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What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a form of direct marketing that helps businesses connect with the target audience in large numbers.

It is used by business owners especially start-up businesses to build relationships with subscribers, promote their brand to consumers, and offer discounts and incentives to loyal customers.

Why Email Marketing Is Still Important?

It appears unbelievable, but e-mail is over half a century old currently. Is email still one of the most effective marketing strategies?

The last years saw a variety of “email is dead” predictions however the reverse is taking place – despite the spreading of the online messaging applications, social media, as well as SMS text, the variety of email users remains to increase.

The data below shows that the number of email users is increasing dramatically every year.

Number of Email Users in the World

Although some of the emails may still be flagged as spam, there’s no denying the impact that a well-crafted message can have on your customers.

Email marketing allows you to communicate with your target audience in order to promote your brand and increase sales.

As a result, it is more necessary than ever to create an effective email marketing strategy, especially for those who want to boost their small businesses.

Cost-effective and Affordable

In contrast with various other digital advertising networks, email marketing is one of the lowest expense marketing channels.

The cost of interaction with the customer was around RM0.002 per month, which is much lower than various other marketing channels.

Effective and Extremely Convert

Email marketing allows you to engage with your customers in a much more effective way specifically throughout this modern-day era, where every person has a mobile phone accessible to inspect email frequently.

People will have a greater purpose to open your email contrasted to an Advertisement.

Easily Begin and Handle With

Email is simpler to manage than challenging ad campaigns such as Facebook and Google Ad.

We are more acquainted with just how e-mail runs as well as consequently, it is much easier for us to kickstart with e-mail marketing

How Does Email Marketing Work?

Email marketing is among the top-performing methods, is not a difficult process yet it’s a process that needs a lot of A/B testing to find out how to best connect with your customers in a manner that is beneficial for them and also for your company goals.

Here is a review of just how email marketing functions:

  1. Enroll in an email marketing tool or Email Service Provider
  2. Identify your e-mail marketing strategy and objective
  3. Build and grow your active email list
  4. Configuration automation tasks
  5. Monitor and boost project efficiency through A/B testing
  6. Frequently refresh your e-mail checklists

Top 10 Advantages of Email Marketing

  1. It is a cost-effective tool and is cheaper than other channels of marketing.
  2. Call-to-action can be easily incorporated into an email communication with hyperlinks put in the email. There are email marketing templates that help in achieving it.
  3. An email blast plays an important role in the promotion of business products, services
  4. Helps communicate important updates, promotions, and offers to customers and prospects.
  5. An email marketing campaign informs customers and prospects of new service offerings or promotions.
  6. Plays a pivotal role in keeping a business always on the radar of prospects and customers. It helps build a better “brand recall”.
  7. Specific email marketing templates help educate the audience on the brand value.
  8. An email marketing tool helps generate usage reports and other smart data sets from email marketing campaigns. These reports help understand the customer response, and plan further campaigns better.
  9. An email blast at regular intervals helps build a relationship with the audience with regular communication.
  10. A targeted email marketing campaign It facilitates driving of traffic to company websites, blogs, social media, or anywhere else you want your visitors to visit.

How to Improve Email Marketing Campaigns?

Email campaigns elicit different responses from the recipients like opens, clicks, forwards etc. The more the delivery rate, the better chance of having emails opened and actually read.

To make email marketing campaigns a success while also maximizing the benefits of employing email marketing, a few key factors must be considered.

1. A/B Testing of Email Marketing Template Subject Line

An attractive subject line is the best way to ensure people click on an email to read it.

A/B testing is a method used to test two different subject line and find out which of them works better.

It is one of the many email marketing tools which can be used to ensure better ROI on advertising.

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2. Different Templates for Different Purposes

Very often, then answer to how to improve email marketing campaigns is in the usage of customized email marketing templates.

An email marketing campaign could have an email blast for a new service launch, promotions for existing customers, publicity of support etc.

Having specific email marketing templates for each purpose ensures the target audience recognizes the difference. It gives a better open rate of the email blast sent.

3. Automated Email Blast Scheduling

One of the best email marketing tools is the ability to plan a wide variety of email marketing activities across a certain period.

This ensures continuity in your email marketing journey, it allows you to use different email marketing templates for the pre-set email blast and ensures that one is able to gain the biggest advantages of using email marketing i.e. building brand recall.

4. Building the Right Target Audience List

Avoid purchasing mail lists, for most often the mail lists will have incorrect email addresses which result in a high number of email bounce.

It also comes with the risk of your email domain being tagged as a spammer. It is a very risky email marketing practice.

Engage with customers using multiple direct and indirect marketing campaigns to build a legitimate list of interested patrons. 

Encourage customers and prospects to sign up for email messages to not miss any important communication as part of an email blast.

Build custom sign-up forms to share with customers and prospects. Ensure it has a field to capture their email address. 

Offer new subscribers free shipping on their next order—or give them a chance to play some games and win a prize when they join the list.

5. Content Relevance (or a lack thereof)

Keeping the content relevant to the business product, service and target audience is essential to ensure that the campaign connects with the target audience.

Having multiple email marketing templates helps improve email marketing campaigns and customer engagement.

If one is wondering how to market through emails, then it is necessary to appeal to the interests of the target audience and communicating with them regularly.

Things to watch out for

  1. Be aware of national (and international) email regulations. The effectiveness of the email blast also depends on adherence to such guidelines.
  2. Ensure you adhere to any legal requirements and applicable laws in your area when sending 
  3. Avoid using misleading subject lines in email marketing templates.
  4. Include an unsubscribe link which must be active for at least 30 days after sending.
  5. Ensure to include a physical mailing address.

Alternate Ways to Use Email Marketing Tool

  1. Send out surveys occasionally to understand what your prospects and customers really want. It is one of the advantages of using email marketing.
  2. Appreciate your customers with a Thank You mail for their business from you. Having different email marketing templates for such gestures helps.
  3. Engage with your customer by following up for the abandoned cart, or just say hello.

This helps build an amazing relationship with your customer who know you are just not doing business with them but connecting with them beyond.

Features to Look for When Selecting Good Email Marketing Solution

1. Easy Drag and Drop Builder

Creating an attractive email is an art. However, an email marketing tool must enable designing beautiful email marketing templates. Look for email template library and easy drag and drop builder feature to be able to quickly create your emails and send.

2. Large Subscriber Capacity

Businesses would have data of big and small size. An email marketing tool must be capable of supporting a growing subscriber base in the tool.

Exabytes has an amazing email marketing tool allows businesses to grow their subscriber list without any hassle and send emails to a large number of subscriber list at a reasonable cost!

3. Save Time with Email Marketing Automation

An email marketing tool should enable you to automate your time bound daily, weekly, monthly campaigns. The tool must allow to define a workflow, preset a series of scheduled email blast activities and have them sent out automatically.

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In a Nutshell

Exabytes Ebuzzz Marketing tool is a market leading email marketing tool which packs all the features one could wish for.

For businesses grappling to answer questions like how to market through email, how to improve email marketing campaigns, and wanting to maximize the advantages of using email marketing – Exabytes SG has answers and solutions for it.

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