Advertising Strategies

Advertisement is a strategy often used by brands to enhance brand awareness and exposure and reach more target audiences.

Today, everything is going digital, and advertising is all over online platforms. What should brands do to stand out from the overload of online adverts? 

In this webinar, we are pleased to have invited Shanker Joyrama, founder and CEO of Orion Digital and Beng Lim, founder of #dropthetop to share with us their winning advertising strategies to attract more traffic.

Advertising Strategies sharing
The speaker (Shanker Joyrama) of the webinar.
The speaker (Beng Lim) of the webinar.

In Shanker’s session, he shared how to create storytelling adverts and how storytelling creates brand love. In Beng’s session, she shared her experiences gaining traffic with content on different social media platforms and established her brand. 

Check out the key takeaways from this webinar.

Session 1: The Art of Storytelling to Create Brand Love

1. What Is Storytelling Content

Storytelling has started to evolve and is widely used in advertisements because storytelling adverts bring more value to the brand, especially for start-ups and SMEs.

Consumers are more likely to enjoy adverts that tell a story because people do not want to be hard sold a product or service.

They would rather see a story that they can relate to and make their own decision of whether to purchase the product or service. 

2. Raise Awareness through Adverts 

When creating storytelling adverts, you may mention an issue affecting society to show that your brand is standing up for things that are right.

Customers are more likely to buy from a brand that takes a position on an issue happening in society.

They are known to resonate with a cause or believe it resonates with them, such as #benderaputih (the white flag campaign).

3. Storytelling Comes in Different Forms 

In the digital era, we can create storytelling adverts in various forms. They can be text, photo, video, animation, or many other forms.

Using different forms to promote or introduce your products or services through a story instead of traditional methods shows the function of your products or services, which can attract audiences more effectively. 

4. Tell the Story Across Avenues 

Storytelling is a journey. To make your storytelling successful, you need to look at it from a 360-degree perspective.

Think and plan comprehensively. Look at all the avenues you can use to communicate and reach out to your audiences and tell your story consistently across those avenues.

Eventually, you will increase your brand awareness and gain more revenue. 

5. Focus on the Target Market

When using storytelling as a marketing strategy, you may run out of ideas or feel exhausted from telling a story.

Therefore, you may need to find new ideas by focusing on your target audiences. Create and tell a story that resonates with the target market. Create content based on your audiences, not just your product. 

Session 2: Attracting Traffic Through Organic Reach 

6. YouTube 

YouTube is good for brand awareness, brand exposure, brand stories, and brand association. Placing one of your products in the video is very helpful. Even if the video does not focus on your brand only, product placement will increase your brand exposure. 

Repetition is a good way to help people learn about your brand through YouTube. It will make people aware of your brand by showing it to them several times, triggering them to learn more.

7. Instagram 

There are a variety of ways to produce content on Instagram, such as reels, stories, posts, and carousels, allowing your audience to interact with your brand.

Reels can help increase your audience; stories are an effective way to engage with your audience through polls or questions; posts can help with organic reach if you use the correct popular hashtags; and carousels can increase engagement and likes.

All these Instagram functions play a role in effectively building your brand. 

8. Content Objectives

While posting content, you need to make sure you have an objective for the post. Before you publish the content, ask yourself, “What objective am I trying to achieve with this content? Will it enhance my brand value or increase sales?”

Crafting content with an objective will help you with your brand achievement. You can have different objectives for each piece of content, such as educating, strengthening engagement, or selling. 

9. Account Interactions

On Instagram, you can Interact with other similar accounts by commenting on their posts. Potential customers might see your comments.

Some people will just get interested in your comment and visit your profile. That is how you get new customers. 

10. TikTok

TikTok is one of the fastest-growing platforms in the world. Not only is it good for entertainment, but more and more brands are using it as a marketing tool to promote their products through entertainment.

TikTok generates different trends, and it is an effective way for brands to attract more traffic through trending videos. For example, our speaker, Beng, used a TikTok transition video to promote her products and successfully gained sales. 

11. Personal Brand 

A personal brand is a big help for your brand as well. A personal brand is the way people perceive you and a good way to tell your story.

Today, we all have an online presence, so we all have a personal brand and can make good use of it. 

A good personal brand brings many benefits, including: 

  • More opportunities: A good personal brand leads to more opportunities because people know you and associate you with the things you do. It gives you opportunities for collaboration, partnerships, and networking. 
  • Build trust: A positive personal branding will allow others to build trust in you. People will know that you are capable of doing something, and knowing the face behind the brand will allow them to trust your business, too. 

Final Takeaways 

Branding is a journey. There is no guarantee that your brand will become famous from the first few adverts. It takes time and effort to make a brand well known.

You need to put in the work to craft your advert content (both paid and organic) and fine-tune it so that your adverts attract and resonate with your target audience. 

Therefore, it is important to know the market and understand your audience well. To find the most effective content, you need to keep trying different methods advertising strategies and do A/B testing. 

During the webinar, both speakers shared their valuable insight on their topic to help you enhance your brand awareness within your target market.

The speakers provided different examples of content you can create for your advertisements on different online platforms, giving you an idea of how to practice those strategies in real life. 

Watch the full webinar video to learn more about digital advertising strategies!

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