G Suite (Google Workspace)

Google Workspace is a new solution where everything that is needed for a successful business is taken care of.

It includes all of productivity apps like Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Meet, and many more.

However, an incorrect or inadequate usage of the Workspace can sometimes not allow the business to reach its maximum capability.

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25 Google Workspace Tips & Tricks for Enterprise

Google Workspace - Online Collaboration Tool

Here are a few tips and tricks to optimally use the Google Workspace(GWS) to maximize the business workflow

1. Customize the Email Address

Maintain a brand consistency across email addresses with Google Workspace and provide the office staff an access to their customized domain based professional email id.

2. Send Meeting Invitations

Google Calendar

Google Workplace ensures seamless integration between applications to to send meeting invitations via Calendar with just one click on create to input desired dates and attendees, and watch the invitations being sent automatically through Gmail.

3. Get You Agenda Sent to You

Google Calendar can be used to send daily agenda each morning to ensure one doesn’t miss a meeting.

For more organized approach, head to event notifications in the calendar settings to have the daily agenda emailed every morning with the features in the Google Collaboration Tools.

4. Make Changes in the Documents in Shared Location

Google Docs allows up to 10 people to edit a file simultaneously, with up to 200 people viewing the same.

If there is an inappropriate change, one could switch back to the previous content with version history feature that’s part of previously known G Suite products too.

One could also rename the revised file.

5. Keep Your Activity Confidential

Google Workspace Apps helps track user’s visit and activity on apps like Google Docs, Sheets, and Slide with help of Activity dashboard.

However, if one doesn’t want their activity to be tracked, one can go to activity dashboard privacy settings and switch off the view history for a particular document or for every visit of Google Workspace.

For example, a manager wants to track activity of a specific employee without others knowing his visits and objective.

6. Open Microsoft Files

Google Workspace incorporates Microsoft files even without Office being installed by saving in the Google Drive – Google’s cloud service.

7. Hide the Guest List

It may be required at times to keep the guest list private with only admin view and this can be done with Google Workspace.

8. Use Confidential Mode

Google Mail (Gmail)

Gmail allows users to activate ‘confidential mode’ feature in Google Admin console for email confidentiality.

For example, if a confidential information is shared, confidential mode is activated to ensure that employee isn’t able to forward, copy, download and print the same.

9. Get a Read Receipt

request read receipts Google Workspace

It is healthy to get read alert once the recipient reads a mail that is time sensitive.

Google Workspace has this feature and can be activated with “Request read receipt” in the Google Workspace or previously known Google Business Suite.

10. Undo Email Send

Gmail allows users to recall an email within a set time of 30 seconds after sending it in case of any misses like forgetting an attachment or sending a wrong content or to a wrong list.

11. Survey the Staff

Google Form from Google Workspace

Want to gauge your staff’s opinions on new ideas or business directions?

Use Google Forms from Google Workspace or the earlier known G Suite products to generate quick and simple surveys, with responses neatly collated.

12. Send Large Attachments

Gmail may have attachment restriction of only 25MB which can be overcome using Drive.

Save the file in Drive, select it using the Drive button when composing an email to send attachments of up to 10GB.

13. Dial in to Meetings

Google Meet

Use Google Meet from Google Workspace without an internet connection. Its easy to join video conference with a shared link on Google meet.

And if there is no internet, click on a dial-in phone option and click “Use a phone for audio option” for all key information.

14. Save Time Typing

When composing an email in Gmail, make use of Google’s Smart Compose and Smart Reply features that’s part of Google business suite or Google Workspace for suggestions on words and phrases.

The built-in spelling and grammar check will also reduce typos.

15. Get Staff Usage Data

Insights can provide handy analytics on staff usage and help when one is new to Google Workspace.

This feature can used if an employer or IT Manager wants to learn how the employees are using the features optimally.

16. Mute Conversations

Gmail allows users to mute a chain of emails that perhaps is of no use to the end user and he has simply been marked in a chain of mails.

17. Protect Your Data

Google Endpoint comes with vital security management for all staff devices to ensure no data loss in case of loss of phone.

For example, if an employee has misplaced or lost his phone and the phone has Google Workspace with all critical data, the IT manager can quickly disable Google Workspace on the mentioned phone with help of Endpoint to ensure data security.

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18. Use Social Media

Google Workspace social media platform, Currents is a staff social media platform where employees can brainstorm and engage with one other to keep morale high。

19. Create Chat Rooms

Google Chat

Google Chat allows users to form their own channels based on subjects or teams with admins having the right to send invitations and restrict entry.

As an example, a channel can be created specifically for Marketing team or else digital marketing as a subject.

20. Compile Audit Reports

Ensure the data policies are followed and adhered to Vault, a special feature that comes with Google Workspace.

Vault helps define data retention timeframes, restrict user access, and also compile audit reports.

21. Use Chat in Gmail

Chat is a useful feature of the Google business suite that can be used within Gmail itself.

One needn’t open a Google Apps to use chat but can use the same feature within the Gmail itself, keeping all communications in one window.

For instance, a manager wants to urgently communicate something to his employee who might always be available online can just send a text message on Google Chat for quick relay of message.

22. Use Shortcuts

Make use of keyboard shortcuts that comes with newer version of g suite products like Gmail and Calendar to make using simpler and quicker.

For example, on Calendar, hit W for week view, D for day view; and C for a new event.

23. Create Groups

Save time by sending one email copy to multiple recipients at same time than send each mail separately.

This feature of Google Workspace can be used by heading to contacts list, selecting required contacts and saving the group as a label.

Say, you want to send same mail to 10 recipients.

Instead of sending to each of them separately, you could select all recipients from the contacts, save the list as a group with some name and send email draft created to this group.

24. Create Heatmaps

Google Sheet Headmaps

For more visible context to the data, make use of Google Workspace ‘Sheets’ heatmaps function’ by highlighting the chosen range, and selecting “Color Scale” from conditional formatting options under the format menu.

25. Create Shared Folders

Google G suite enables businesses to use Drive’s shared folders for which the admin can give or restrict access to certain users or certain groups.

Say, there is a finance related content in a folder and the marketing team is denied access to the same group by the admin, but all members of finance team is provided access to the same.

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