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Is It Worth to Buy Hosting Plan & a Domain From the Same Service Provider?

Most people would say that it is worth buying a domain and hosting together. However, there are a few aspects to take into consideration before making the decision.

The first thing you need to consider is whether you have well planning your budget to purchase the domain and pay for hosting. If not, then it might be better to just buy hosting alone, as it will be cheaper than buying both in most cases.

It’s worth doing a rough estimate of your hosting and domain costs before you make the decision to buy the domains and hosting together. You can also look into hosting companies that include a free domain name with their web hosting plans.

For more information: Web Hosting Plans + Free Lifetime Domain

Secondly, you need to think about how much time you want to spend on managing your website.

If you don’t want any technical knowledge or experience in managing your site, then it might be better for you to buy the domain and hosting together so that your site will already be up and running when your website goes live.

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Web hosting is one of the important identity management processes for businesses. As well as identifying the business to its physical location, the digital identity of a business starts with a good website.

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Fundamentally, buying hosting and domain stands the critical importance in website management for an organization.

In the yesteryears of web hosting, customers have the task of the independent process for the domain name purchase and buying hosting options.

The task was as complex as buying a domain from the domain registration companies, followed by the action of choosing the hosting plans from various third-party service providers and buying hosting services.

However, it is a different scenario today, wherein the businesses can consider buying hosting and domain from one brand offering the services.

Also, in the earlier scenarios of buying hosting and domain, the issues of monopoly conditions, lack of scalability in the hosting solutions, etc was a challenge.

Earlier the recommendations were to buy the domain and buy hosting from different vendors to avoid conflicts of domain transfer issues if required, and the credibility of the service provider in managing the hosting.

Many businesses in Singapore hosting their websites had earlier worked on buying the domain and buying hosting from different service providers.

With the changing trends, and cloud computing solutions in offerings for website hosting, buying hosting and domain from the same company has distinct benefits for the users.

For the ease of access and many other criteria benefits, choosing the same provider to buy hosting in Singapore can be added advantage for businesses.

From simple services like shared hosting choosing to buy hosting from the service provider offering the domain name registration to VPS (virtual private server) hosting purchased for the website, choosing one service provider for both buying hosting and the domain is a good value proposition.

Good Pricing as Option

Buying the hosting and domain package in combination can lead to better deals and discounts in the service offerings.

Buying hosting as per the options available and the website requirement alongside domain registration can lead to attractive discounts.

Usually, the service providers are offering combo packages at a discounted price offering for buying hosting.

In an illustrative scenario, when the domain registration for a year can take $XX, a combo of three years of domain registration and buying hosting for three years can lead to a 25- 30% discount in the overall pricing terms.

Also, the other important support in managing the buying hosting and domain under one roof is the ease of billing and managing the accounts for the future.

Alternatively for a business’s having multiple domain registrations, choosing one big hosting space with the same service provider can lead to more flexibility in the Singapore hosting of websites.


Convenience is the other major factor that supports the process for the businesses, as the task of buying hosting and domain from two different parties, managing multiple accounts correspondence, working on the transfer of the domain details to the hosting agent where we buy hosting, ensure the account information has smooth transition is a complex process.

But when businesses are buying hosting and domain from one service provider, managing the correspondence is much easier.

In one client account login, all the details about the purchased domains and hosting solutions are available in one account credential.

This kind of integrated account management can help businesses with easier correspondence, and customer relationship management.

Significant time-saving in the correspondence and consolidation of accounts for buying hosting and domain is added advantage.

Ease of Upgrades

In Singapore hosting for a website or in other locations, buying hosting and domain together from a service provider has another added advantage of the ease of upgrades.

In the current scenario, the majority of the digital tech service providers offering domain and buy hosting services are offering cloud-based services.

Choosing the services from one brand together can help in easier upgrades for the hosting services, and the domain service packages.

Many businesses in Singapore hosting provide value-added services of supporting the website hosting functionality, and assist the businesses with any technical assistance required for websites, basis how buying domain and hosting plans are chosen by the customer.

Choosing to have one service provider allows the service provider from whom we buy hosting to notify the new packages, options, renewals, upgrades, etc as necessary.

Email hosting
Use email marketing to notify your customer about latest news and promotion.

Some of the service providers choose to facilitate their regular customers with auto-upgrades for the hosting in the Singapore hosting services.

Configuration and Integration 

New age systems managed to buy a domain and hosting services by the service providers have the scope and functionality of integrating the domain systems to hosting services in a quick turnaround time.

In the conventional scenario, once the domain is purchased, the client must buy hosting with another service provider.

Following, there is a need to exchange the domain details to the hosting, and other related tasks.

In the modern-day service offerings, once the combo package is purchased as buying hosting and domain, within a few clicks the set-up is ready for the users to deploy their websites or web applications.

Such comprehensive service processes can help businesses manage the deployment of websites in a quick turnaround time.

Migration Requirements

Despite that this requirement can be a rare instance for businesses, driving the need to migrate the domain and hosting to the other service provider, the process is simplified in the purchase of domain name and hosting as buying hosting and domain in one account and together.

The process of migrating the process to the other service provider can be easier, without dealing with multiple account service providers.

In Summary: Domain & Hosting Bundle

In conclusion, a domain and hosting bundle plan can be an affordable way to get all of your web hosting needs met without having to buy separate services from different vendors.

To know more about domain registration, and web hosting service packages that suit your business requirements, reach out to the Exabytes Singapore tech support.

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