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Exabytes Designer Club (EDC) is coming back again! This time, we will have guest speakers to share on WordPress & SEO.

What is EDC?

In case you don’t know what EDC is, I would like to give you a preview on this:

Exabytes Designer Club (EDC) is an initiative started back in 2014 by Exabytes Group of Companies to gather the design community, bring networking opportunities and enhance knowledge sharing.

EDC covers the adoption of design related technologies and extensive industry experience sharing so that attendees from different backgrounds would benefit in many ways.

If you would love to sign up as member, you are welcome because it is free!

The benefits of being an EDC member:

  • Enjoy 20% off on business hosting
  • Enjoy 10% off on dedicated server, and it’s recurring!
  • Join every gathering for free and learn

About EDC Gathering

This time gathering is all about WordPress & SEO! Here are the 2 main key learning points:

  • Learn how to customize your WordPress website without relying those 3rd party premium party 
  • Learn how to get your best conversion via SEO 

The Guest Speakers

Guest Speaker #1 Ken Toh, WordPress Developer & SEO Consultant

progressing from wordpress configurator to wordpress developer

Ken runs a boutique WordPress development and digital marketing firm, Thinking Notes, that offers bespoke WordPress development and SEO services.

Along the years, Ken has self taught himself WordPress development and have progressed from using premium themes for clients’ work to developing his own in-house WordPress themes.

His customized themes have been used on clients’ projects who are dominating their individual market niches with #1 SEO ranking results.

Ken will share his experience on how he progress from a WordPress Configurator to a technical WordPress Developer.

In a very structured approach, an aspiring web designer can looking to learning how to develop customized WordPress website without relying on 3rd party premium themes.

Guest Speaker #2 Aidah Omar – Lead Generation Consultant

how to get the best roi via seo

Aidah Omar is the Lead Generation Consultant.

She was a formally trained chemical engineer before setting up her own web design firm and becoming a successful online entrepreneur with a strong focus on online lead generation.

Her track record includes generating close to 50,000 sales leads in over 12 different industries.

She will share on how do you ensure that you get leads that are wallet-read and excited to buy, she will share some strategies to get the highest quality leads for your business!

The best of all, it is FREE ADMISSION! So what are you waiting for?

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See you!