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Multiple Domain Names

Protect What Belongs to Your Brand

Why Secure More Than One Domain Name?

Eliminate Copycats/ Scammers

Others may try pretending to be you using domain names that are similar to yours. As a result, you may lost countless revenue if this happens to your business. By securing multiple domains, you can eliminate copycats and scammers.

Prevent Others From Domain Squatting

There are individuals that are constantly hunting down unregistered domain names of growing companies. Then, sell back to those companies for large profit. E.g. managed to resell at USD3.6 million.

Further Protect Your Trademark

Applying for trademark alone can’t fully protect your brand online. Others can still register domain name using your brand name if it’s still available. Therefore, registering multiple domains is the best approach to protect your trademark.

Prevent Common Visitors Errors

Not everyone knows the exact URL to visit your website. They might typed wrongly and entered a completely different website. That’s why it is important to also register those domain name that your visitors might type.

Further Localised Your Business

IIf your business is targeting multiple countries, having multiple ccTLD can help your customers to better easily know that the business in accepting customers in their country. Making it easy to gain their trust towards your brand.

Types of Additional Domain to Register

domain search

Alternative Spellings

Try thinking of what people might type when they are looking for your brand. If you do not have any idea on your brand’s alternative spellings, you can check your Google Search Console for some insights. Once you have a list of alternative spellings, it’s time to secure your brand.

Multiple Top Level Domains

After securing all domain name with alternative spellings, it’s time to further secure it by registering your brand name on other famous top level domains in the market. Some famous top level domains extensions you can go for are .com, .net, .co,, .biz, .sg, and many more.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Domain definition: Domain name is the name of your website or in common we called it website URL/ web address. Every website must have a domain name to be searchable in web.

    We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, PayPal® and payment by check. For credit cards, we support VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

    Feel free to contact us at [email protected] if you need any help on registering your domain name.

    The first in domain name registration is to check your domain availability, then choose the domain name you want. Next, fill in the details, proceed to checkout and make payment.

    For domains, you need to provide your Singpass and company registration number. For .sg domain, you only need to provide your Singpass number.

    Moreso, you need to provide your company details to register .SG Domain under a company name.

    The money-back guarantee is valid for 3 days only (from the date of payment made). Exabytes will refund as credits to your billing account for next order. Thus, you can use the credits for new registration of any products or services from us.

    Refund requests made after the 3-day period is NOT allowed.

    No, you are not allowed to unregister after domain registration. The registration fee is also non-refundable. You will be the owner of the domain name for the next 365 days.

    Domain life cycle is the cycle of domain ownership process. After you buy a domain, you will receive an email from us. This indicates that you have registered the domain name. This also signifies the beginning of your domain name. There are 5 stages of domain lifecycle after registering a domain name.
    • Domain activated
      Upon successful payment, we will activate your new domain name.
    • Domain de-activated
      Your domain will be de-activated upon domain expiry date for 30 days.
    • Domain redemption period
      If you want to redeem back your domain in this period, you will be charge a redemption fee of USD200 + renewal fee.
    • Pending delete domain
      At this stage (5 days), we will be redirecting your site visitors to our default DNS page.
    • Available for registration
      The domain is now re-open to public for registration. Anyone can register for this domain name on first come first serve basis.

    It depends on the number of years you registered the domain name. For .SG Domain, you can choose to register for either a year or two years. For other domain extensions like .COM, you can register up to 10 years.

    Yes. Domain names are intellectual property.

    Our support team are available via phone, email and the web 24/7/365. They’re trained to help whatever you need, from choosing a domain name to any technical issues you may have. Whether you’re getting started or are already a pro, we’ve got the answer. Please feel free to reach us at

    It depends on the demand on that specific domain name. The higher the demand, the higher it will worth. For an example, XiaoMi purchased for USD3.6 million.

    Domain name is important because it represents your brand identity online. A good domain name is like a physical store located at the most strategic location you can every find. Thus, helping you to drive in more customers.

    A domain name is only case sensitive for everything after the domain name. It does not matter if you type uppercase or lowercase with “”, it still reaches the same page. But, when typing the name of the page, directory or file in the URL, it is case sensitive.

    Terms and Conditions

    1. Standard prices apply to regular domain names. Exabytes reserves the right to refund or request a top-up for premium domains.
    2. This deals is applicable for new domain registration only. For domain renewal, the price will revert to default price.
    3. This promotion ends on 30 June 2024 , 5:00 PM.
    4. All registrations after 1st October 2015 are entitled to FREE DNS Management.
    5. Registration of domains is on first-comes, first-served basis. Submitting your order to Exabytes does not mean your requested domain(s) will be registered until payment confirmation is received.
    6. Country Level Domain Names are for residents residing in the specific country only, or companies registered in the specific country only.
    7. For .sg AND domains, clients are required to provide the Singapore NRIC (National Registration Identity Card) for verification and registration purposes.
    8. For,, domain registrations, kindly provide your company supporting documents and email to [email protected].
    9. Domain Name Money-Back Guarantee is only valid for 3 days (from the date on which payment is made). Any request for refund made after the 3-day period is strictly not allowed. Transactions will be refunded in the form of Exabytes credits only.
    10. This deals is NOT applicable for the registration/purchase of Premium Domains, Pragmatic Domains and Premium Numeric Domains. Exabytes reserves the right to cancel any domain orders that involve the aforementioned domains.
    11. Information on limitation on the domain names. Read More.
    12. You do agree to our terms of service available here.
    13. Exabytes reserves the right to amend any Terms and Conditions without prior notice.

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