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Technology is always getting better as new solutions come to the market. This has caused a huge change in how technology is received, how it is used, and how industries are keeping up with what’s going on.

Industry players and business owners are always looking for new technologies and ways to work, like the hybrid workplace.

As a great example of this, Google recently changed the name of its G Suite to Google Workspace (GWS) so that its communication and collaboration tools work better together.

With the pandemic happening in 2020, most businesses have turned to work-from-home or remote work to keep going.

This experience of having to work from home has shown both businesses and employees how good the WFH model is.

Most countries started to loosen their lockdown rules at the end of 2021 and slowly moved toward a hybrid workplace model.

This meant that many hybrid workplaces needed to be set up, where some employees worked from home and some from the office.

Online Meeting Google Workspace

First, let’s figure out why most businesses came up with the hybrid model and why it works.

Why Did Businesses Start Using the Hybrid Model?

In 2020, at the peak of the pandemic, companies were forced to let their employees work from home and adopt remote work.

This went on until restrictions were lifted. This showed industry players, business owners, and employees that working from home is possible and can be done with the right technology.

However, certain departments and teams still had to get back to work on-site. Because of the need to work in two different places, the idea of a hybrid workspace or hybrid model came about.

With all the different kinds of online and offline tech support, it’s easy to switch from working on-site to working from home or from the office.

Helpful Productivity Tools for a Hybrid Office

Businesses need tools that help their employees, whether they work from home or in the office, to carry out their jobs well and communicate with each other.

Tools like Google Workspace (GWS) have made it possible for all tasks to be done smoothly and with the best coordination.

Even though businesses can still stick to old tools and technology, in order to move to a hybrid workplace, they must continue to explore and use the new ones. 

Here are a few things you’ll need:

  • SaaS Collaboration Tools such as Google Workspace (GWS)
  • Software for making reservations at front desks
  • Software for managing projects and HR tools
  • Software to record the screen

The top 5 industries that should switch to a hybrid model

With the rise of remote work and the fact that people have learned how to use the hybrid model, it is clear that non-IT companies can also switch to a hybrid workplace.

IT Industry

Hybrid workplace model 2022

IT companies are definitely the ones that need remote work the most. They are experts in technology, so they know about all the latest tools and software that can help a hybrid workspace.

With tools like Gmail, Calendar, Google Drive, and so on, Google Workspace (GWS) makes it easy for everyone to work together.

In the IT industry, remote work isn’t too hard because most of the work is done on a laptop.

Some departments have to work on-site, while others can work from home. A hybrid model can be adopted so that employees can choose which days they want to come to the office.

Exabytes is one of the biggest users and supporters of remote work in Singapore. Our teams—sales, marketing, customer service, billing, and tech—all work online to serve and support our customers.


Financial consultants, advisors, remote financial services supply managers, business transfer consultants, and corporate finance specialists can all work from home and easily make remote work a habit.

Many banking and financial-related tasks that don’t need to be done in person could be done online.

Most of the time, video calls and conference calls are enough for face-to-face work, so you could go with a hybrid model.

Stay productivity with Google Calendar
Google Calendar to boost your productivity

This is made easier with Google Workspace online collaboration tools like Meet, Calendar, Chat Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, etc., which make it easy to have meetings with teams and clients.

Wellness & Health 

The health and wellness industry has been given a new lease on life by new technologies such as fitness apps, live streaming, and video chats.

This has made it possible for people to work from home, attend meetings, and manage customer needs.

Hybrid work model for Pharmacology and Wellness Industries

The recent change from G Suite to Google Workspace (GWS) has helped companies grow by opening up new paths and giving customers a better experience.

With remote work, you can work for several websites that promote employee wellness, start a niche company website that offers specialised services or get a big following on social media sites like Instagram and YouTube to earn money.


Those who work as toxicologists, principal scientists, managers of quantitative clinical pharmacology, and associates in clinical pharmacology shouldn’t have any trouble working from home.

These people are in charge of making regulatory documents, designing and reporting drug-disease models, working on clinical trials, doing meta-analyses of clinical data, and other similar tasks.

These jobs can be done easily from home. The only times you need to go to the office are for meetings or to do experiments. This makes it possible to work in a hybrid model.

Customer support

Most companies, whether they sell products or services, put a lot of emphasis on their customer support.

The customer support team helps customers with their questions or problems, fixes technical issues, and shows customers how to use the products or services.

All the team needs is the right software support and a good internet connection that allows them to work from home.

Hybrid workplace model for finance industry


The work from home (WFH) working model has allowed many people to stay at home, balance their work and personal lives, and save time on travel.

Because of Covid-19 and lockdowns, the hybrid workplace has become the norm and a part of the learning curve.

There has been a huge rise in the number of people who work from home, which has led to a sharp rise in remote work in Singapore.

Several top companies have come up with both essential software products and services to help industries and businesses that want a hybrid workplace.

Exabytes Singapore is a leading IT company in Southeast Asia. Serving over 160,000 clients worldwide, we now offer Google Workspace business plans for companies to switch to a hybrid work model effortlessly.

To learn more about how the hybrid workplace model can help your business, feel free to get in touch with our friendly and helpful consultants.  

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