examples: free website hosting, cloud hosting Examples: domain registrar, web hosting service provider Examples: dedicated servers, virtual machines, colocation
Usually offered by web hosting service providers Can be offered by domain registrars or web hosting service providers Can be rented from hosting providers for businesses to manage their own servers
Pricing based on the amount of server space, memory, and bandwidth needed Pricing based on the domain name and additional services offered Pricing based on the type of server and resources needed


Each website name gets some space on a server along with certain memory available on the server and high-speed bandwidth to power the website name on the internet. This is called hosting.

Domain hosting

Domain hosting is a service that manages your domain. Some web hosting service providers will offering you with a dedicated website address, email account and customer support, all for one affordable monthly price.

A domain name is the address of your website. Users type a website’s domain name in the address bar of their browser to visit that site.

Domain names can be helpful in a website’s branding since this is what the first thing people see when visiting the website. So it’s important to spend some time & effort on finding one that matches your business.

Server Hosting

Server hosting is the process of renting a server from a hosting provider and installing the operating system and software required on it. Servers are physical or virtual computer systems that provide various services to users.

It is becoming more popular in recent years as companies are looking for ways to reduce their IT costs without compromising on their business needs.

The three main types of server hosting include: dedicated servers, virtual machines, and colocation.

The internet is inundated with thousands of web hosting services being advertised, each claiming to one of the best web service providers.

While starting on a journey of having an online business and findings answers for how to create a website, it is critical to research the market and the choose the best web hosting provider based on the domain and hosting services offered.

Is Free Website Hosting Recommended?

A free website hosting provider allows businesses to host their website with very limited space and bandwidth capacity.

Businesses that are large in size – like an ecommerce business or a product website or a website name of a service provider; need web hosting services from highly recommended hosting providers who provide best web hosting. 

A free website hosting plan works for website name which is a hobby or a personal blog or majorly unofficial and as simple website hosting.

10 Essential Features a Good Web Host Should Provide

Some features that you should look for in a web host include unlimited disk space, fast servers, and security features like malware protection.

  • Disk Space: Disk space is the size of the storage devices and memory within a computer or digital device. It is often measured in gigabytes, terabytes, or petabytes. With the evolution of technology, some devices have exceeded terabyte capacity for storing information.

  • Bandwidth: It refers to the amount of data that can be transmitted in one second and is measured in bytes. Bandwidth is a crucial factor in the performance of a website. When it comes to website performance, bandwidth is fundamental to keeping a website up and running.
  • Uptime: Uptime is how long a website stays online and warns us when it goes down. Businesses use uptime to determine whether their websites are working properly, and in turn, how good of a service they can provide. This is usually done through monitoring the website’s response time and checking for errors.
  • Data Backup: Data backup such as VMware is one of the most important aspects of web hosting services. It ensures that your data is safe and secure in the event of any disaster or system failure.
  • Website Security: Web hosting providers offer website security features such as malware scanner protection, content filtering and spam protection. These features help to keep your website safe from malicious attacks and reduce the risk of your site being hacked by cybercriminals.
  • Website Speed Optimization: Website speed optimization helps make sure that your site loads quickly for customers so they can access all the information on it easily.

    This feature also helps drive more traffic to your site.

  • Pre-installed apps: Pre-installed apps are included with your website so you don’t have to worry about installing them on your server. A lot of the apps come with helpful documentation in case you’re not sure how to set them up.
  • 24/7 Support: It is important to have 24/7 support, as it takes care of any questions or problems that arise and helps you recover from any system failures.

  • SSL certificates: SSL certificates protect visitors to your website from phishing scams. It provides the assurance that data passed over a website is encrypted and can’t be intercepted by hackers or other malicious actors. If you have a website that deals with sensitive information, it’s crucial to get an SSL certificate.
  • Domain Names: Website domains are the address for your website. This is the address that people will type in order to reach your site. It’s a good idea to register a domain name that is relevant to what you do or sell.

How to Choose the Best Web Hosting Service Provider

  1. Understand the requirements of your website
  2. Confirm the hosting contracts’ subscription period
  3. Learn about the server’s dependability and uptime guarantees
  4. Check to see whether your account includes email hosting

Step 1 – Understand the requirements of your website

If your website, for example, has a certain niche, you’ll want to keep that in mind. Speed and storage may be important considerations if you’re creating a photography website.

Some of the best web hosting plans offer Content Delivery Network (CDN) services for content-heavy sites.

E-commerce sites, on the other hand, should prioritize bandwidth and security. Some web hosts offer e-commerce-specific plans.

Don’t forget to also consider what type of (and how much) support you’ll need.

Step 2 – Confirm the hosting contracts’ subscription period

When it comes to contract durations, many web hosting services provide a variety of options.

Most often than not, monthly and annual plans and discounted pricing for multi-year contracts are available.

This means you’ll need to consider how long you’re willing to commit ahead of time. It’s often a good idea to try out a new web host for a few months to get a feel for it.

However, if you’re confident enough to sign up for a longer period, you can save a lot of money.

Step 3 – Learn about the server’s dependability and uptime guarantees

Nothing is more frustrating on the internet than clicking on a link and having to wait for the website to load five to ten seconds later.

This situation irritates not just the user but also Google, which will place the website on a lower ranking in organic search results.

As a result, it is important to ensure that the recommended hosting provider you choose provides the highest level of availability. 

Uptime is quantified with a number. The closer the service availability is to 100 percent, the better.

Keep an eye on this while picking a website hosting services company, and favour hosting providers that provide an uptime of more than 99 percent.

Step 4 – Check to see whether your account includes email hosting

You may be accustomed to using Gmail or other free email hosting services. That’s why email is frequently an afterthought when it comes to your business and website.

However, for better branding effects, you will need to use branded email addresses such as [email protected] or [email protected].

In this case, you’ll need to sign up with a web host for an email hosting service. In other situations, your web hosting plan will come with a limited-use email account.

Therefore, exploring your email hosting alternatives is highly recommended, especially if you plan on using email marketing to reach your audience.

In a Nutshell

Exabytes as a group power over 160,000 websites globally across different hosting platforms including shared hosting (cPanel login), Windows VPS hosting and Linux dedicated server hosting

Exabytes is also a cloud hosting provider offering the best domain hosting and website hosting plans that include unmetered bandwidth and 100GB+ of storage to power and publish any website with blazing speed.

To be honest, Exabytes Singapore has one of the most experienced team of sales personnel who understand a customer’s needs and only then prescribe a web hosting services as a solution.

A dedicated team of customer service professionals are available to help with any billing or other after sales requirements.

A 24x7x365 support team can be contacted for immediate technology assistance.

We offers a wide array of the best web hosting plans including domain and hosting services, be it simple hosting or as a cloud hosting provider.

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