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Empowering Women

International Women’s Day 2021 – Just for Her
(Validity: 1 – 31 March 2021)

Exabytes believes in empowering women and is enthusiastic about nurturing Women Entrepreneurs in their startup journeys to build a successful business. In conjunction with International Women’s Day 2021, we launched Women Entrepreneurship with Exabytes, assisting 100 women entrepreneurs in pursuing their dreams by building them their very own business website.

Materialising the creativities in women into reality!



Nurturing Her

Understanding her dreams and ideas, we want to give her the confidence to dare to achieve and excel in her entrepreneurship journey!

It’s her life, she’s the boss, and she shall live her dreams! She has her ideas and she will make them happen and build a life she’s proud of.

Let us materialise your dreams and take your business online with Women Entrepreneurship with Exabytes.



She’s the boss, She’s in-charged

Her life, her call! She’s the boss, she lives her dreams. Standing on that big stage, we say it proudly, “I DID IT! #WomenWeCan!”

womens campaign


She Achieves her dreams

She has her ideas, she make them happen! She pursues her dreams and builds a life she’s proud of!

womens campaign


Materialising Her Dreams

Exabytes is passionate about helping aspiring women entrepreneurs kick-start their business with guidance and inspiration. In conjunction with Women’s International Day 2021, Exabytes wishes to materialise her dreams of kick-starting her business online by providing the below solutions:


Instant Website Design Package

(One year, Instant Website – Plus)
Worth SGD 1,500

We help to build 5 pages business website including showcasing your services to everyone with a .com or .my website address as well as business email. Your website will be hosted under a fast and secure server environment.

eCommerce Website Design Package

(One year, eCommerce Business)
Worth SGD 1,948

We will build you your online store where it will showcase and list your products for sale, and start selling online.

Materialise your entrepreneurship dreams this March!

Kickstart your online presence and let us build you a website of your own.

Why Choose

Your complete Cloud, Digital and eCommerce solutions provider

SEA’s Trusted and Leading Brand

Known and recognised as Southeast Asia’s leading cloud, eCommerce and digital solutions provider. Trusted by over 160,000 customers globally.

More Than A Web Hosting Provider

We are your one-stop point for all that you’ll need to have online presence and grow your business to greater heights online.

The Latest is Here at Exabytes

Always up-to-date, we are equipped with the latest products and services that is best-suited for our clients’ business performance.

Proven by 100% Client Satisfaction

We have full confidence in the products and services we offer, that ensure us with excellent client confidence and satisfaction.

Our Payment Methods

Terms and Conditions

  1. Program period: 1-31 March 2021.
  2. To be eligible to participate in the Program: (a) you must be a female entrepreneur; (b) you or the Business, Partnership or Company must not be an existing or past customer of Exabytes; AND (c) you must be the owner of a business registered with Companies Commission of Malaysia (“CCM”) or the Bar Council (“Business”); OR (d) you must own at least 25% of shares or investment in a partnership or company registered with CCM or the Bar Council (“Partnership” or “Company”).
  3. Each eligible participant accepted by Exabytes to participate in the Program (“Program Participant”) is entitled to either one of the following service plan for free (“Sponsored Service Plan”):
    (a) a 1-year hosting service plan for a new website, a 1-year registration for a domain name approved by Exabytes and content creation for the website; OR
    (b) a 1-year online store design service plan for a new online store, a 1-year registration for a domain name approved by Exabytes, basic back-end setting up of the online store and uploading of pictures and information of up to 6 products onto the online store,
    according to your needs and suitability of one of the Sponsored Service Plans with the Business, Partnership or Company nature of business as advised by Exabytes in consultation with Program Participant.
  4. Acceptance of application to participate in the Program is on a first-come-first-serve basis and selection of Program Participant is fully at the discretion of Exabytes.
  5. All information submitted under this Program must be complete, true and accurate as of the date of submission.Should false information be found, the Program Participant will automatically disqualify from its participation of the Program and Exabytes reserves the right to take all the necessary action including suspension of the Sponsored Service Plan and the website or online store sponsored by Exabytes under the Program.
  6. By requesting to participate in the Program, the Program Participant, the Partnership and/or Company agree(s):
    (a) to use the Sponsored Service Plan to grow the Business, Partnership and/or Company and according to the Terms of Service (“ToS”).
    (b) to be featured and promoted by Exabytes under Exabytes’s branding and awareness exercise on any channel or media.
    (c) to publish and display the phrase [“This Website is sponsored by Exabytes”] together with Exabytes logo or trademark at a visible part of the homepage of the website or online store sponsored by Exabytes under the Program and in accordance with these guidelines.
    (d) to allow Exabytes to use the Program Participant, the Partnership’s or Company’s logo, trademark, business name, slogan, testimonial and the picture of the website or online store sponsored by Exabytes under the Program for the purposes in line with Section 6(b) of the Program Terms & Conditions.
    (e) to provide written confirmation, document and information as may be requested by Exabytes from time to time.
    (f) to comply with, not violate or cause Exabytes to violate all applicable law (including Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission Act 2009 and Personal Data Protection Act 2010).
  7. The Sponsored Service Plan is strictly not exchangeable for cash and cannot be transferred to any third party without Exabytes’s written approval.
    Before the end of the 12th month from the commencement of the Sponsored Service Plan, the Program Participant may choose to renew the domain name or the Sponsored Service Plan at the price chargeable upon order placement, failing which the Sponsored Service Plan will expire in accordance with the ToS.
  8. If there is any conflict or inconsistencies between the Program Terms & Conditions and the ToS, these Program Terms & Conditions will prevail.
  9. These Program Terms & Conditions are not intended and they will not be construed as creating a joint venture, partnership or any other form of business association between Exabytes and the Program Participant, the Partnership or the Company.
  10. Exabytes reserves the right to amend the Program Terms & Conditions without prior notice and without compensation to you, the Program Participant, the Partnership or the Company.
  11. You agree that your personal information will be processed in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
  12. For enquiries, please contact Exabytes here.


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