Windows Dedicated Server Benefits and Features

What is Windows Dedicated Server?

Windows dedicated server is an IT infrastructure set-up, wherein the clients can hire dedicated physical server capacity, running on exclusive operating systems like windows-based virtual servers, which can be used for hosting any number of websites or web applications. 

What is the difference between a Server and a Data Center?

The servers function on a single node having internalized data stores, whereas the data center allows you to run on multiple nodes with externalized data stores.

Technically, in the datacenters too, the systems executing the application runs are referred to as a server, which could be a dedicated server or managed servers offering server capacity apportioned to other client requirements too as a cheap VPS (Virtual Private Servers).

Unlike shared server hosting models, in the dedicated server infrastructure, a physical server with the necessary and customizable hardware set-up is dedicated and exclusive to one client and offers affordable VPS infrastructure to host the applications, websites, and programs over the private servers.

In access to a dedicated server, a physical piece of hardware in a specific data center is accessed as private server access.

Windows Dedicated Server Hosting

Windows dedicated server hosting is exclusive wherein the servers are managed over the windows environment, for hosting the client applications and websites, in private servers as required.

The windows based dedicated servers are an affordable VPS that are resourceful for the hosting of distinct kinds of applications developed on and MYSQL database structures, and it is the best managed VPS hosting.

Why Windows Dedicated Server?

Windows dedicated server offers higher uptime availability in comparison to any other cheap VPSs hosting types promoted in the public domain.

Windows-based private servers are easier to manage VPS set-up, in terms of integrating the dedicated server hosting with Microsoft products like Windows features an intuitive design and therefore the administrator does not face trouble in configuring or maintaining the managed VPS

Core Benefits of Windows Dedicated Server

1. High-performance server

Windows dedicated servers are perceived as the ideal option in managed VPS, with total control of complete resources, privacy, and superior quality of security for the private servers.

Managed VPS operating on windows platform perfectly suits high-traffic websites. 

Unlike the cheap VPS infrastructure, windows based dedicated servers are marginal cost-up due to their significant benefits and are still considered an affordable VPS

2. Viable for SMBs

However, with technological development and rising competition amongst the VPS service providers, hiring managed VPS or unmanaged VPS has become affordable.

There are several hosting companies offering cheap windows dedicated server plans catering quality services within the reasonable budget of the small businesses, aiming at affordable private server infrastructure rather than hosting the applications and websites in a shared server’s infrastructure.

3. Compatible with all

One specific advantage of Windows dedicated server hosting technology is the compatibility with all the operating systems and languages.

If the site is built on PHP and MySQL, one can still buy the Windows dedicated server hosting plans for affordable server hosting management.

However, due to interoperability issues, there are constraints in cross functioning of Linux VPS and Windows VPS, which could lead to service and performance issues.

4. Access to top-notch technologies

Windows users have access to high-end technologies like Visual Interdev, Windows Streaming Media, Microsoft SharePoint, etc. as part of the managed VPS environment.

Some hosting providers managed cheap VPS or affordable VPS also offer the Smart Bundle Pro which comes with numerous tools for better email communication.

As Windows dedicated server is a Microsoft-owned commercially sold product that must be purchased with a license to use it, managing the servers over the managed VPS environment can be a potential and hassle-free solution for the clients expecting private servers.

6 Main Features of Windows Dedicated Server Hosting

Go through the 6 main features below and consider why windows dedicated server hosting is one of your best choice to support your high workload applications and heavy traffic website.

Administrative control

Windows dedicated servers provide root access to the server. Linux users approach their server using Shell whereas the Windows dedicated private server clients can get access via the Remote Desktop to manage their private VPS

Complete seclusion and privacy 

Windows dedicated server hosting is built and housed in highly secure, and robust infrastructure-centric private server data centers.

With firewalls, anti-malware solutions, and anti-virus scans monitoring the managed VPS networks constantly, the servers are secured from unauthorized access and are highly secured private servers with limited and controlled access.

There is strong physical security at the data center ensuring no possibility of physical or network breaches into the private servers hosted as an affordable VPS. 


The private server infrastructure has the necessary resources to monitor and control resource consumption fear of other websites pulling up more resources and slowing down your site as in the case of shared servers.

The websites are provided with a dedicated IP and a Plesk control panel to manage your account over the private servers offered as part of managed VPS.

Plesk Benefit

Plesk as a control panel is just apt for great management of the key business operations in a free VPS environment.

Having the right control panel for the Windows dedicated server can help boost the website efficiency and smooth functioning of the system.

Handling the managed VPS infrastructure using the Plesk Control Panel is easier for the administrators.

Plesk is a user-friendly tool that businesses use to run the server optimally and securely.

It is resourceful for bloggers and others who use the website for commercial elements like e-business communications.

Issues of reliability in performance in private servers can be handled well with the Plesk control panel, and if effectively used, it can help the clients reap the benefits of using managed VPS.

Round-the-clock support

In any kind of private server hosting, it is essential to get round-the-clock support for managing any hosting issues, and technical errors to keep downtime as minimum as possible.

Going for managed windows dedicated server assists clients in handling any kind of technical glitches in the websites, and ensuring reliable performance.

Exabytes offers windows dedicated server hosting packages with 24*7*365 support.

Our technical team is available for resolving all the issues related to servers and Webhosting.

Our services help minimize performance issues of server management and support clients with robust server infrastructure. 

Organizations looking for a stable, secure, and reliable server hosting experience must prefer using dedicated servers as they are known to address the efficiency and effectiveness required in hosting environments and more.

When you choose dedicated server hosting from a reputed server, you can also experience the benefits of superior technical support, enhanced security features, and better-quality systems.

Server Management

With a windows dedicated server, the websites needn’t worry about hands-on management or having to keep a close tab on server operations at frequent intervals.

Having technical knowledge of maintaining servers would no longer be required as windows make server management easy and smooth as it offers several managed server features and tools to manage private VPS

Exabytes Singapore is one of the leading players in private servers, managed servers’ services for hosting simple websites to complex web applications, and offering some of the best services across South East Asia, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Connect with our team now to learn more on how to host your website on the windows dedicated server. 

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