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Exabytes Digitalise Singapore, Powered by Cyber Youth Singapore

Nurturing and supporting Singaporean youths on their digitalisation journey

Exabytes and CYS are passionate about nurturing youths to grow digitally. Explore the sponsored packages and opportunities below for your chance to grow online!

About Digitalise Singapore


  1. To nurture and support youths in Singapore on their digitalisation journey.
  2. To nurture the tech industry of Singapore by introducing the wide possibilities and opportunities of digitalising to the community.
  3. To give youths hands on experience, and excite them on how technology can revolutionize our society and our economy.
  4. To encourage healthy time utilisation of youths by providing productive and educational activities during this period of the COVID-19 pandemic.

About Exabytes:

Founded since year 2001, Exabytes grew to be one of Southeast Asia’s leading cloud, eCommerce and digital solutions provider, backed by 20 years of solid experience. Exabytes powers over 160,000 businesses worldwide (from individuals, small and medium-sized businesses, to government and public listed companies). Exabytes is powering Digitalise Singapore as one of our CSR initiatives

About CYS:

Cyber Youth Singapore is a ground up youth movement focused on bringing youths in tech together to secure Singapore’s digital future. We are a growing community of over 1,200 youths that seeks to provide a safe space for every youth to responsibly explore their interests in tech. With a for youth, with youth, by youth principle, CYS regularly runs programmes and initiatives in order to equip and develop our youths to be the future practitioners and leaders of the industry.

About Cyber Youth Research & Innovation Corps:


To encourage and support youth innovation and research into the area of technology while nurturing the next generation of thinkers, innovators and doers.


To develop a body of youths capable of technological research and innovation for the advancement of Singapore’s digital frontier, supported by the industry and community.

Projects We Will Support:

  1. Project aids in the personal development of applying youth(s)
  2. Project contributes to the development of digital growth in Singapore
  3. Project furthers the study of a certain area of technology
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A joint programme offered by Exabytes Networks and the Cyber Youth Research and Innovation Corps.

Nurturing and supporting youths in Singapore on their digitalisation journey.

Cyber Youth Innovators Programme

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Cyber Youth Researchers Programme

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