The success of your business is determined by many factors — from the products that you sell to the presentation of your business culture. It all matters.

ux vs seo

But how can we build a website that catches visitors’ attention, makes them stay as long as possible, and eventually leave their contacts, or buy from you? That’s where UX (user experience) and SEO (search engine optimization) come in.

UX designers rely on interactions and storytelling to convey an experience catered towards the user. Meanwhile, SEO experts rely on search data directly from users to provide the same experience. SEO has the data that UX needs. UX has the web design framework that SEO needs. They are actually match-made in heaven!

3 Things Will Happen When You Pair Ux And Seo Together

1. They create usable and searchable website

Your visitors have to be able to find you, and once you’re found, they need to be engaged and impressed with your content.

Content and keyword research will always be the cornerstone of your website’s online presence. Despite Google’s decreasing importance placed on links, links are still important. UX provides quality links and SEO makes sure your site are is searchable.

2. They provide informative and experiential content

SEO experts use keyword data to identify search pattern and the topic users are searching. By arming UX designers with the real life user data — an informative and experiential content can be produced.

Design decisions should be made based on user data, while SEO should be determined by website experience — these will position your website to perform its best in organic search.

3. They can generate revenue and good ranking

When we talk about UX, it simply means an experience of users which leads to increased conversions, repeat visits, increased revenue, positive brand perception, loyal clients and new referrals.

In addition, you might already notice that Google has been slowly shifting its focus from links and keywords for the last few years.

“Your ads may show less often (or not at all) if they point to websites that offer a poor user experience.” Google

When SEO and UX share in their knowledge and goals, the result is a responsive website that also appear in top of SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

Both SEO and UX are prominent to your website’s long term survival. And if the two can work together, you’ll be surprised with the difference they can make on your website!