Reason Why Bloggers Need Company Email Accounts

Bloggers need a .BLOG domain, everyone knows it. It is the best choice for bloggers to kick start their blog. Missed out our previous post “What can you do with a .blog domain?”? Worry not, we have listed the reasons here once again.

WHY .BLOG Domains?

The .BLOG domain you desire is most probably available

.Blog is brand new, but don’t wait too long. Your desired .BLOG domain could be gone in a minute.

First impression

.Blog domains are eye-catching, unique, and instantly let people know what to expect.

Expand your influence

Own a website address that is easy for people to search, share, and remember.

Help you sell more

60% of businesses who blog gain more customers. (Source: HubSpot)

Already Have a Blog?

Don’t let your competitors or others beat you to the .blog domain. If you already have a blog in a different domain, register the .blog domain that belongs to you, such as in addition to your primary domain,

.Blog domains are a strong choice for:

  • Business
  • Portfolio
  • Startups
  • Media outlets
  • Designers


But how about business email? Do bloggers need business email too? The answer is a resounding YES!

Reasons why bloggers need business email ([email protected]):

Professionalism and Reputation

With a business email, bloggers can project a better image for his/her own blog. Other than that, it helps bloggers easily reach their customers who wish to partner with them.


Easy to remember and reach you

Having your own business email addresses make existing and potential partners/customers /visitors remember your business better as they are unique.


With unique company email addresses, bloggers can stand out instantly from competition. 

Free email services such as Hotmail and Gmail definitely work fine when you use it with your friends and family, but not to those who are looking to collaborate/partner with you. 

Look more professional with business email! 


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