Collaborate Effortlessly with Google Workspace

Google Workspace formerly known as G Suite, is the new suite of collaboration from Google for business organizations.

By using Google Workspace, team collaboration has become simpler with seamless delivery of work. 

The online collaboration tools of Google Suite such as Google Sheets, Google Forms, Google Docs, and Google Slides are popular amongst the business community and are widely used around the globe.

What is Google Workspace? 

A set of cloud computing, productivity and collaboration tools, software and products are brought together and provided to businesses as a complete suite named Google Workspace.

These online collaboration tools aims to simplify your business requirements with most of the small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) adopting Google Workspace to create, share and build their businesses from scratch. 

With G Suite, one gets access to business solutions and tools to collaborate with people, work together on several projects and execute all deliverables. 

In 2020, GWS was installed 3.8 million times, and this number increased to 4.8 billion in 2021.

Google Workspace platform grew tremendously in 2021 with addition of multiple users.  

The new version of G Suite has a flexible pricing plan which starts as low as S$7.59/user/month. 

Exabytes Singapore offers suitable pricing with a free domain and Acronis backup packaged with the online collaboration tools. 

Google Workspace Collaboration Tools 

Google Workspace Benefits

Be it small business, mid-sized business or large business, Google Workspace plans help stimulate collaboration teamwork using the online collaboration tools.

The collaboration tools include custom business email for your business, along with other collaboration teamwork tools like Meet, Chat, Docs, Gmail, Sheets, Slides, Calendar, Sites, Forms, Drive and more.

Approach us now with Exabytes Singapore to enquire about the online collaboration tools.

5 Reasons Why Collaboration Tools Are Worth for Business Use

  • Cost-effective Google Workspace solutions
  • Real-time collaboration with google suite
  • Integration of google workspace with CRM/third-party
  • Administrator benefits and admin console
  • Preservation of business data

One Shouldn’t Miss These 5 Features of Google Workspace Collaboration Tools

Google Workspace - Online Collaboration Tool

1) Share and Create

Google Workspace lets you work with multiple people at the same time allowing one to share and co-create with multiple users and ensure team collaboration takes place without the need to sign in to a google account.

Use these 4 steps to collaborate:

  1. Create a file through drive or add any existing documents.
  2. ‘Click’ share and invite the people using the address of the project group in your google suite.
  3. Provide the access whether your team can comment, edit or just view.
  4. Click ‘Done’

Share and create using the G Suite google drive, google sheets, google slides and google docs.

 2) Applications control 

The G Suite tools are secure and safe for business use as it enables control of privacy over each application.

It is possible to change permission settings for each app individually in Google Workspace.

With multiple team members as part of the system, it is critical to control the security of the app.

This problem of security is resolved by G Suite which lets you assign permission to specific users in just 4 steps:

  1. Visit ‘Google Groups’ and sign in
  2. ‘Click’ the group name and go to the ‘settings’
  3. Locate permission settings for each candidate and provide the permission for their respective use of apps in google suite.
  4. Click ‘save changes’

This helps ensure that the settings are customized to provide permission only to the relevant members to access applications. 

3) Voice Typing

Using Google Workspace, one can connect by voice instead of typing for long hours. Google docs supports voice typing with dictation in more than 60 languages.

This online collaboration tool of Google Suite helps increasing efficiency and productivity of its users.

Apart from this, Google Workspace also helps with punctuation, commands and layouts to help you speed things up.

Go hands-free by availing the attractive feature of GWS from Exabytes.

4) Effective Translations

Cultural barriers that can otherwise arrive due to expansion of businesses around the globe is taken care of with the help of G Suite which helps simplify the process of overcoming language barriers by translating to over 100 languages.

This has aided in improving the team collaboration across the world and minimizing cultural barriers.

To start, go to choose languages in your Google Workspace console >> Add-ons > Translate > Choose Languages.

5) Personalization 

Be it a large-scale enterprise or a SMB, there is always a need for personalization which can be managed well using Google Suite.

By activating Google Workspace plans, one can tailor the business requirements and solution.

Google Workspace Business Pricing and Plans

Google workspace Business Starter Google workspace Business Standard  Google workspace Business Plus
Business starter is a suitable GWS plan for new businesses that requires – free domain, free 50GB backup. Business standard is for medium-sized business with a rewarding turnover that requires more storage and team collaboration – free domain, free 50GB backup. Business Plus is suitable for large-scale enterprises requiring secure vault to retain their business data – contains free domain, free 50GB backup.
30GB cloud storage per user in G Suite. 2TB per user cloud storage 5TB cloud storage in Google Suite
100+ participants 150+ participants 500+ participants
Available at just $12 USD/user/month.

It is the lowest and most valued G Suite pack.

Available at just $18 USD/user/month.

Economical Google Workspace for business use.

Available at $24 USD/user/month only.

Get advanced solutions for your reputed business.

Connect, Create & Collaborate Effortlessly
with Google Workspace

Enjoy Up to 13% Off for first time signup to Google Workspace

Get Started


Google Workspace Tips and Tricks You Should Know

This guide is a comprehensive resource for getting started with and using Google Workspace. It covers everything from setting up your account to using all of the different Google Workspace services for collaboration, productivity, and security.

Whether you’re new to Google Workspace or you’re looking to learn more about how to use it more effectively, this guide is for you.

✨ Some of the Most Frequently Asked Questions About Google Workspace






How to Purchase Google Workspace Collaboration Tools?

  • Click ‘view plans’ to find suitable Google Workspace business plan.
  • Read the specifications from each GWS pricing programs and click ‘order now’.
  • Complete the 5 steps to upgrade G Suite, choose a domain, configure pricing plan, and confirm the order, checkout and payment, and your order is complete.
  • For further queries, reach out to our team to learn more about the online collaboration tools.

If you are a SMB or large-scale business in Singapore, and unsure about your requirements and the right Google Workspace plan for you, contact Exabytes and our skilled team will be more than happy to assist you. 

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