Exabytes Sales Management Software

A Simpler Way To Close A Deal

  • Keep track of communication and follow up
  • Easy way to manage leads and deals
  • Full 21 days, with no Credit Cards Required

With Freshsales, you can…

  • Manage leads minus the clutter.
  • Dive deep into deals, close them faster.
  • Analyze and forecast your sales with in-depth reports.

Over 150,000 businesses of all sizes trust us.

Why Exabytes Sales CRM?

Built-in Phone Calls & Emails


Get In Touch – Just A Click

You can now make a call to your hot leads that are captured through freshchat or website contact form.


Log Conversation

Send follow-up emails; you can trace them back anytime so that you won’t miss any communication with your potential clients, even though you are handling many prospects at each time.

Continue with Relevant Conversation


Sort By Event or Insights

Dive deep into a prospect engagement level and plan your conversations.


Unified Activities View

Find every sales interaction and track your buyer’s journey in one place, so nothing is overlooked.

Find the best sales leads


Lead Scoring

Surface your high potential leads – those who exhibit sales-ready buying signals and behaviors.

Manage Your Sales Pipeline Better


Visual Sales Pipeline

Easily track the progress of your deals. Add tasks, set up meetings, send emails and make calls from the deal card.


Deals by Sales Rep

Filter deals by the reps who are handling them. Turn your pipeline into a report card of your team.

Get Smarter with email


Email Notifications

Stay on your toes with real-time alerts on email opens, link clicks and more.


Personalize messaging

Know who is most interested in what you’re selling and smartly target your next set of activities.

Integrate your favorite apps with Freshsales

Drive revenue by integrating Freshsales with other business tools.

Freshworks Ecosystem

Freshdesk: Create and modify Freshdesk support tickets right from Freshsales. Also set up 2-way contacts sync between Freshsales and Freshdesk.

Freshchat: Message your leads without leaving Freshsales; automatically create new leads in the CRM from chat.

Freshsales for Web

Use Javascript, Ruby, Java, PHP and Python libraries in Freshsales to track your website visitors’ activities in real time.


Using Segment to track prospects’ activities on your website/product? Route that data into Freshsales, and track your prospects right from the sales CRM.

Google Calendar

Stop switching between your calendar and the sales CRM. Set appointments and manage your calendar from Freshsales.


If all your leads and prospects are in MailChimp, hook them up with Freshsales automatically. Zero manual data entry.


Automate your workflows by connecting Freshsales with apps like Mailchimp, Google sheets and more via Zapier. Sync your data and manage it from one spot.

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Freshsales makes your customers smile 🙂

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