Live Chat Software Benefits
Benefits of live chat software

User Experience is paramount for businesses and creating a positive impression with customers is a profound need for organizations to have sustainable development.

Ensuring appropriate kinds of digital touchpoints, to enable customers to reach out to the service team, is essential for managing the business process.

Customer Experiences with any touch points of a business are seen to be an important influencer on the purchase decisions and consumer’s interests in a specific brand.

There are some very interesting statistics which show why live chat or online chat is a very powerful medium to engage with customers and prospects.

Two of the biggest factors are as below.

  1. About 73% customers rate a live chat experience to be more satisfactory. Only 61% like an email communication, while just 44% are happy with phone support.
  2. 63% customers said they would come back to a website which offered live chat as an option.
  3. Live chat can lead to a 48% increase in revenue per chat hour and a 40% increase in conversion rate, providing companies with significant results.

Alongside these, there are 4 more reasons for live chat or online chat being preferred over other forms of communication. These are:

  • Instantaneous answers to questions asked
  • A highly efficient and effective communication style
  • Allows multi-tasking
  • Provides faster and better information than an email

With these figures, it is only practical to offer live chat and online chat as an option for anyone to connect with a business.

FreshWorks offers “fresh chat” as a live chat software to engage with website visitors for sales and customer service.

This products are an excellent option to have quick interaction with a website’s audience.

Why is an online chat or live chat beneficial for any business?

online chat live chat

Ease of Application 

A live chat systems effectively plugged into a website strategically or across different individual sections of an online store helps start an interaction with customers.

What’s more, apps like fresh chat from FreshWorks, Zendesk and HubSpot Live Chat are also very easy and simple to deploy on a website.

In a quick turnaround, one can get the live chat set up for the webpage, which is one of the highest-rated customer engagement mediums.

In the case of more traffic to the site, the preliminary engagement with the customers can be managed by online chats using chatbots to give live information.

Customer Experience 

It is imperative that the customer experiences are managed effectively.

Based on a periodical assessment of the customer experiences and preferences, the communication must be improved for enhancing the overall engagement.

The advantage of deploying the live chat sessions can be a one-plug solution.

This is so because online chat as an option can be deployed for multiple departments to engage in communication with customers.

For example, Olark is one of the best live chat services for small business owners. One can automatically engage with people, create canned responses to common questions, and more.

Olark also provides live reports and analytics on metrics like customer satisfaction, the number of chats in your business, and other information.

Exabytes also provides FreshWorks live chat service, which allows marketers, salespeople, customer service representatives, and other staff to engage in real-time chats.

Rather than using multiple platforms to serve the different needs of their customers, they can use a single chat platform to do it all.

Operational Efficiency 

While a phone support executive can only handle one call at a time, an online chat support representative can handle two or more live chat sessions which makes them more productive and effective.

A multi-channel online chat helps reduce customers’ wait times to talk to an executive.

Choosing an effective online chat solution can be resourceful in improving the operational efficiency set-up for the customer relations team.

Cost of Managing Customer Relations

A dollar saved is a dollar gained, and significantly in the case of businesses, reducing the operational costs and overheads is a prerogative.

Choosing the right set-up of live chat solutions for customer service has proven records of reducing the costs of customer relationship management.

Online chat services which are cost effective and offer live chats across multiple channels add to the quality of service provided to prospects enquiring for sales and serve existing customers seeking support. 

In the contemporary developments of live chats, engaging the chatbots for live chats, ensuring the basic queries are handled using the chatbots over online chats to assist the structured queries of customers, is a potential move limiting the load on human intervention requirements, and improving the overall experience for the customers.

Data Analysis 

Engaging customers using the query form, telephonic support, or other direct engagement models has limited scope for garnering the sentiment analysis kind of analytics.

Tactical inserts of pop up live chat windows or online chat initiation buttons encourage website visitors to engage in a conversation.

The FreshChat system allows for such inserts with ease.

More often in structured data sources like the request forms or contact forms, there is a structured limited set of information sought.

However, in the case of online chats or live chat facilities, customers have the provision to express their requirements in a conversation.

Dynamic Support 

As a SaaS (Software as a Service) plug-in, live chat software systems are economical for deployment.

Providers like LiveChat also offer regular maintenance, bug resolution, and optimization of the systems.

These are factors which makes live chat and online chat even more of a favorite among business owners who want to achieve active engagement with website visitors.

Freshworks, as a service provider has improvisation as the top priority and keeps improving the live chat and online chat solutions for a more enticing experiences.


Use of Live chat or Online Chats using chatbots is a proven success across industry verticals.

Any kind of shortcomings observed in the early stages are addressed by the live chat or online chat software provider. This makes live chat a very reliable platform.

The fact that FreshWorks is trusted by over 15,000 businesses globally speaks volumes about online chat as a very effective medium of communication.

Exabytes and FreshWorks

As one of the leading providers of web hosting services including digital solutions, Exabytes believes in delighting customers at each step of their journey.

With FreshWorks, an automated system to interact with prospects and customers opens up instantly.

The fresh chat live chat and online chat software is lightning quick to use which enables faster response to queries and concerns.

Purchasing a FreshWorks product or the entire suite including live chat is now just a matter of few clicks.

Engage with the Exabytes sales team to know more and buy a live chat system for your website.

Visit our Freshworks Product Page here: Freshchat Live Chat

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