Freshsales CRM Integration with Gmail boost sales potential

Envision a platform that not only amplifies your client interactions but also catapults your sales team’s efficacy to unparalleled levels. Welcome to Freshsales, a cloud-based CRM transforming the sales domain with its integrated telephony, email functionalities, user activity tracking, and lead scoring, standing out as a formidable sales engine.

The pivotal twist: What if the full potential of Freshsales could be further unlocked and elevated? This is where the Google Workspace Marketplace comes into play. Integrating Freshsales with Gmail not only smoothens communication but also introduces transformative email tracking capabilities.

In this piece, we’ll explore the powerhouse duo of Freshsales CRM and Gmail, delving into how this integration can radically transform your sales capabilities. Prepare to navigate through smarter selling and expedite deal closures!

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Why Choose Freshsales CRM with Gmail Integration?

Gmail stands out as one of the most utilized email services in the current digital age. For those aiming to adeptly navigate through business communications and information directly within their Gmail account, a CRM that flawlessly integrates with Google Suite is indispensable.

Freshsales CRM, tailored for Gmail, is crafted with sales teams in mind, enabling you to monitor your emails and calendar events directly within the CRM framework.

Here’s the breakdown:

Bi-Directional Gmail Synchronization

Initiating an email via either Gmail or Freshsales ensures the message is automatically archived in both locations. By simply linking your Gmail account to Freshsales, you gain the ability to read, dispatch, erase, and organize your emails directly from within Freshsales. Upon connection, you are presented with three email management options:

  • Monitor the opening and clicking of your emails.
  • Automatically generate leads or contacts from incoming emails.
  • Associate emails with particular leads or contacts.

Bi-Directional Google Calendar Synchronization

Synchronize your Google Calendar events with your sales CRM to receive reminders, guaranteeing no appointment is overlooked.

Events are synchronized with “My Appointments & Tasks” in Freshsales and are connected to the relevant lead or contact records along with their corresponding accounts.


Utilizing Freshsales Directly Within Gmail

The Freshsales Gmail add-on enables users to effortlessly retrieve contact information within the web application straight from their Gmail interface, providing a wealth of insights about prospects before engaging in interactions.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to implementing the Gmail add-on:

open freshsales CRM within Gmail

1. Navigate to your Gmail account.

2. Click the icon resembling a less-than symbol (<) to display the side panel.

3. Click the plus icon (+), labeled “Get Add-on.”

4. You’ll be redirected to the Google Workplace Marketplace.

5. Utilize the Marketplace search bar to find “Freshsales” and choose it to install the add-on into Gmail.

6. Click on the Freshsales tile to navigate to its Marketplace page.

7. Hit the “Install” button and input your Freshsales credentials to begin the installation.

8. Upon completion, the Freshsales logo will be visible on your Gmail side panel. Post-installation, you’ll be asked to authorize Freshsales access to your Gmail account. Click “AUTHORIZE ACCESS” to continue.

9. Choose “” from the dropdown, input the domain name, and click “Sign in.”

10. You’ll be directed to a new page to confirm access to your Gmail account.

11. After successful login, you’ll be redirected to Gmail. The Freshsales add-on will automatically fetch information related to the contact (if they are in Freshsales). If not, you can add the email address to your contacts by clicking “ADD TO CONTACTS.”

This efficient method ensures a smooth integration of Freshsales with Gmail, optimizing your management and access to contact information.


Acquiring Freshsales CRM via Google Workspace Marketplace

Integrating Freshsales with your Gmail is achievable through Google Apps, allowing you to access your Freshsales account directly. It’s crucial to note that this integration is only feasible if you’re the Account Admin for both Google Apps and Freshsales.

Freshsales is accessible as an independent app in the Google Marketplace.

Get Freshsales CRM from Google Workplace

Here’s a stepwise guide to integrating Freshsales with your Google Apps account:

  1. Access or fetch the app from the Chrome Webstore.

*Important: Ensure you have admin rights for both your Google Apps and Freshsales accounts to continue.

  1. Select “Manage Marketplace Apps.” Upon viewing a list of all added apps, search for “Freshsales” and initiate the installation, granting Freshsales access to specific domain data.
  2. Post-installation, navigate to the app’s settings in the marketplace and click “Launch app.” A screen will prompt you to input your Freshsales credentials for authentication. If utilizing a custom domain, input your original Freshsales URL here.
  3. After authentication, you and any other account holders in your Google Apps domain can effortlessly sign into Freshsales directly from Gmail.

This integration simplifies the utilization of Freshsales through your Google Apps account, enhancing the ease of use and seamless operation between platforms for you and your team.

How Does Freshsales Propel Your Business Growth?

freshsales interface

1. Accelerate Deal Conclusions and Boost Sales Conversions by 50%.

Utilize Freshsales, an AI-driven sales CRM, to harness the power of Freddy AI, focusing on high-value deals that elevate your revenue. Obtain comprehensive insights across the entire sales journey, from lead generation to revenue realization, through multi-touch attribution.

2. Enhance Relationships and Revenue with a Comprehensive Customer View.

Ensure smooth interactions across various channels by acquiring a thorough 360° view of your customers. Unite your sales and marketing teams to deliver unparalleled customer experiences.

3. Fast-Track Deal Closures with Perfectly Timed Communications.

The collaboration between sales and marketing is pivotal in crafting personalized customer journeys. Understand customer intentions and dispatch customized messages to expedite deal conclusions.

4. Streamline IT Functions and Minimize Costs with a Unified Solution.

Delight your teams with a cost-effective, straightforward to deploy, and user-friendly singular solution. Amplify adoption, reduce expenditures, and uplift team spirit.


✨ Concluding Reflections

Freshsales emerges as an exceptional software solution, providing a plethora of features and functionalities crafted to bolster business sales endeavors. With its user-friendly interface, adaptable dashboards, and potent reporting tools, Freshsales provides businesses with an efficient method to refine their sales operations and enhance revenue creation.

Indeed, this robust sales CRM allows businesses to adjust their sales tactics, heighten customer interaction, and achieve their sales objectives with accuracy. Its extensive feature set and accessible design render it an indispensable partner for any organization aiming to escalate their sales efficacy and encourage growth.

Moreover, amalgamating Freshsales with the smooth integration of Gmail and Google Calendar via the Google Workspace Marketplace, you forge a potent sales instrument that not only eases communication but also arms your team with advanced email tracking capabilities.

Thus, fully exploit this supreme combination to amplify success. Seize the opportunity to lift your sales potential and realize remarkable outcomes.

For more detail, check out here: How to use Freshsales’ Gmail Add-on?

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