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Sgdatadog consists of 2 parts, first is the cloud storage and the other one is the cloud AI services. AI models rely on big data and thus cloud storage is the foundation of the AI models. For an AI company to strive, they need big data storage.

The second part is about cloud AI services. SaaS is software as a service, typically users have to install apps on their desktops or mobiles, but for SaaS, users don’t have to install them. For example, the users can deem Microsoft PPT as a traditional desktop software, but Google Slide is a software as a service or SaaS. For the team’s cloud AI services platform, they will integrate SaaS, PaaS, LaaS in one and call it AI as a service or AIaaS. They will also integrate blockchain technology on their platform using Coinbase APIs and a digital wallet to connect to the cryptocurrencies APIs.

Inspire integrates the concept of a social media platform, where researchers are content creators who publish scripts for illustrators to draw or animate and for students, the consumers, to view. The concept of social media will be appealing to students as proven by the enormous number of young social media users today. Moreover, illustrations and animations are the ideal mode of communication compared to textual or auditory content. Illustrations and animations have proven to be more immersive and appealing to students, grabbing their attention and thus stimulating their desire to know more about R&D. In doing so, Inspire will create a community of researchers and students built upon knowledge-sharing and the desire to learn.
Secret Project is about developing a platform for individuals (youths in particular) to post about their troubles and difficulties or anything bothering them to the website. It’s similar to the website called the Unsent Project where Secret Project takes its inspiration from.
Chiral is a project that seeks to provide more efficient and cost-effective delivery services. The service removes middle-man companies which connect users and couriers. Through the use of smart contracts on the ethereum blockchain, Chiral allows users to directly employ the services of couriers. This model provides greater flexibility for anyone to be a courier by owning chiral tokens. Additionally, all fees paid by the user will be transferred to the courier without any third-party commission fees, effectively lowering costs. Lastly, the secure and immutable transactions on the blockchain will ensure fewer problems with delivery where customers do not receive their orders.
The aim of Reviewe is to create a trustworthy and reliable review platform whilst ensuring a fair rewarding system for businesses. The team believes that the true form of marketing should be for the services/products to speak for itself through the voice of consumers. This will then encourage businesses to provide better services/products and consequently promote trust in the society where consumers will have their trusted source of reviews to make an informed decision. They would like to use the resources provided under Digitalise Singapore to create a platform for word-of-mouth marketing through honest reviews from users while rewarding businesses for their quality of service/product. On Reviewe, users will be authenticated using national IDs to prevent a user from creating multiple accounts. This team envisions Reviewe to also be the marketing agent for businesses that provide good services/products.
Aims to encourage citizens to support hawkers physically rather than just viewing them on social media, by showing them the nearest stalls, as well as allowing them to edit information, review and organise group buys on stalls. The aim is for citizens to build an accurate online platform for hawkers who do not have a digital platform nor the ability to advertise online. At the same time, the application builds a community within Singapore centered around hawkers, with forum discussions etc. Save The Hawkers will also be advertised on Instagram as another form of publicity, and there will be statistics to show hawker business improvements.
To enhance tourism in Singapore by providing tourists with an immersive experience. It also seeks to reduce the cost of hiring a tour guide by introducing a safer (in this pandemic) and not human alternative. The solution consists of a physical clip-on/glasses and a mobile application. The clip-on for tourists would be composed of a mini camera and a microcontroller, which can be attached to any headwear, like glasses or a hat, and streams video captured to the cloud. The system in the cloud then processes the video being captured and identifies any object the user is viewing. The system can then send information of the object through audios the user can listen to. The group also intends to allow users to ask questions to the application via voice recognition and AI to simulate the presence of a tour guide.

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