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  • Automate your repetitive work and save time
  • Collaborate with teams to resolve issues faster
  • Full 21 days, with no Credit Cards Required

Struggling with Existing Support Method?

Email is getting Chaotic

Using email for customer support is difficult. You require complex folder structures or colour-coded tags to track issues, and as ticket volumes increase, collaboration becomes a nightmare.

Before long, managing multiple mailboxes for different teams and products causes your efficiency to take the hit.

The Helpdesk is overwhelming

It slows you down, and slower responses = unhappy customers.

Most team conversations get lost in other chat tools. We think they should happen right inside your ticket. Get all the context you need to solve customer issues quickly.

Make it really easy for your internal teams to work with each other within your helpdesk. Avoid reassignment of tickets by sharing ownership with all the agents involved.

With Freshdesk, you can…

  • Streamline all your customer conversations in one place.
  • Automate your repetitive work and save time.
  • Collaborate with other teams to resolve issues faster.

Over 150,000 businesses of all sizes trust us.

Your Company Support Is Now Simplified

Conversations Made Easier


A Unified Support Channel

Streamline your support channels – Email, Phone, Chat and more – so you can respond to all your customers from just one place.


Manage Conversations Easily

Notice trends, set priorities, assign tickets to the right agents, and enable faster resolutions from one place.

Answers Made Available Faster


Solutions Up Front and Center

Guide customer to get help faster, by showing solution articles, tutorial videos on your website.


A Simple Contact Form

When your customers have a question, you’ll be just a click away.

Collaboration Made Stronger


Conversation with Context

Invite anyone – agents, colleagues, or external business partners – to discuss and solve tickets through Freshconnect.


Share Ticket Ownership

Work in parallel with other teams by sharing ticket ownership, and find answers without losing visibility at any point.

Support Made More Automatic


3 Different Automations

These automations will help you eliminate repetitive tasks and keep on eye on critical events.


Manage Automations Easily

Automatic rule summaries, audit logs and the flexibility in using logical operators makes managing automations simple.

Insights Made More Accessible


Team Dashboards

Monitor your teams easily and take data targets with customizable Team Dashboards.


7 Widget Types

Observe important metrics closely with 7 widget types. Notice trends and drill down into extensive reports anytime with just one click.

Handle enquiries across channels

Connect and Manage your customers from Website, Email, Live Chat & Social Media on a single platform



Convert support emails into trackable tickets in your helpdesk that you can manage and resolve.



Set up a fully functional call center and record and track calls by converting them into tickets.



Engage, support, and retain customers through live chat.



Let customers raise tickets from your website and display related knowledge base articles as they type.

Facebook Support

Facebook Support

Integrate your company’s Facebook page with your helpdesk so that agents can step in and help when customers post on your page asking for support.

Twitter Support

Twitter Support

Integrate your company’s Twitter handles with your helpdesk so that important tweets are converted to tickets and addressed immediately.

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Freshdesk makes your customers smile 🙂

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