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Digital Marketer in Exabytes specialised in Domain Name, Web Hosting, Cloud Hosting, VPS, Dedicated Server and Web Security

cPanel Price Increase: What You Can Do

cPanel has announced a new licensing and pricing structure. The price of cPanel will be adjusted from next year 1st January 2020 onwards. Additionally,...

Reasons Why Bloggers Need Company Email Accounts

Bloggers need a .BLOG domain, everyone knows it. It is the best chance for bloggers to kick start their own blog. However, do you know...

How to Spot A Hacker or Scammer in Digital World

FREE SSL Certificates To Avoid Hacker or Scammer Every day, you enter the Digital world called ‘Internet’ and probably meet or rub shoulders with a few...

Echelon Asia Summit was a success!

Exabytes is excited to joined Echelon Asia Summit 2019, one of the largest startup events in Asia! The important event was held in Singapore...

Meet Exabytes in Echelon Summit Asia 2019

Meet us in Echelon Summit Asia 2019! Come and join us during the event to enjoy Exclusive Offer from us! Only in Echelon Event! Here...

Why Are Websites’ Maintenance and Security Indispensable?

When creating a website, the magento Ecommerce agency or Ecommerce development proposes to be your partner to take care of the security, the maintenance,...

cPanel Linux Server Security Practices

Everyone knows it is easy to have their servers attacked, or harmed by a malware attack, a DDoS attack or other cpanel linux server...
helpdesk support

5 Factors You Should Be Aware Of Exabytes Helpdesk

  You might had submitted a ticket before to our Sales, Technical or Customer Service Team through helpdesk. But are you aware of all the...
ekuinas exabytes

Ekuinas Expand Portfolio with Investment in Exabytes Capital Group

Today marks another milestone for Exabytes Group. Malaysia’s government-linked private equity fund Ekuiti Nasional Bhd (Ekuinas) has acquired a 40% stake in Exabytes Capital...
multiple year domain registration

4 Reasons Lead You Go For Multi-Year Domain Registration

Registering a domain name for multiple years is a good way to protect your brand and keep your website running smoothly. Multi-year domain name will...