Free Domain Name for Your Website

What Is a Free Domain?

A free domain is a domain name one can obtain without paying for it.

Like any other cheap domain name or premium domain name, these can be used to name a website, a blog, an email account, and more!

Several web hosting providers and domain registration services also offer free domain names.

Why are some domain names available for free? 

  • Have limited budget
  • Is a start-up or new blogger around the town
  • Want to establish and create a presence for a new business identity or an online business
  • A traditional brick and mortar business who want to have a presence on the internet

Claim a Free Domain with Exabytes

A new company can now claim their free .SG or .COM.SG domain with the intention of establishing their business in Singapore.

To qualify for the promotion, a business or company must be registered with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) and must not have previously reserved or activated a name under the SME scheme.

Website domain name acts as unique name for an IP address which is an actual digital location on the Internet. It helps replace IP addresses for something more memorable and easy to remember.

Any individual, company, or business planning to have an online presence should invest in a domain name to help their business look more professional.

Also, registering a domain name can shield your copyrights and act as a trademark to avoid any unauthorized use of your domain name.

Before we proceed to the way to claim a free website name, let me introduce Exabytes Network, one of the most popular domain service providers in Singapore.

Exabytes is also a leading web hosting provider in Singapore, offering a free domain with select hosting plans.

Services like WordPress hosting, business web hosting, and cPanel hosting come with a free website domain of your choice.

Click here for more information about free domain name.

When You Needed a Domain Name?

  1. One plans to launch a website
  2. One wants to start a blog, build an online portfolio
  3. Creating a personal or business website and just launching an online ecommerce store.

Our domain name search tool can help you check for the availability of the choice of domain you looking for, and also help with suitable alternatives.

Have A Cool Domain Name in Mind?

Use our simple domain availability checker to check
if your dream domain is taken or not.

Qualifications for Obtaining a Free Domain

Am I qualified for the free .SG and .COM.SG domain? Free domain name works for anyone who

  • Has recently started an online business or an ecommerce store.
  • Owns a business or a company
  • Is a Public Accounting Corporation (PAC), Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), Public Accounting Firms (PAF)
  • Has a business, and has not registered any domain but has reserved a desired domain with ACRA via BizFile.
  • Has business websites with domains like .SG / .COM.SG domain registered with ACRA in the last 90 days.

More Free Domain Packages

No need to worry if you’re not qualified for the ACRA SME Programme to claim free .SG domain, we also provide several e-commerce hosting packages that include free lifetime domain names, unlimited email accounts, and a free SSL certificate!

6 Simple Steps to Get a Free Domain Name

  1. Select a suitable web hosting plan from a wide range of web hosting solutions present on the website.
  2. Select the right plan after comparing all the different hosting platform offerings.
  3. Choose a billing cycle which suits best – the options are monthly, annual etc. A free domain is offered with hosting plans paid for a year and more.
  4. Create a billing account by filling in personal details. This includes your email account.
  5. Enter the preferred mode of payment like Credit cards, popular payment gateways etc.
  6. Claim Your Free Domain through the option provided once the payment is completed.

At Exabytes, along with hosting plans, we offer several benefits to make web hosting a simple process and easy to use for our customers.

Our features include:

  • Free Lifetime Domain
  • Free WordPress Course
  • Multiple Email Accounts
  • 60 – 90 GB Fast SSD Storage
  • Free Daily Backup
  • Enhance Website Security360
  • Ultrafast LiteSpeed Server
  • Free SSL
  • WordPress Management
  • WordPress Acceleration
  • Support Basic WordPress
  • Support Cloudflare

For more information about Exabytes free domain name:

ACRA SME Programme: Claim Free Domain

Alternative Ways to Get a Free Domain?

There are several ways to obtain a free domain name. These include signing up for a web hosting plan, or through a free domain registrar.

1. Web Hosting Companies

Web hosting providers offer a free domain name with some of their web hosting plans.

Depending on the hosting, the free domain name could be a top level domain like .com or a country level or second level domain like .xyz, .net, .info, .online, .store, .tech, .site, .webspace, .space etc.

Get free .com / .org / .net / .store / .xyz domain with hosting companies.

Exabytes offering WordPress Hosting Plans come with free lifetime domain name.

2. Looking for Free Domain Registrars

Freenom is the registry operator in charge of .tk Country Code TLDs. These ccTLDs are given free except in few premium cases where trademark plays a prime role. For example which costs around $1,800.

Freenom site is built around its domain name search engine and is easy to use its only other apparent service is a public DNS system (similar to the ones Google or Cloudflare operate). 

Get free .tk / .ga / .gq / .cf / .ml domain names with Freenom

Please keep in mind that you do not own these domain names; they are registered and had by either Dot TK or Freenom.

You’re simply offered the right to use them, so you can not offer or transfer the domain to any individual else.

3. Website Builders

Website builders enable one to quickly build sites with little or no technical knowledge. This comes with several useful tools that help one make choice at standard web hosting price.

For example: Wix Website Builder 

Wix is a versatile and preferred website builder that provides a cost-free domain for one year with its yearly plans.

After the first year, nevertheless, you should renew the domain name for $14.95 each year if you want to maintain it.

Wix’s totally free domain name deal does not consist of private enrollment; you have to pay an additional $9.90 per year.

Weebly is another solid alternative. The website builder allows you to obtain a free domain name with its Pro strategy (or other high-tier registrations).

After the one-year moratorium, your domain name has to be renewed for $19.99 each year with personal privacy protection billed individually at $10 each year.

However, such domain names may not help create a separate business identity as they are independent domain names.

Does Free Domain Name Affect Your SEO?

A free domain name doesn’t affect SEO ranking of a business. However, there are some best practices one should follow. These could be:

  1. You select a completely fresh new domain name
  2. Make sure to use TLD like .com, .SG domain etc. can help boost SEO ranking.
  3. Ensure the domain name is registered for well while. The longer it is registered, the more the trust.
  4. Make sure to have good DNS and hosting service speed to avoid any effect on SEO
  5. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate if installed on the free domain name helps a safe trust signal to website visitors and search engines. This gradually improves the SEO ranking with the increase in visitors.

Challenges of a Free Domain

  • 24x7x365 professional tech support may not be available
  • Limitation on availability of hosting features like disk space, bandwidth etc.
  • Ownership of the domain may not be given completely. It may be with the free domain name provider.

In a Nutshell

Visit Exabytes Singapore to explore a wide selection of web hosting services, hosting platforms and the opportunities to avail a free domain name.  

With plans like cPanel hosting, free domain hosting is included in the plan. If you have just started your business, get in touch with our sales team to claim a free .SG or .COM.SG domain and grow your online business further.

Claim your Free Domain Name today by just sharing your company name and ACRA number.

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