VPS hosting - Virtual Private Server

Virtual Private Server or VPS hosting is a service that uses virtualization as a technology to provide similar benefits to a dedicated server on a VPS.

The hypervisor (virtualisation software) helps create partitions on a powerful dedicated server, each such partition is a VPS server.

Every VPS server functions as an individual unit with dedicated resources allowing them to operate as a stand-alone server.

A VPS server is a type of virtual private server capable of handling a high volume of visitors and providing lightning-fast speed to the servers hosted on it.

It also offers much lower prices than dedicated servers which makes it a desirable option for small businesses looking to beef up their website without breaking their bank.

Each VPS account uses separate operating system allowing one to install different software packages as required to customize the VPS server.

Managed VPS

A managed VPS is a VPS server where the hosting provider takes care of all technical support requirements.

The best managed VPS hosting providers perform regular and any other emergency repairs or fixes as needed. 

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Comparison between Managed VPS between Unmanaged VPS

The main difference between unmanaged and managed VPSs is that unmanaged VPSs are not managed by a company.

Unmanaged VPS is a hosting service that offers you to have full access to your server and the freedom to do whatever you want with it. It also allows you to manage your own server and set up your own applications on it.

These servers are usually more affordable than managed VPS because they do not have any extra charges for management or support services.

How will managed VPS hosting be favorable for your website?

  • Businesses get time to focus on the primary objectives.
  • Server related operations like setup and configuration of the server are taken care of by the webhosting company.

Does VPS require a lot of technical knowledge?

Not having adequate technical knowledge or the advanced knowledge isn’t a tension with the managed VPS hosting providers managing the entire technical operations. 

Some important features of managed VPS server

  • Managed VPS comes with high-tech tools to fix security issues and eliminate threats. The server is continuously monitored for malware with periodic security audits performed to identify any vulnerability to prevent any breach
  • Managed VPS hosting has a control panel that manages the website with ease. Functions like adding website files on the server, creating databases, monitoring site performance are taken care of.
  • VPS Server is monitored regularly for traffic spikes ensuring that the website can handle the increased traffic at peak times without crashing.
  • Fully Managed VPS server is cost-effective as compared to hiring a team of experts especially to manage the server. This also comes with 24*7*365 technical support from the web hosting company.

Exabytes Singapore offers one of the best managed VPS hosting services

What are the Key Features of VPS Server?

Managed VPS Server Hosting

Managed VPS servers are virtual private servers that you can use to host your website. It is a server that is hosted by a hosting company, and it usually comes with its own operating system.

The key features of VPS server are:

  1. Guaranteed Resources
  2. Root Access
  3. Scalable Hosting
  4. Multiple Choice of OS
  5. 24×7 Technical Support and Service Monitoring
  6. On-demand & live backups
  7. Quick, easy firewall setup

Guaranteed Resources

Have dedicated allocation of resources like disk space, storage, monthly data transfers, RAM and a quick robust service.

Root Access

VPS offers dedicated-server-like purposes and functions allowing you root access to run various operating systems, install applications, and manage reselling services. 

Scalable Hosting

VPS Server gives scope for scalability allowing you handle sudden, increased workloads on the server, typically by utilizing redundant system resources. 

Multiple Choice of OS

Users can choose between Windows VPS or Linux VPS Server Hosting depending on what software and scripts would be used to run a website.

If you run Python, PERL or Ruby scripts, Linux is your preferred environment.  A Windows environment is best suited for the job if you run on PHP or ASP.net.

24×7 Technical Support and Service Monitoring

24x7x365 technical support is essential, just in case you suddenly experience a downtime or a technical glitch. 

On-demand & live backups

Regular backup of the VPS while the server is running is essential to prevent any scheduled downtime.

Quick, easy firewall setup

Firewall configuration and rule additions are easy and quick to setup and manage.

Why is VPS Hosting so effective?

VPS hosting is popular because it offers reliability, scalability, and flexibility at a low cost compared to other types of web hosting. It also provides more freedom for website owners and developers like you!

1. Control

A VPS enables the businesses to have a better control of the hosting environment. A VPS server allows websites to install applications where a system restart is essential to finalize and set up what’s been installed.

Be it Linux VPS server hosting or VDS windows – a VPS server gives full control to the user which helps in customization of a VPS server setup. 

2. Customization

With the businesses having their own OS and VPS, they can customize completely as required.

As an example, if the business has their own instances of server applications from PHP, to MySQL, Apache, they can customize them to allow the server to fit to the needs.

3. Dedicated resources

A VPS server allows businesses to have a set quota of resources dedicated to their VPS only. These are not shared with other VPS on the same base machine.

4. Scalable

A VPS allows businesses to acquire a certain amount of space and bandwidth to begin with and scale up as and when required with purchase of more RAM space and bandwidth with the help of VPS.

There are several Singaporean VPS Hosting providers of which Exabytes is also a very renowned one offering the web hosting services to over 1000s of clients in Singapore. 

What is Linux VPS Server?

Linux VPS server hosting is a Virtual Private Server or VPS specifically optimized for maximum performance on the Linux operating system.

This Linux VPS server runs on an isolated operating system thus enabling the businesses to customize the server to meet the given demands.

A Linux VPS server hosting as a VPS is suitable for most use cases including ecommerce business, a product website and any other online business as it is a cost-effective hosting alternative.

Benefits of Linux VPS Hosting

1. Security

Linux operating system is very secure, making it difficult for malware and viruses to break in through the Linux built-in defenses.

Being an open source Operating System, the code can be viewed by anyone present on the Linux community thereby ensuring that the code can be rectified immediately in case of a fault, thus minimizing the vulnerabilities, and ensure the highest level of security. 

2. High Performance

Linux as an operating system performs much better than the other operating systems. It supports multiple users on the same server.

Linux has more processing power and capacity, which means the Linux VPS Server hosting websites load faster, user engagement improves, and any processes you run on your server run faster as well, having less impact on other server operations.

3. Cost-effectiveness

Being an open source platform and a free operating system, no monthly license fees are required as with the Windows. The pricing depends on basis of the website requirements.

4. Privacy

Linux OS collects very minimal visitor’s data, thus enabling users to have better control on the information or applications stored on the server.

5. Direct Root Access

A Linux VPS server hosting gives complete control and access to the servers. This enables uses to configure a VPS as per individual needs manage any application installation using a control panel.

Exabytes is one of the leading Singaporean VPS Hosting providers. Contact with our team to learn about the VPS Server Plans and understand how to use VPS hosting for your website.

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