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Lean management, Linear Process Systems have been a progressive evolution towards improving the operational efficiency of organizations across the industrial verticals.

Small and Medium businesses (SMBs) need to invest in their internal systems and processes to match market dynamics, and to have sustainable development.

Among the significant costs highlighted for an SMB, the cost of customer acquisition (CoCA) is a major pie.

Irrespective of the customer segments, research studies are of the viewpoint that 45% of the prospective leads turn to successful sales over telecall sales initiation rather than emails or newsletters, or other digital communication.

Cold calling and tele sales are the first step in the sales process lifecycle in general for the organizations.

Across the Singapore market, Teleselling still has a profound impact on the lead generation activities of brands.

It is almost a make-or-break touch point in the sense that it could turn a call into a lead or drop a potential opportunity.

Irrespective of other technological and digital touch points emergence, an appropriate kind of telecall engagement is seen as a potential medium in lines with the following statistics.

  • 75% of executives are willing to make an appointment or attend an event based on a phone call.

Application of Smart Business Phone Systems can be a resourceful solution for SMBs in managing their marketing calls and engaging sales conversations.

A business telephone system is actually a multiline telephone system which helps managing business environments, wherein the tele-calling process happens over different calling lines and extensions.

Unlike the systems of the past like KTS (Key Telephone System) and PBX (private branch exchange), the contemporary range of VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) systems are more dynamic, and amazingly simple to manage and deploy to enable tele-calling systems in conjunction with many additional features.

Effectively, VoIP converts the phone calls into data packets and sends over robust high speed internet connections.

The overall integration of technology is very cost effective and there are distinct advantages and features offered by the VoIP services than the conventional tele-calling systems.

One of the more widely used contemporary range of Business Phone Systems is Novocall, a professional cloud-based callback software for small and medium business.

Novocall Logo

Having been in the market for 4 years, Novocall offers cloud based calling solutions which are practical and sustainable for SMBs to optimize their customer acquisition process.

Services like Novocall – a business phone systems, has turned out to be a boon for many SMBs operating remote working teams and limited infrastructure functioning.

Conventional solutions like a PBX is no more resourceful in a virtual environment which have teams spread across locations and indulging in remote working, or hybrid working models.

The new range of business phone systems offers voice telephony as their core service while providing several additional features which boosts operational efficiency of the teams.

Key Benefits of Novocall Callback Software

Novocall interface

Some of the key benefits elite to the smart range of Novocall business phone systems are:

1. Handy CRM system

By its features, the Novocall business phone systems functioning on VoIP (voice over internet phones) offer a wide range of benefits in customer relationship management.

Disruptions in communication like dropping calls, interference or cross-connect, and non-mapping of customer data to the sales funnels are ruled out of the services offered by Novocall business phone systems.

Another significant advantage of the system is the high-quality VoIP phone system’s operational speed.

This results in seamless calling within internal teams including transfers and call conferencing.

Even if the teams are working from remote locations, switching the calls between the resources, and ensuring the customer has the right resource to connect is made possible with Novocall.

With a powerful set of features as explained above, Novocall Singapore changes user experience for the good which helps businesses using Novocall to retain clients and grow their customer base.

2. Integrated System 

The smart business phone system offered by Novocall for the Singapore market and global use is a highly integrated business phone system. 

The data in terms of call leads and scheduling the calls among the available resources using the auto-dialer functionalities is a pragmatic experience.

Also, the internal teams can make key notes into a log for the calls, and in the follow-up calls, so that the previous interactions with the caller and their details are available as a ready reference and information can be so handy.

The dynamics of transferring the leads to the fellow members or departments concerned for a follow-up is a click-of-button action in the smart business phone systems offered by Novocall.

3. Yield Output 

The new age business phone systems like Novocall enable easy and swift exchange of information and communication with a very light infrastructure or no infrastructure setup needed.

Novocall, specifically, is a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering.

It means a Novocall consumer does not have to invest in any sort of infrastructure apart from basic internet connections and computers.

Choosing the right kind of service provider like Novocall, having years of experience and ability to customize the whole business phone system integration as per individual businesses makes it a preferred choice – be it Novocall Singapore, global businesses or regional enterprises.

The advantage of business phone systems is that they help an enterprise in streamlining and improving their quality of service across several departments like sales, support and customer service.

4. Amazing User Experience 

A customer always remembers the experience they had while engaging with brands and businesses.

The age old phrase “first impression is the last impression” holds true even today.

When a customer gets to hear keynotes from the last conversation with the staff and have an engaging conversation about the product or service, over a seamless quality communication channel, it is an astounding experience for them.

This is made possible only by smart business phone systems like Novocall.

Also, such an attempt minimizes any scope for human error among the consensus points between customers and internal teams. 

While it is not advisable to limit the infrastructure enhancement only to business phone systems, deploying a robust business phone system like Novocall to enable hybrid work culture can be a super effective first-step.

Exabytes and Novocall

With a 24x7x365 tech support team and an expert sales team who offer solutions based on requirements only, Exabytes offers Novocall callback software as a service – be it Singapore or global.

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