website migration without losing seo
Website Migration without Losing SEO

Be Careful When Choosing a Web Host ProviderOne of the most important factors in a company’s success is its website accessibility.

A website hosted on a reliable, speedy, and well-optimized web host is more likely to receive consistent traffic and rank higher in Google’s SERPs.

Google Search (SERP)

Owing to this, selecting a competent website hosting provider is critical while developing your business website.

When it comes to a web host, a one-size-fits-all strategy does not always work. Every website has unique requirements in terms of storage, speed, functionality, and cost.

Most organizations buy a hosting package without much deliberation, only to discover that it does not fulfill the needs of their website.

They have to then go through website migration and domain migration to move their website to an affordable hosting provider like Exabytes.

There are two ways in which website migration can be performed from a hosting provider:

Step 1: Outsource your website migration

Step 2: Perform a manual website migration and domain migration

Outsourcing website migration is an easy and simple way for people who have very little or no knowledge of ‘how to migrate a website from one server to another’.

Let’s get to know how we can outsource website migration

Step 1: Outsource website migration

Migrate Your Website

The best choice for new users and busy company owners is a web host like Exabytes that provides free website migration and domain migration assistance.

Being a hosting provider and a web host is a very competitive business.

Many hosting companies, including Exabytes offer website migration as complimentary service to new customers.

All one has to do is sign up with the new provider requesting for migration, and their support team will do the rest.

In most circumstances, this is the ideal method which helps save time as well as focus on other important aspects of business while leaving website migration and domain migration to the web host.

  1. Register with a web host that provides free website migration and domain migration. Some web host providers like Exabytes provide website migration assistance, consultation and help through the entire process of domain migration.
  2. Request website migration and provide web host with website migration details. Send your new web host a website migration request. Typically, all you need to do is provide login information of your old hosting account and your new web host will do the rest.

Step 2: Migrate your website manually

Migrate website manually

Follow these six steps for a manual website migration to a new web host.

  1. Purchase new web host.
  2. Backup all the data of the old hosting account including files, emails and multi-media.
  3. Download the database for website migration.
  4. Transfer the files and the database to new web host account.
  5. Migrate a website from one server to another
  6. Examine the status of domain migration and website migration before it goes online.

#1 Purchase a new web hosting plan

Before one can begin a web host migration, one must first set up a new web host such as Exabytes.

There are several hosting options available, each with its own unique setup and offer.

Exabytes is a leading web host with a wide variety of hosting plans available to suit every possible web hosting requirement.

Now our EBiz 13 Pro web hosting plan provides faster and more secure web hosting with upgraded NMVe SSD drive for faster loading speed.

Comparing aspects like cost, necessary space, and server setup helps in ascertaining the plan which suits best.

#2 Save your backup files

The first step in manually transferring hosting is to back up the complete website and preserve website data.

The aim is to get it working on the new web host account without any issues or missing pieces.

#3 Download the database for your website migration

The website’s database is as crucial as its files.

One needs to export the database from old web host and import it to the new web host in case of a dynamic site that operates on a database (such as MySQL).

#4 Transfer the files and the database to your new web host account

The next step is to manually move the files and database of your website to the new web host.

One would need FTP access to the new web host account to perform this.

For transferring a WordPress site, one would need to update wp-config.php with the new database details.

The data is accessible in the root directory of your web host account. With this the website migration with files and database to a new web host is completed.

One could also view the control panel for new web host account.

#5 How to migrate a website from one server to another

Pointing the website’s domain name to the new web host is the last step of website migration and domain migration.

One must modify their Domain Name System (DNS) settings in order to accomplish this by purchasing a new domain name.

When transferring a web host, it is essential to ensure the domain is pointed to the new server or else the visitors won’t be able to view the website.

DNS converts domain names of websites into IP addresses.

Exabytes provides multiple DNS servers for every website hosted to ensure redundancy and maximum uptime.

Website migration becomes easy when one has the right DNS server information.

#6 Examine the website before it is made live

Before publishing the website after switching web host, it’s crucial to perform couple of tests to make sure everything is working as it should.

Make sure that the website’s front and back ends function without a hitch.

By doing this, one can also prevent website downtime and find faults before the site goes online.

Make sure all the settings are set up according to the requirements of the website and link the professional email.

Website migration is a crucial part of website hosting.

If any mistakes are committed at this stage, it would have a negative impact on SEO, and also could throw errors when visitors try visiting the website.

Outsourcing website migration to leading web hosts like Exabytes is the best thing one can do without affect you SEO results.

A 24 x 7 x 365 support team, an experienced customer service team and sales professionals who understand a customer’s requirements.

Connect with our team to know how to go about it.

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