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Globalization has increased the demand for virtual meeting tools like Google Meet in the previous few years.

Despite the fact that the global spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) is not at its peak, numerous companies have ordered their employees to work from home. 

With a video conferencing service, the teams can efficiently collaborate or communicate with clients and stakeholders on various no matter where they are situated with the help of tools like Microsoft teams and Google Meet.

The finest video conferencing software and applications make online meeting with all co-workers quick, easy and straightforward.

Modern offices may easily benefit from reliable video conferencing, which has grown easier to use online meeting and is less expensive thanks to advances in cloud technology.

This is especially crucial in today’s hybrid work culture.

Many corporations have been able to maintain operations by allowing staff to work from home and use video conferencing systems for meetings, updates, and general communications.

Top Seven Trending Virtual Meeting Tools To Boost Productivity:

1. Google Meet

Google Meet Tool

Google Meet is a component of the Google workplace online collaboration tools suite designed to deliver first-rate video conferencing.

Google Meet is simple to use and requires no software to be downloaded.

Depending on the package chosen, it allows one to host video conferencing with up to 100 participants.

The program contains a variety of useful features for virtual team building like screen sharing, recording choices, and the ability to dial into a video conferencing via phone.

Members invited to a meeting can contribute by sharing digital presentations, papers, spreadsheets, or other things that they wish the meeting attendees to see.

2. Microsoft Teams

Google Team

The Office 365 suite offers “Teams” as a video conferencing tool which allows virtual collaboration from anywhere with free video conferencing, virtual meeting, chat, file sharing, and storage with an allowance for up to 100 people attending simultaneously.

One can upgrade to a 30-hour meeting with up to 300 participants.

Microsoft Teams helps with versatile and reliable app experience for virtual team building irrespective of the system one uses, be it phone or a laptop.

3. RemotePC Meeting

RemotePC Meeting

RemotePC Meeting is supported by a variety of video conferencing tools that are meant to make cooperation easier with virtual team building.

To begin, one may quickly organize a meeting and share it with their colleagues or workers via a clickable link.

The Google Chrome extension makes sharing meeting links even easier with the software being connected to Google, Microsoft, or Yahoo calendar.

One can join meetings over VoIP for increased security and in instances when a person’s internet access is limited.

A video conferencing may have an unlimited number of team members, and there are various built-in individual and group chat options.

One may share their screen to help delivering presentations or making a point easier.

All sessions may be recorded and stored as video or audio files for future use, and there’s even a collaborative whiteboard where one can brainstorm ideas with other meeting attendees which helps in virtual team building.

4. Zoom 

Zoom meeting

Zoom combines cloud video conferencing, basic online meetings, and group chat into a single user-friendly interface.

It is an excellent virtual team building app on desktop and mobile devices, and it can accommodate up to 1,000 users and 49 movies on a single screen.

Security is built in, with 256-bit TLS encryption for video conferencing and shared data, and automatic scheduling via Gmail, Outlook, and iCal is possible.

5. GoToMeeting


This platform has almost all the tools required to hold a successful online meeting.

GoToMeeting is stands out because of its superior call quality, strong features, and exceptional customer support.

With the press of a mouse, this technology delivers a quick, simple, and dependable professional online video conferencing solution that allows customers to see each other, share presentations, and talk with colleagues and clients.

Among other things, GoToMeeting is an online collaboration tool which allows individuals to share the screen material while conducting an online video conferencing

6. Skype

Skype Meeting

Microsoft’s Skype is a web-based video conferencing software.

Users and experts agree that this product is one of the greatest VoIP options.

It offers web-based texting, international calls, and video conferencing, which is helpful in virtual team building.

Other capabilities of Skype include picture and document sharing.

Furthermore, you may call mobile phones and landlines at extremely affordable rates during non-peak hours. Skype also has a larger feature list as below.

  • Several communication channels – Skype facilitates virtual team building and provides a variety of communication channels that boost job efficiency, encourage cooperation, and open the path for insights and ideas. A Skype video conferencing can have up to 250 attendees.
  • Affordability and adaptability – Skype charges are among the most affordable and flexible in the video conferencing market.
  • Multi device support – Skype works well on all devices, from desktop computers to cellphones. As a result, you may interact with your coworkers and employees at any time and from any location with video conferencing.

7. Cisco Webex 

Webex Meeting

Cisco Webex is well known as a versatile audio and video conferencing software designed for enterprises.

It combines audio, data, and video conferencing tools to enable users to have virtual meetings in real time.

Cisco Webex also helps to hold a variety of virtual team building activities and provides numerous users with a real-time online meeting experience.

A Webex participant can create an effective team workplace using Cisco Webex’s broadcast-quality audio, teleconferencing capability, and video conferencing calls.

It is suggested for academic sessions as well as large-scale product debuts.

Online meeting is very simple to organize.

Cisco Webex provides the Webex Training Center function, which allows customers to effortlessly arrange, start, and host virtual meetings.

By clicking the Add Webex Meeting option that appears in Outlook, you may create an invitation and load the schedule into the system.

These video conferencing collaboration technologies enhance productivity in a variety of ways, both in the office and remote workspace.

The most significant advantages are optimum utilization of time and resources, improved virtual meeting communication, generation of new ideas, and increased team morale with online meetings and virtual team building.

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