Google Workspace productive tools to work anytime and anywhere

2021 was a significant year for platform milestones as Google Workspace‘s worldwide user base increased to over 3 billion.

Most businesses and their staff already are active on Google products to collaborate on several projects and presentations with other employees.

These Google Workspace applications’ consumer versions which are available, make it simple for teams to connect and work together.

What makes it worthwhile use Google Workspace tools for small business?

The simple answer is that Google Workspace provides your company with

  • more features and control
  • enabling you to safeguard documents and data
  • communicate more successfully
  • make use of cutting-edge features and programs to ensure your teams are more productive than ever.

What exactly is Google Workspace?

Google Workspace tools is Google’s intelligent app suite.

This was previously known as G Suite until it was renamed in late 2016. For clients that want email hosting for their business, Google offers Google Workspace. 

The new age G Suite includes a number of products and productivity tools that can be highly useful.

In fact, you’ve probably used or are familiar with several of them already.

Google Workspace enables you to take advantage of genuine digital transformation, such as the flexibility to work in new ways that support hybrid and remote work settings.

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Let’s find out 10+ Surprising Reasons to Consider Google Workspace tools.


According to Litmus, Gmail is the most used email client, accounting for 75% of the market share based on open rates.

It’s hardly surprising given that Gmail has been operating since 2004 and has over 1.5 billion users. 

One of the nicest things about Google Workspace tools is that it’s essentially an improved, ad-free version of the online email client you’re already using.

Google Calendar

Stay productivity with Google Calendar

One cannot manage without Google Calendar for it is essential to schedule client calls, set due dates and reminders for crucial assignments.

Google Calendar also help you organize your calendar and is a key feature of GWS.

Google Drive

Google Drive enables you to save, access, and share your files in a single, secure location and can access them from any device.

This feature helps employees share files without any hurdles. Every employee gets 30GB of storage with Google Workspace Basic subscriptions.

The Business, Enterprise, and Teams editions of GWS offer limitless storage, ensuring that you always have adequate space for your data.

Google Sheets and Google Docs in Google Workspace

Google Docs and Google Sheets, which we use every day, pretty much speak for themselves. Google Docs can even be imported into WordPress.

You can use them to create and modify text documents and spreadsheets directly in your browser. 

It is helpful to share any document with your teammates in a Google Workspace.

You can import your documents, including Google Docs, Sheets, and PDF files, to make them instantly editable.

Google Keep

Google Keep Notes and Reminders

Google Keep appears to be one of those well-kept secrets that no one is aware of.

Google Keep is an excellent choice for simple notes and is one of the best underrated GWS features where you can access it from your phone or from any device. 

Google Keep is a fantastic little tool of Google Workspace that functions flawlessly inside the Google ecosystem.

Cloud Search

This enterprise-wide Google Workspace search tool helps you improve your search skills. Find any file stored in your organization using the Gmail, Google Drive, and Calendar applications.

Google Workspace Admin Console

The Google Workspace Admin panel enables company owners to manage everything from a single location.

This collaboration too is updated time to time and is far superior to what it was with Google Apps.

Add new users and groups, manage devices, establish security settings (such as 2-factor authentication), and create new custom domains for your company that can be used with Gmail.

The Google Workspace Admin Console allows management of data, users, and apps all from one place.

Administrators can add and delete users and groups, personalize the user experience, manage devices, define roles, allocate rights, and change security settings using intuitive dashboards.

One can restrict untrusted apps, enforce security keys, or impose two-step verification. 

When customers visit Google Workspace tools or associated apps from a new computer or mobile device, Google sends them a text message with a verification number that they must input before they can access business data.

Google Meet

Google Meet

Use this video conferencing tool to stay in touch with coworkers and clients.

This app is completely connected with GWS tools and can be accessible by anybody with a connection, allowing for high-quality virtual meetings, whether in 1:1 or group circumstances.

Google Meet can handle up to 250 call participants and 100,000 spectators for a live-streaming event.

Endpoint Management

Don’t be concerned about an employee’s gadget being taken. That is the purpose of endpoint management.

As an administrator, you can easily activate this and remotely erase Google Workspace data from devices if necessary.

Connect Google Workspace to CRM and other third-party applications.

Your team can collaborate smoothly across platforms by connecting Google Workspace with CRM and other productivity apps, all from within the app.

Employees use a single sign-on to access GWS business apps, saving time and avoiding repeating efforts (and data).

Your company’s productivity increases, and you no longer have to worry about data discrepancies or human mistakes because Google workspace has got it all covered.

Salespeople and customer support representatives, for example, may auto log assignments, calls, meetings, and emails in Salesforce without leaving Gmail.

They can also examine Salesforce contact and account analytics in Google Workspace and quickly import CRM data into Google Sheets.

Businesses couldn’t imagine operating without Google Workspace tools, and they continuously introduces new features that streamline collaboration and communication.

Exabytes offers the most reliable productivity software for office and organisation in Singapore, and you can try our Google Workspace business collaboration and productivity tools to easily connect, create, and collaborate with your employees.

Connect with our team to learn more about Google Workspace, its benefits and some amazing promotions.

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