All About WordPress | Google Site Kit & Core Web Vitals

WordPress is one of the most popular website-building platforms. The platform is beginner-friendly, making it simple for beginners to create websites besides being robust for advanced web developers.

For more information for WordPress: What is WordPress

It’s simple to make a good-looking website on WordPress. Building and developing a great website is no longer a tough task thanks to the numerous WordPress plugins and courses available online.

However, if the design of your website is amazing, but the page speed is slow or the user experience is poor, will your visitors come back to your website again? 

In fact, the performance of your WordPress site has an impact on its Google ranking. And if your website is used for business purposes, it has an impact on the conversion rate too, which represents revenue.

But how can you tell whether your WordPress site is running smoothly and offering a good user experience? 

google site kit & core web vitals

What can you learn?

By attending this webinar, you will learn about Google’s latest work on WordPress, which includes Site Kit (an all-in-one Google services toolbox) and core web vitals (a web performance indicator).

It will assist you in better managing the performance of your website and providing a better user experience. 

Event Details:

  • Date: 15 July 2021 (Thursday)
  • Time: 2.00PM to 3.00PM
  • Venue: Zoom Webinar

We are pleased to have the following esteemed speakers at the webinar: 

Ian Hung, Web Ecosystem Consultant, Google

Ian works as a Web Ecosystem Consultant at Google, guiding partners and developers to adopt the latest Google concepts and technologies which improve the overall mobile experience and make websites look modern.

Before joining Google, he worked as a frontend developer in a startup where he found enthusiasm and established his background in the online world.

Shu Hirasaka, Strategic Partner Development Manager (Chrome & Web), Google.

Shu works with CMS platforms and hosting providers in APAC on web product partnerships.

His goal is to help site owners succeed by working together to enable and accelerate the adoption of web best practices and modern technologies.   

Join the exciting webinar now to learn how to improve your WordPress site performance with Google!

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