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Asia’s Largest Conference – WebFest Asia 2020

After announcing the news a week ago, we’re delighted to add another 5 speakers to the conference schedule for the upcoming WebFest Asia 2020. 

Sam Suresh, Community Deputy at WordPress. Founder MU DOT MY PLT & GoKelas.com

Woocommerce and WordPress Online Shop, Sam Suresh

Sam is an open-source enthusiast who contributed to various open software projects. In the past, Sam was a Joomla leadership team member.

Currently, he is serving as Global Community Deputy at WordPress which powers 38% of the web. Sam founded MU DOT MY PLT a web and mobile school in 2008. Since then, he has spoken in more than 15 countries including Europe.

Sam also was appointed as a consultant by the Department of State, USA. In 2018 MDEC appointed him to train 400+ digital marketing trainers nationwide. Those trainers have trained thousands of business owners nationwide.

Chan Kin Peng, Director, Kasatria Technologies Sdn Bhd

Digital marketing budgets & articulate impact, Chan Kin Peng

Kin Peng is the Co-founder of Kasatria, a regional Google Marketing Platform partner based in Malaysia. He leads Cloud for Marketing (C4M) initiatives that leverage AI & ML to fuel hyper personalization & demonstrate revenue uplift for brands.

Hiew Chee Choong, Head of Analytics, Kasatria Technologies Sdn Bhd

Google Analytics App+Web WebFest Asia, Hiew Chee Choong

Hiew is the Head of Analytics at Kasatria where he oversees the implementation and management of Google Analytics for numerous enterprise clients around South East Asia. 

Hezrin Shahnaz, Creative Director, Design Kita

Mastering WordPress for Beginners, Hezrin Shahnaz

A lady that pours her heart & soul in making arts and technologies, self-developed developer & designer. With the love of sharing, she always look forward to lay her creative hands to enhance one’s creativity & productivity.

Cheerful & optimist, she loves to courage people to be the best version of themselves. At Design Kita, she has the unique privilege to use her skills & creativity to help businesses, organizations & start-ups to boost their digital existence.

Serm Teck Choon,  Co-founder and CEO, Antsomi 

Build a data-driven customer journey, Serm Teck Choon

Serm is the co-founder & CEO of Antsomi, a marketing technology company building the first artificial intelligence-enabled customer data platform, CDP 365, in Southeast Asia, empowering companies to unify and activate their customer data.

Serm was formerly Malaysia Country Head at CtrlShift and Digital Products Head at Star Media Group.

Serm is actively involved in industry initiatives. He was elected as President of the Malaysian Digital Association (MDA) twice and served from Mar 2016 till Apr 2020.

He worked closely with industry leaders to drive MDA’s key initiatives, such as digital measurement standards, Digital Wednesday, MDA School, MDA Video Series, and d Awards.

These are only a few of the 20+ speakers we have announced so far for this upcoming WebFest Asia. You can check out the rest on our WebFest Asia speaker page.