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Is .Com, .SG or .Com.SG Domain Better for a Singapore Website

Building an online presence for businesses can be tough if a business fails to get the correct website name with the right top-level domain which is an important part of a domain name.

What is a Top Level Domain?

TLD or top-level domains are the ending categories of a website address such as .com, .biz, .org etc.

Business considers unique domain extensions to buy domain and create presence on the web space.

When combined with a suitable top level domain for business, it helps protect the brand and customer interest, get better SEO ranking and build a strong reputation.

For a Singapore local business to go online, the first step would be to find a top level domain extension that works with local SEO.

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Is Top Level Domain Important for SEO? 

SEO help SG Domain

It was believed that .com domain was the most recommended top level domain against using the alternatives.

However, this perception has changed with the recent evolution in SEO basics and rules, and with local SEO as an emerging concept.

A localized SEO strategy takes into consideration the peculiar and unique characteristics of the local area with geographical location and browsing history.

Similarly, a local domain can enhance the level of the business as compared to the competitors for a specific area, for example- a Singapore domain in Singapore.

Singapore’s domain extensions are locally optimized and can create a much better, larger and effective impact about a Singapore brand or a global brand with a Singapore domain.

Some examples of Singapore domain extensions are .SG, .COM.SG, .ORG.SG, .EDU.SG etc.

Entrepreneurs in Singapore would need to decide on the right domain extension for themselves and then buy domain name to suit their business.

A proper domain name, especially a top level domain benefits a business immensely by helping in establishing a business identity, create an easy and simple brand recall, effective promotions, and in targeting niche markets.

Most companies in Singapore choose the domain extension.

Exabytes Singapore has some very attractive promotions on multi-year domain registrations for top level domain and .com extension.

Why Singapore Businesses should use .SG or .COM.SG over .COM

Singapore Businesses

Country code top level domain or ccTLD is a simple way of targeting customers through the use of home country symbols such as .sg domains and domains etc. to optimize a website using SEO and generate local visitor traffic towards the business site.

There are several benefits for Singapore businesses using .SG as their TLDs because a country top level domain has a competitive advantage over the others.

Singapore brands use .sg domain extension as the address clearly defines the country of origin.

The .sg or domain indicates its origin as Singapore, targets the customers from the Singapore, through local SEO thus making them feel it’s their local business brand.

Top Reasons Why .SG or .COM.SG s better than .COM and why businesses should choose country code TLDs. 

Reason #1 Builds Customer Trust 

Build customer trustiness

A top level domain name with localized domain extension can help in building customer trust as it invites local people from Singapore to visit the website and ensure to retain their interests for a long period.

Internet users are most familiar with .com which is a branded domain attracting individuals for clicking the website.

However, a Singapore domain extension with the addition of the .sg domain demonstrates a sense of belonging and thrives among the public.

Therefore, the .sg domain is advantageous over the .com domain in building customer trust and sustaining them.

Register your top Singapore domain – .SG domain with leading providers in the Southeast Asia like Exabytes at affordable costs.

A .SG domain can be registered for as less as SGD 39.00 per years.

Reason #2 Ranking Advantage 

Market research of a Singapore domain business brings to light that potential customers and clients are converted using the website domain and name.

This is done by creating a connection with the business and brand loyalty.

There are three distinct advantages of having a ccTLD or top level domain.

  • Localized SEO boost
  • Market benefits for international companies
  • Better branding and credibility

Reason #3 Branding Advantage 

Using the .sg domain or .my domain for a business website is better than the .com domain for branding advantages like an improvement in company values, customer recognition, customer loyalty and business credibility. 

Registering the domain with Exabytes can ensure branding advantage as ccTLD will geo-target the website and boost SEO results for any business.

It is well researched and known that the ccTLDs are powerful and generate value through local SEO by optimizing and using the IP address of the individual search – .sg domain and domain.

A country domain is easily recognized by Google resulting in more visitors on the website. 

Considering all the benefits learnt, it shows that .sg domain is beneficial for businesses located in Singapore that target clients locally.

With these, it can be concluded that the .sg domain is the best than the .com domain.

Guide to Register .SG Domain Name 

  • Find a reputable service provider to provide Singapore domain
  • Submit required forms and registration reports before domain acquisition
  • Choose the suitable .sg domain name pricing from the list and buy the domain
  • Ensure that the business will receive customer trust, security, the local approach of SEO, google ranking and free DNS after domain registration.

A business should buy domain from the right providers after searching the available domains on domain name search tools to get the right name for your business. 

A top level domain like a .sg domain helps to get a local feel and develops an instant connect in the minds of the target audience and is authentic and suitable for Singapore businesses.

A country code top level domain .sg domain comes with benefits of better customer trust, branding, visibility and ranking.

Connect with our team to learn more about Singapore domain and pick the right domain from Exabytes for your business. 

Use the free Domain Name Generator to create an attractive and interesting domain name for your business’ .SG domain.

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