Beginner Guides for Web Design - Types of Web Hosting

We recently received quite several enquiries from web designers and developers regarding the difficulties in choosing a suitable best web hosting plan.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, every business, big or small, is going online, and having a website is the very first step to gaining an online presence.

Fret Not! Your requests are heard, and we are glad to guide you along!

It’s important to first understand what is web hosting, all major types of web hosting, and find out if a hosting provider is capable of supporting your business needs.

Choosing the wrong hosting plan and hosting provider can create unnecessary hurdles to your website’s success.

Once you’ve got this sorted out, take the basic criteria and your requirements into account before deciding on the best hosting plan for you.

We hope this post can be a useful guide for you to make the right decision. Happy reading!

What is Web Hosting

Hosting is like the house of a website. It stores the website files. There are many types of houses.

Technically, all websites are hosted on a server.

Signing up for hosting is a process of renting or buying a space for your website on the World Wide Web, so your site can be viewed or visited online.

Types of Web Hosting

1. Shared Hosting

Beginner Guides for Web Design - what is shared hosting

Shared Hosting is a starting point for many small businesses, bloggers, and e-commerce sites with lower traffic.

In Shared Hosting Plans, many websites are hosted on a single server.

In other words, you don’t get your own dedicated private space. All websites on the server share the same server resources, OS, and software.

Thus the computing power and memory of your website can be affected by other websites. If one or a few websites hosted on the same server receive a sudden spike in traffic, your website loading speed will become slower, or in the worst-case scenario, your website may crash.

Moreover, there are restrictions on how many resources you can use from that server.

This is different for VPS server, where different websites are also sharing the same server but each website can choose its OS, Resources, and Computing power that are not accessible by other users on the same server.

If one or a few websites hosted on the same server receive a sudden spike in traffic, your website won’t be affected.

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2. Virtual Private Server (VPS)

VPS is packed with hosting resources that are rather similar to a dedicated server. You will be using the server resources allocated for you on a server, and the traffic and activities of other websites on the same server will not have an impact on you.

This makes your website blazingly fast, smooth, and secure.

VPS is also fully packed with high-tech security pre-sets. You can simply install it in One Click or customize it according to your requirements.

This is the reason Why VPS is secured, stable and Fast Hosting but is still able to cater to a smaller budget as compared to a dedicated server.

VPS Hosting is very popular for websites with medium Traffic (which exceeds what shared hosting can provide and not too much Traffic for Dedicated Server hosting). Hosting providers usually offer multiple VPS hosting plans that suit different hosting needs.

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3. Dedicated Server

A dedicated server hosting is a type of web hosting about renting a server from a data centre, which gives you absolute control over the server hardware.

The web host provides all the services – from maintenance, security, temperature controls, to many others.

With Dedicated Server, you will not be sharing server resources with others like what happens in shared hosting. This means you have complete control over how server resources are distributed based on your needs.

You have the power to decide which application, script or program to run on the server. No more worries about having a bad ‘neighbour’ in your hosting!

In addition, data centres will still be fully responsible for your hardware and software. This ensures that your server will always be monitored by professional and experienced personnel.

Strong server performance is important in handling high website traffic. Dedicated server plans usually include redundancy options for hardware and software to minimize the risk of failure.

As you no longer share resources with others, it’s certain that you will enjoy better uptime and security.

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4. WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting is hosting designed especially for WordPress websites. WordPress hosting is packed with WordPress related software and features.

There are pre-installed plugins, and you can simply install WordPress with one click. The server has been configured according to WordPress.

You can also connect your WordPress website on VPS. However, you can’t get a custom-built WordPress server like in VPS hosting. The good news is you can configure VPS for WordPress websites.

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5. Cloud Hosting

Beginner Guides for Web Design - what is cloud hosting

Cloud Hosting is mostly used by big websites that have a lot of Traffic. With Cloud Hosting, your Website is not hosted on a single server but on clusters that have many servers.

Each server in the Cloud has the same copy of your Website. When one of your servers is too busy because of Traffic, then load balancing clusters automatically redirect traffic from Server A to server B without losing any traffic.

With cloud hosting, you get a part of the so-called cloud cluster. This is opposed to traditional web hosting, where you get a certain amount of space from a single server.

The main benefits of cloud hosting include a major focus on uptime, isolated resources, easy scaling, and a dedicated IP address.

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